Tum Saath Ho Jab 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam comes downstairs. She stops as she notices Nasima and Younis there. She eyes Tauseef’s racket outside.

Altaf is happy with what he got from the scrap dealer and shows it to Imran. I sold everything except that racket. Imran asks him about it. altaf tells him that even the scrap dealer refused to buy it so he threw it in a dustbin. Imran can feel that it actually looked like someone’s souvenir. He gets to know that its been dumped in a dustbin downstairs.

Mariam watches from her hiding place as Younis leaves to meet Azhar and Nasima goes back inside. She goes out and looks at the racket. Maula mere maula plays as she imagines Tauseef smiling at her from there. She moves towards the dustbin finally and picks up the racket but Imran too holds it at the same time from the other end. They both stare at each other. He tells her that this racket is from his house. Mamu threw it here by mistake. She tries to say something but he takes it and leaves from there while she looks on sadly.

Mamu is again talking to Sridevi’s photo. Imran comes back and cleans the racket. The one who cannot play with it cannot value it. there is something in this racket that I feel a connection with it. altaf remarks that he made a relation with a racket. Imran stares at him so Altaf goes out on the pretext of buying veggies.

Mariam is in tears to see the racket with Imran (through the window). She turns and finds Tauseef sitting in their room holding the racket. He had taught her how to play badminton and they had a good time learning / teaching it. she smiles at the memories but is sad to find the room empty.

Landlord comes to take rent from Jamaal. He hasn’t paid rent since long. He fools his landlord who instead pays him for his own house’s maintenance. Even Milkish had helped him in this.

Coach is making kids practise as the competition is just four days away. He asks Najma why she isn’t practising but then realises that she might not have brought a racket. Maybe you don’t want to take part in it. najma tells her about the broken racket but he calls it a lie. You will have to bring a racket to play in this championship or you will be out of it. She requests him to let her play today as her Ammi will bring it for her today. My Ammi never breaks her promise. He agrees to let her practise today. she prays that her Ammi gets her a racket today.

Mariam counts the money but she has only half of it. the kids come home. Najma comes to her room to ask her Ammi about her racket. She shares what the sports teacher said had told her. mariam tells her that she has less money but she will ask Abbajaan and then she will buy a new racket for her. najma nods. She hears her Dadajaan’s voice and wants to go and take money from him but Mariam stops her. Najma will not ask for the whole sum.

Najma greets her Dadajaan. She sits down to talk to him and offers to massage his head / legs to help him. He denies but then finally understands then realises that she wants something from him. He gives in as she requests him very sweetly. Fiza comes to call Najma as Saba is calling her but Najma declines to come right now. Fiza too wants to do it as she too wants money but they both fight and finally their Dadajaan tells Fiza to do it tomorrow. He gives her some money without doing it. Najma gets her money by fooling him twice. He knows it but she feigns innocence. Najma is excited and turns to go but finds Younis standing at the door. she greets him but he doesn’t respond her.

He tells his Abbu about how Najma ruined the samples. He wants Rs. 9000 from him that he had given to him as he wants to make new samples. Abbu recalls that he renewed Mariam’s insurance today using the same money. Younis is taken aback. I gave them to you so that we can use it in emergency. He understands it but the due date was coming near so he did it. Younis cannot understand why he thinks about Mariam and Najma’s problems always. Mariam observes this from outside. There are other people in this home too. I am here to take care of their needs. Why do you worry about them always? His Abbu counters that if that was it then he would have filled the premium long back. This irks Younis. You think I dint do it intentionally? I am handling everything after Tauseef’s house. I too have kids. Saba is grown up and of marriageable age. Instead of worrying about her marriage I am taking care of Najma and Mariam. You can see how I sweat whole day and night to increases my earnings. This Najma is taking Rs. 60 from you for nothing? Ask her or Mariam if they realise how I earn them and you are spending it all over them.

Najma keeps the money on the bedside table and runs to her mother. Mariam hugs her. abbu tells Younis not to say something in anger that can embarrass him later. It is your misunderstanding that Mariam and Najma are being raised by you. Allah is taking care of their necessities. He has chosen you as a medium. You should be grateful for it but I can see that you are diverted from your religion. Younis disagrees but his father knows it well. You are wrong to think that you are doing your duty by offering namaz 5 times daily. It is much more noble to make someone happy. take care of it or it may happen that Mariam’s pain and Najma’s tears snatch away his happiness of going to heaven. Younis is speechless and shakes his head in disbelief. He leaves from there.

Precap: Mariam is caressing Najma’s head. Najma is missing her Abbu. If he was alive today then we wouldn’t have to be raised by Bade Abbu. Mariam is sure her daughter will play. It is night time and she is trying to join the racket yet again. nasima and Younis hear the noise and wonder if it is coming from Mariam’s room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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