Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Gopi that it means you are still upset with Paridhi. Gopi tells her that Jigar is not accepting Paridhi and Paridhi wants to make her place by doing wrong things. Jigar comes and says I can’t her Rashi’s place in my life. They hear cracker’s voice and sees Paridhi’s papa lighting the crackers. Paridhi tells that her papa can’t keep quiet. He gives money to kids. Gopi interrupts him and says we don’t give money to kids. He says, God knows if I will be able to see my grand kids or not. They see Paridhi’s dad lighting the crackers with kids. They get happy. Gopi goes inside to bring the matchstick.

Urmila thinks she called Paridhi’s Papa here and wonders what he would have done. Pappu comes and asks Urmila to get crackers for him. He asks Kinjal to call Dhawal. Urmila stops Kinjal and says she brought enough crackers for Pappu. She calls Dhawal. Urmila gets angry while Pappu smiles.

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Paridhi comes to Gopi and asks how dare you? Why did you call my Papa. You thought to threatened me by using my Papa. Gopi reminds her that she is elder than her in every way. Paridhi talks to her in bad language and says she will continue to talk her like that. Gopi says, my Kanha will listen to me. Today is Asthami and it is a symbol of win. Your badness will get burnt. Gopi reminds Paridhi that she is talking about her selfish motives which needs to be burnt. I will welcome you when your get on the right path. Paridhi challenges her and says she will proof that she has right on this house. Gopi smiles.

Baa tells Hetal and Kokila that Paridhi’s dad is very jovial and our kids celebrated Dussera because of him. Kokila says yes. Paridhi comes. Kokila tells that she can see tears in her eyes clearly. Paridhi says, Papa don’t want her to leave in the house anymore. She says, I am worried about Papa’s health. Kokila tells her that they can’t force her on Jigar. Paridhi says, Papa thinks I am forcing myself on you all. She tells Hetal to do a favour on her and asks her to give something which will convince her Papa that she is part of the house. Hetal gets thinking. Paridhi smiles.

Gopi gives tea to Paridhi’s dad. He gives her money and says it is Dussera’s shagun. GOpi refuses to take it. Hetal asks Gopi to bring ancient necklace which she gave to her. Kokila asks, why do you need it. Paridhi smiles. Gopi brings the necklace and gives to Hetal. Hetal opens it and gives it to Paridhi saying it is their ancient family necklace. We gave this necklace to Gopi and now wants to give this to you. Kokila and Gopi are shocked. Paridhi smiles at her victory. Hetal says, I know that Jigar haven’t accepted you till now but I can assure you that you will be part of Modi family. Paridhi’s dad looks surprised. Hetal makes her wear the necklace. Paridhi hugs Hetal and thanks her. Paridhi’s dad thanks them. He says, I have full faith on my daughter and hopes Jigar accepts her. Paridhu hugs her father. He takes her pic. Paridhi says, today is memorable day for her. Gopi looks at her.

Pappu says, he wants to eat bread and Jam. Kinjal goes to bring it. Urmila asks him to eat Dhokla silently. Pappu refuses. Kinjal brings bread and Jam for him. Pappu eats and says he is done. Urmila taunts Kinjal. Kinjal goes to bring something. Urmila thinks Pappu will get spoiled if Kinjal pampers him a lot.

Paridhi’s dad tells Gopi that Paridhi troubled you a lot. He says, she did a lot of dramas. He tells about her doings shocking Gopi and says he knows everything. He says, his daughter is impulsive but not bad at heart. He says, she won’t give up until she gets Jigar. He asks Gopi to accept Paridhi and show her a right path. He tells her to give one chance to Paridhi. Paridhi wakes up and looks at the necklace. She wears it and thinks she got everything without losing anything. She feels pity on Gopi. She says, I will wear this necklace to make Gopi jealous.

Urmila asks Kinjal where is breakfast. Urmila tastes it and says it is leftover theplas. Kinjal says, sorry. It is left by Pappu. I am so busy. She tells that she is making notes for Pappu. Urmila asks, when Pappu will learn if she does his homework. Kinjal says, Pappu is small and she don’t want to snatch his childhood. Urmila says, you will repent one day. Urmila comes and asks Gopi if Paridhi’s dad did something. Gopi says no and tells her about Hetal giving the necklace to Paridhi. Urmila gets shocked. Paridhi comes to Gopi and asks for pearl earrings. She then tells Gopi that she showed her right on the house. Gopi tells her that this necklace is not mine and it is worn by every bahu of this house. You won’t become Jigar’s wife.

Paridhi tells everyone that Gopi gave them fake necklace. Gopi asks her to stop talking nonsense and says she gave her original necklace. Paridhi accuses her and tells that she don’t want her to become part of family.

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  1. Paridhi, u rock. Better than her. Best serial everrrrrrr.

  2. This is an OK serial.

  3. plz bring rsshi back in sath nibana sathiya

  4. This serial is going awesome arya we dont need raShi back because the twist comes now

  5. वही

  6. Wosrt show….paridhi sucks…
    newer twist should come sathiya …paridhi hangs herself n dies

  7. agree wid u arya…rashi shud b back in da show!!!.

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