Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandini shake hands to confirm their deal and say the same things at the same time. Then Manik tells her to start but Nandini says that she’ll be kind. Manik says that he can be kind as well but Nandini says that you can’t be as you are Monster Manik. Manik agrees and says that my plan would be better than you. Manik tells her to come and his place after college at 7. Nandini says that why should she come to your place as his friends can land there anytime and she doesn’t wants to lie to her aunt anymore.
Manik says to her that you used to be spot and can still lie as that is not a problem. Nandini says that she doesn’t wants to hear her mistakes and explains her plan to Manik about comparing Rishab and Dhruv’s pattern throughout the day. Manik says that are you serious, as if it were that easy the doctors would have treated them a long time ago and you are making a project out of it. He says that we should follow our intuitions. Nandini says that lets do it in our own way, they seem to agree expect on the time. Manik finally agrees but then again say the same thing to each other about changing.
Muktii and Aliya are in the washroom and are discussing about the musicana and Aliya tells her to relax. Aliya uses a cream to clean her face and looks for a tissue when she finds pills in Muktii’s bag. She realizes that Muktii has started to take them again and puts the pills in her bag. Navya comes and looks at Aliya and Aliya asks her that what she is looking at. Navya asks if everything is Okay between her and Manik. Aliya turns her face and then gets angry at Navya, Muktii comes and says that If everything is Okay, Aliya takes Muktii and leaves the place.
Nandini is still mad at Manik and turns around to go to Manik. Manik comes and asks that if you have accepted my request and if not then what are you doing here. Nandini denies his question and says that she was looking for her earrings. Manik decides to leave when Nandini falls and Manik catches her. Manik holds her and just looks at her. He takes out the earrings from her ears and shows it to her. Nandini says that she said the ring and Manik shows her the bagel and says that you must be talking about this as I never saw you wearing a ring. Nandini says that she was and lost it somewhere.
Manik lets her go and she says confusingly as if you know everything about me. She says that I didn’t came here to agree then maybe you did. She tells him to come tomorrow morning at 7 am. Manik smiles and says that it’s still a no and tells her to come to his place at 7 pm. Manik says that it’s not that easy to change him. Nandini replies saying that the challenge is accepted and leaves the scene while Manik grins.
Dhruv is searching for the internet of ways to know if someone loves you. Aliya comes and screams his name in his ear and he gets shocked. Aliya sees the tab and Muktii comes as well, Dhruv appears confused and Aliya asks him that what are you searching for. Muktii says that what you think that he can be searching for. Muktii says that he was searching for guitar playing techniques and Dhruv agrees with her. Muktii leaves to call the other so that they can play some music. Aliya says to Dhruv that find out if she loves you too. Dhruv says that this was just a pop up while Aliya says that you said it and I believed it.
Cabir makes fun of Rose and she says thank you. He says that why do you land up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Rose says that if you told me I would have left. Cabir says I didn’t say that and don’t twist my words and he thought that I was fooling around. Manik comes and says that who is fooling who. Rose puts up the act again while Cabir reminds her that he knows. Rose says that I thought he forgot but Manik says that he didn’t. Cabir tells her to leave and so she does. Maniik says that how do you cope with her as sometime she is such a pain…. and Cabir says that where. Both of them laugh and Manik says that last night our talk left as everyone came unknowingly. Cabir says that it was good as we had such a good time. Manik asks if he wants to talk now but Cabir says that not in college.
Manik says that your secrets are killing me and my thoughts are really running wild. Manik says that I think that you are dating an actress and Cabir says No. Manik says that are you dating that madhubala and Cabir says hell no. Manik comes up with more weird guesses and then says that when will you tell. Cabir says that he has something planed and Manik says this is a build up and then they decide to play. Muktii comes and says that I have searching for you and you are here. Manik says that this is a music college definitely we would be here.
NH3 is having a party on their victory organized by Harshad while Navya is thinking of Manik and Dhruv. Nandini asks her that why is she not eating anything, as she was very excited about the party. Navya says that to eat anything something should come out. Nandini says that do you want to puke. Navya says that it’s not that but it’s something she wants to tell her. Nandini asks that if Harshad said something to her but she says that it’s not that and the thing she is thinking of is totally something else. Nandini says that she has no idea of what you are talking about. Navya has no idea how to tell her and Nandini tells her to just say it and not to create suspense.
Navya says things totally like a love breaking scene but Nandini tells her to say just what she saw. Nandini starts eating from Nandini’s plate when the Fab5 comes. Harshad mocks the Fab5 and gives Manik a piece of cake. Manik accepts the cake and says that it would be insult for the cake to throw at Harshad face. Manik says that we will save the cake until we win musicana and Cabir says that until that the cake and the NH3 victory will be stale. Manik says to Harshad that you are going to lose and Harshad says that dreams and dreams.
The Fab5 sits correspondingly to Nandini and Navya and Muktii orders lemonade while Cabir tells them to make it 2. Nandin looks at Dhruv and he tries to avoid her and Navya look at Manik at Dhruv. Soon Aliya starts to notice what Dhruv is looking at, Nandini texts Dhruv but he doesn’t respond and Manik comes to know as well to what is happening.

Precap: Manik tells to the Fab5 that if we keep practicing like this than we will win. Harshad tells each of the members of the NH3 to follow a member of the Fab5. Muktii says to Navya that Harshad has sent to do this enquiry. Navya says that why would Harshad send me and Muktii starts being rude to.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. thanksssss for the update. i just love it…..

  2. Haha….again nandini and manik….lovable fight…they both r d heart of the show…

  3. U guys r just awesome….everyone would like 2 fall in love with kaisi yeh yaariyan

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