Shastri Sisters 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka asking Devyaani why did dad come here. Shastri ji says he will wait in car. Sareen asks Rajat is he fine. Rajat says I m fine, and Anushka is hurt in her feet, why is uncle angry. Sareen says he is indeed angry, lets go home and talk. Rajat says he can’t come with them, its camp and its his duty to be here. I lied to uncle as the camp was not compulsory, its not Anushka and Devyaani’s mistake, they did not know this, when Anushka knew this, she left for home and got lost in jungle, this camp is important, if you feel I m wrong, I m sorry, they are good girls, don’t punish them. Shastri ji says you will not decide whats good for them its my right being their father.

Sareen tells Rajat what was the need to tell the truth. Rajat asks what happened. Sareen says not every dad is cool like your dad, when will camp end. Rajat says today evening. Sareen takes Shastri ji and his daughters. Anushka looks at Rajat. Rajat signs everything will be fine. Devyaani sees them having an eyelock. They leave. They come home. Devyaani brings Anushka inside. Alka and Peeya are worried for her. They ask how did this happen. Shastri ji looks at them and is very angry.

He says you all fooled me a lot till now, I have forgiven you all always, I melted seeing your tears, I was everything for you till now, but not anymore, you all will do as I say, I m your father, not your friend from now on. Anushka says hear me once. He shouts shut up and says I trusted you the most, you always believed you even if it was a lie, you always slapped me with your lies, you lied about Alka and Rajeev, about Devyaani joining NCC and going in party, about Alka kicked out from in laws. You have always lied to me.

He says my love and trust is my weakness. He says Anushka is responsible for everything what happened. He says from today, the responsibility of this house is only mine. He says I told everyone that I trust my daughters, even when my wife was not there to take care of them, but no, this is the result I got. He says if you all want to stay here, be here with my rules, else just leave the house. He says if you all have problem here, go to Kanpur and stay, the house is vacant there.

Rajat comes home and thinks about Anushka. Minty hugs Rajat and asks is he fine, he was lost in jungle. He says he is fine. She asks why did you go after Anushka. He says I lied to them and took them, uncle might have scolded them. Minty speaks against them and their upbringing. Sareen asks Rajat to apologize. Rajat says I know he already apologized, then why. Rajat asks Sareen was Anushka hurt. Minty says oh, fine you go and see, be away from them, else go to camp again. Sareen asks Rajat not to worry as he will talk to Minty.

The sisters cry. Anushka says dad is right, and blames herself. Alka says what are you saying. Anushka says yes, I forgot my place at home. Devyaani says we all agreed to you as you were always right. Anushka says then how did everything go wrong. Alka says stop it, you did all good things in this house. Alka says we all are responsible for this, not you alone. She says we will do anything to make dad happy. They hug and cry. Its night, Anushka thinks about Shastri ji’s words. Rajat comes and sees her crying. She wipes her tears.

He asks about her house problems, did her dad scold her. She says when dad was annoyed to everyone, they used to come to me, but today he is annoyed with me, I don’t know where to go. He says if you say, I will talk to him. She says no, he will be angry. She says dad is not able to see my wound today, he did not ask me how am I. He says so your mood is off, but I know how to cheer you up. He gives her a gift. She takes it. He says tell me did it work or not. He says she can always count on him and leaves/ She opens the gift and sees chocolates. She smiles.

Its morning, Alka asks Peeya to give smile to dad to make his angry go. Peeya smiles. Shastri ji comes and says he won’t have food. He asks them to come home in time, else he will see them.

Rajeev comes to Alka and holds her against her wish. Anushka sees him and shouts for help. Rajat hears them and beats Rajeev. Alka hugs Amushka. Rajat and Rajeev have a fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Omg jst seen da promo for dis he (rajat loves anu ) deviyaani was right wen she sed i ain’t gunna shw u him for u may lyk him or he may lyk u … Shws getin beta n rajeevs gunna get it tdy haha

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