Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector comes to the hospital back and tells Ahem that he has come to arrest Kokila on Pari’s kidnapping charges. Ahem asks what does he mean. Mr. Mehta says she kidnapped my daughter as she was last seen with her. Kokila says she dropped Pari at the hotel lobby which he is staying in. Mehta says she does not like my daughter, so she must have harmed her. Inspector asks constable to go and check Kokila’s car. Jigar goes with constable and finds Pari’s dupatta and ring in car’s dickie. Kokila says Pari was wearing same dupatta when she left her at hotel lobby. Mehta gets hyper and tries to hit Kokila saying she must have harmed his daughter. Jigar stops him and says if ever he tries to even touch Kokila, he will not be spared. Mehta says Pari’s dupatta has blood stains. Inspector says Kokila that he has to arrest her and asks constables to arrest her. While she is being arrested, Gopi reciprocates in coma.

Kokila says inspector if he wants to arrest her, she will not stop him, but just to see Gopi wake up again, then she herself will come with him. Inspector says he cannot give her much time and takes her from there while Modi family protests. Ladies see her getting arrested and badmouth about her. Ahem and Urmila ask them to stop badmouthing, else they will not spare them. Inspector takes Kokila in jeep and leaves. Ahem and Jigar follow the jeep.

Gopi wakes up from coma after getting Pari’s kidnap dreams and calls Kokila’s name. Hetal and Urmila console her and tell that Kokila is arrested by police for kidnapping Pari. Gopi says Vivan must have kidnapped Pari and says she tried to rescue Pari from Vivan, but he kicked her and she fell on ground and got unconscious. She says she will immediately inform the truth to police as she cannot let Kokila arrested unnecessarily.

Kinjal stops police from sending Kokila into cell. Constable says if she interferes, even she will be sent in. Kokila asks Kinjal not to interfere in legal matter and gets into cell. Ahem calls ACP, but stop hearing Gopi’s voice. Gopi comes there calling Kokila. Kokila asks why did she come here. Gopi says she is in jail because of her mistake. Kokila asks not to blame herself and says she is unwell and has to go back to hospital. Gopi says she came to tell truth that Pari is kidnapped and her life is in danger. Kokila says Pari is not kidnapped, she and Mehta are trapping her to get her out of Pari’s way. Gopi says Vivan kidnapped Pari. Kokila says she does not believe him. Mehta shouts at Kokila that she has kidnapped Pari. Gopi asks inspector to find proof against Kokila first. Inspector says he got Pari’s blood stained dupatta and earrings from Kokila’s car. Gopi says if they were found in your car, would you be kidnapper and says she is eye evidence. Inspector asks what does she mean. She tells him how Vivan kidnapped Pari and kicked her to fall on ground. She as soon as she gained consciousness, she came here to tell the truth, says Vivan is behind this and is trying to trap Kokila instead.

Precap: Gopi shows Vivan’s hand bandage to inspector, says she injured him while trying to rescue Pari, and asks inspector to check his hand. Vivan hides his hand.

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  1. what rubbish? Where was jigar’s courage when he married Radha? useless men in Modi parivar.

  2. im exited for this episode

  3. Just “wow” in this tv show.

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