Bandhan 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav recalls the taunts if pinky and Sanju. They said you have shown you both are orphans and you don’t belong to us. He cries. Naraini comes to him. She says i heard what they said, They are kids, Don’t take is seriously. Raghav says they were right i am bad that is why God took my parents. nariani says its not like that. Raghav says when sanju and pinky cant sleep their mom sings lullaby for them. I am the only one without mom. naraini says God wants you and Darpan to be strong that’s why he took your parents. He is just testing you, lets see if you pass. Promise me you will never cry and wont listen to sanyu and pinky. He says promise. Naraini says now sleep and don’t nag about mom, consider me your mom. raghav says sing me a lullaby. Naraini sings him a lullaby. Darpan listens it as well. Raghav drops off. Darpan recalls when prabha and Mahesh made her sleep. Darpan says in heart sorry naraini aunty but i have to leave this place. this place is so dangerous for ganesh even you cant save him so good bye.

Darpan goes to room and takes her stuff. She packs everything. She says ganesh lets go before anyone wakes up. I don’t want shaku and meethi to annoy you anymore. We will go far from here. Don’t argue please lets go. ganesh is reluctant. darpan says i am your elder sister i am doing this for you. why you wanna stay here? ganesh goes out. Darpan says listen to me. she follows him. bhao sees them, he follows them as well.

Ganesh comes to the cliff where prabha and Mahesh died. Darpan says why have you brought me here? ganesh tries to tell her. Bhao sees them and says this is the place where i killed darpan’s parents. darpan says what are you saying? Tell me what you wanna explain. Ganesh slips down prabha and Mahesh’s photo from cliff. darpan says what you did. She says what you do? why you threw it? Bhao gets it. He says ganesh recognized me. bhao says i thought this is my secret there is no witness but ganesh is. ganesh goes near a stone. darpan says what are you doing? darpan says is it related to a baba? ganesh nods. dArpan says okay until i don’t understand we wont leave this house. Now lets go its late. Bhao says ganesh will tell darpan about me i have to kill him.

Scene 2
Next morning, bhao comes to raghav’s room and sees him sleeping. He says you are sleeping dumb. Bhao says get up and take a bath. Go and do exercise. he sees naraini coming from bathroom. He says what are you doing here? Naraini doesn’t respond. Bhao says go to your room. raghav says she is so nice. She sang me a lullaby last night. Don’t scold at her. Bhao says why would i? I just said she wont be comfortable here. Now go and get ready. Raghav leaves. bhao says to naraini what you want? Don’t interfere in my family? and don’t mess with my son. Naraini says your son? She says as much as i know raghav is adopted and you care so much for adopted kid? it doesn’t suit you. He says you don’t know my character. Who knows your real face better than me. Bhao says leave this room.

Nariani says in heart why would vishwas rao bring up for an adopted kid. I need to find this out. Bhao says I wont tell this secret of raghav to anyone that he is my son.

Darpan, ganesh and raghav are outside. Darapn says will teach you how to write so you can tell me. No find K. ganesh picks wrong one, darpan says why you don’t understand. you only like to play. Raghav says we have to work hard and you have to be patient. ganesh gets upset, darpan says they think you are animal but I will prove them wrong. I will tell you how to write.

bhao recalls last night’s incident and mixes poison in ganeh’s medicine. He places it in darapn’s closet

Precap-darpan takes out medicine and says take it ganesh. SHe is about to give it to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. How can someone so cruel to a dumb animal…i hate when ppl hurt animals

  2. what the hell is wrong with bhao now he wants to kill even an elephant it is about time that he pay for all the people he killed and all his wrong doings writers please let Mahesh come back and let him fall in love with naraini and let them both get married and adopt raghav to live with them darpan and ganesh so they will have a perfect family

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