Friends. . Condition Apply 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Major Vikram finds the location of Kidnapper’s..He tells the his commando to come along with him But they refuses..Major calls them Coward and tells that he will complete the mission by his own..
Major goes to a house and finds some clothes of Juhi and other friends..Major sees on wall written “Well done Major”..Major calls and tells at the hospital to tight the security of Ravi..As his life is in danger…In hospital One constable tells to other constable that Major has called and said to tight security of Ravi..Ravi listens and gets shocked…
Murli along with Omar and all friends are travelling in a tempo..Someone calls Major and tells that Ravi is kidnapped..Murli talk to someone and tells that Not to worry as Major will cannot do anything..Murli stops on the way…Tells BAli to take out all the friends..Bali..Murli takes all friends from the middle of the jungle..Isha falls in middle Murli tells Omar to take care of Isha..Isha’s leg has fractured..Omar press isha’s leg..Isha cries..
Omar press Isha’s leg with pistol and tells that he will leave her here in the Jungle..As Animals will be happy..Isha cries and says noo…Police officer calls Major and tells that Ravi has been kidnapped..
Shakti and all friends are taken into a jungle..Shakti remebers her childhood …Murli sees to shakti..Juhi feels thirsty Omar sees juhi and gives her water…juhi drinks water..Isha’s mother shouts on Major and tells he is a loser.and cannot do anything..CM’s secretery comes and tells the Major that he is no more part of mission As ravi is kidnapped..Major tells that he was taking seriously the mission as juhi is her daughter..Secretery says no and goes..Omar..Isha and all friends are sitting betweeen the jungle..Isha asks water from juhi..Juhi gives water..Isha drinks..Water is over Juhi sees Omar..Isha tells she cannot walk more..Murli tells Balli to control Isha..balli pulls Isha to getup..Benoy gets angry and runs..Omar controls Benoy..Omar shouts..As they go more far Shakti falls and faint..Chirag holds shakti Murli sees Shakti..Shakti tells she want tablet’s..Chirag gives tablets Shakti eats..Murli asks what tablet is this..Shakti tells nothing..Chirag tells of heat stroke.,Murli tells now to keep walking..
Omar tells balli to Keep an eye..Omar and Murli goes…Isha tells that she is not feeling good..Chirag asks Shakti is she alright Shakti says yes..Everyone sleeps…Next morning Chirag first gets up..Chirag goes outside the house and sees No one is there..Chirag runs inside the room and tells all the friends that they all kidnapper’s went somewhere…Shakti and all gets up..Shakti tells Chirag that it cannot happened..Shakti tells Chirag that it may be trap as no kidnapper can leave them and go…Benoy tells Shakti If she wish can stay here but they will run..All friends run..Imple..Juhi ,,Benoy and Isha..Shakti stops Chirag..Chirag tells that one time they will try..Shakti says no..Chirag says once..Chirag takes Shakti..Benoy and Isha goes in the jungle..Imple and juhi also goes..Shakti tells why Murli left all friends like this..As Isha and benoy goes One arrow comes..Isha and benoy all friends goes Another arrow comes…Benoy and all friends are shocked and tells what is this,,Shakti pulls Imple as one arrow comes.All friends are surprised..Suddenly one girl comes and tells that Punishment should be given ..And tells she herself does not give a second chance…

Precap::Shakti tells Murli that she is not part of Mission..The girls comes and beats Shakti..Shakti faints..Murli is shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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