Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan tries to kidnap Pari in an auto. Gopi runs behind auto to rescue Pari, Vivan kicks her and she falls on the ground and goes unconscious after hitting her head on a stone. Kokila on the other side during bhajan gets worried for Gopi subconsciously. Jigar tries to call Urmila to check about their location, but she is busy transferring Gopi to the hospital with Pari. Doc take Gopi into ICU. Urmila takes out her to all Modi’s, but her phone is switched off. Pari calls Jigar to inform about Gopi, but he cuts call thinking she has called to wish him happy new year.

Madhuben taunt Kokila that Gopi has changed and has stopped obeying her. Radha smirks thinking Vivan has done his work and Gopi must be coming here alone. Pari comes there crying and devastated and informs about Gopi’s accident and in LifeCare Hospital. Whole family is shocked to hear that and rushes towards hospital.

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Radha calls Vivan and scolds him for ruining her plan.

Modi family reaches hospital and Ahem asks doctor about Gopi’s condition. Doc says her condition is critical and docs are treating her. Kokila asks Urmila how did the accident happen. Inspector also comes there. Urmila says when Pari sat in auto, autodriver sped with her and Gopi while trying to rescue her was hit by Vivan and she fell and hit stone. Pari says driver was Vivan. Kokila says she cannot believe Pari as she lies always for her gain. Inspector asks Pari to show Vivan’s pic and details. She shows his pic and mobile number. Inspector calls Vivan and asks who is he. Vivan says he is in Delhi and reached there in the morning, even sends fake flight boarding pass. Inspector shows it to Ahem, he checks and says pass is real one. Pari says she is tellin truth and Urmila backs her, but Kokila says she is telling lie and should not meet Gopi from hereon.

Inspector says if he gets a solid proof, he will inform them and leaves. Pari asks Kokila to believe her. Kokila says don’t know what magic she did to Gopi that she believes her and says Gopi is the soul of her house and if anything happens to her, she will not spare her. Doc comes and informs that Gopi has gone into coma. Kokila asks Pari to get out of Gopi’s life and she does not like even her shadow to fall on Gopi. Pari requests to let her see Gopi once. Kokila again says she has to go, calls Mr. Mehta and says she is bringing his daughter Pari wherever he is now and says he and his daughter should not come to her house again. Urmila says Vivan is very dangerous and will harm Pari. Kokila asks how will he being in Delhi and says she herself will go and handover Pari to her dad. She drags Pari from there into a car and leaves.

Ahem gets worried for Pari. Jigar consoles her and apologizes him for not listening to him and believing Pari. Ahem says whatever happened, we should forget and should not get Pari back in our lives. Kinjal says earlier Rashi left us and now Gopi. Ahem asks her to shut up and says nothing will happen to Gopi. Kokila comes back after handing over Pari to her dad. Doc informs that they have to observe Gopi till morning. Kokila prays god to get her Gopi well soon. Inspector comes there and says he has come to arrest Kokila.

Precap: Ahem asks Mr. Mehta what did Kokila do. He says she kidnapped my daughter and asks inspector to arrest her.

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  1. What this serial does is drag, drag, and drag. Why don’t they just end it. Bakwas serial!

  2. Yessss, another new twist. That’s y i just love this tv show.

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