Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya calling Yuvraaj and a;pologizing to him. He says its fine. She says I make good colf coffee. He asks what do you mean. She says we can have coffee, I heard sorry is accepted well with coffee. He says I already accepted your apology, I promised Suhani I will have dinner with her, you can join us if you want, make three cups of coffee. She says ya. He says fine, lets meet, bye. She gets angry. Yuvraaj joins his friends and Sharad. Suhani tells Pratima that she is making Italian food and its health, he will like this. Pratima says I m happy. Suhani says I m happy too. Pratima says I m going Banaras for 2-3 days, as I go every new year. Suhani catches allergic cold.

Soumya tells Dadi that Suhani planned dinner with Yuvraaj. Dadi asks her to do something. Soumya says I asked Yuvraaj for coffee and he agreed. Dadi says do something that Yuvraaj spends time with you, not with Suhani. Suhani sneezes and says I got allergy. Anuj says you are unwell, sit, Ramesh will serve. Dadi says yes, we can get hygienic food. Suhani says yes, but I did not know this will happen, I will take medicines. Soumya says your anti allergic medicine, come with me, I will give. She takes Suhani. Dadi asks did Soumya plan something. Rags says don’t know, but it will be fun.

Soumya acts sweet to Suhani and apologizes to her. She says she is very disturbed by whast going on these days. Suhani says its fine, I forgot too. Soumya says thanks. Suhani asks her to give medicines from blue strips, which is light dose, other one is strong and she will fall asleep. Soumya says yes, and thinks. She gives the heavy dose medicines. Suhani asks is this blue one. Soumya asks are you doubting me. Suhani says no. Soumya makes her eat the tablets and asks her to rest. Suhani says no, I hve to get ready. Suhani does all the dinner arrangements and yawns. Soumya comes to her. Suhani says I m feeling sleepy, don’t know why.

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Soumya says you worked so much today, you will get tired, have some rest. Suhani says no, I m waiting for Yuvraaj. She gets sleepy. Her phone rings and Soumya takes the call. He asks about Suhani. She says she… Yuvraaj says tell her, I m reaching home in 15mins. She says fine, I will tell her and ends the call. Yuvraaj comes home and likes the dinner arrangements. He says well done, Suhani, I hope food is tasty. He smiles and is stunned seeing its Soumya. She says you invited me for dinner. He says yes, where is Suhani. She says she is sleeping. He says sleeping? She says she was not well, got tired, I think we should not disturb her. He says fine, I will see her. She says first have food and makes him sit.

He says if Suhani was tired, why did she not call me, we would have dinner sometime else. She says her intention was not like that, it happens. He says fine, and she serves the food. He gets up from the chair and says I will wake up Suhani. She says no, let her sleep. He says no, think if I planned this, Suhani would have come to wake up, I will also wake her up. He goes to the room, and sees Suhani sleeping. Soumya tries stopping him. He says let it be, we will have dinner. She smiles. The candle keeps going, and Soumya lights it. Yuvraaj switches on the lights and says relax, Suhani wanted the candle light dinner, she is not here, so this does not matter, and don’t try to copy Suhani. She says excuse me, I don’t copy anyone, there is no comparison between us. He says yes, she never feels bad of anything I told her till now. She says even I won’t feel bad if you call by some name, try me.

He taunts her for running with a driver’s son. She gets upset. He says sorry, it just came out. She says I know, its ok. He says think again, next time I won’t leave. She says fine, I did wrong so I have to hear this. I have misunderstood your feelings always, I will not repeat it. He asks did Suhani make this pasta. She talks about something else, and he talks about Suhani, and praising the pasta. She gets sad. He says I m sorry, what were you saying. She says Yuvraaj, the feelings which showed you before, I felt its for Suhani, are you listening. He says yes, say. She smiles.

Suhani wakes up and is in sleep effect. He says I always thought how does Suhani get extra energy, I know her secret. She says she is like this since childhood, I feel if she was not here, I would have understood your feelings were for me. He says whats the use now, Suhani is here, you did not notice as you did not want, if it was not Suhani, it would be anyone else, as simple as that. Suhani says how should I get up and falls. He says I m going to sleep, you also sleep, I m sorry I wasted your time. She says I m not feeling sleepy, I m going to make cold coffee, will you have. She says no, I m full, I will take your leave. She stops him and asks did he forgive her. He asks for fish? She says yes, I mean I did wrong with you, and did not accept your feelings, and hurt you. He looks at her.

Soumya says I want to tell something. Yuvraaj asks what. She says I know its very late, actually…. I….

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  1. tell soumya …………….tell it…………..u will surely get a tight slap from yuvraj………….why are you like this….?? yuvraj likes suhani dont be jealous of it……….you fool……………. :-p

  2. yes, yuvraj should have a refused to have dinner with sowmya

  3. I agree

  4. why can’t yuvraj just say that he wont have diner with someone that is not his wife
    it is weird having a candle light diner with a girl you used to love while ur wife is sleeping
    he is no good either sometimes

  5. what we should think?soumya loves yuvraj’s money & not yuvraj.

  6. think from soumya’s side also.

  7. soumya doesn’t have a spark of decency.can’t she think now yuvraj had a wife & it’s her friend? what all rubbishness is done by her?

  8. Good treatment by yuvraj 4 that shame less soumya

  9. Same here dia but I think that because of her stupid deeds only yuvraaj is getting closer to suhani

  10. soumya the idiot! hate her

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