Bandhan 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is on dinning table, Naraini comes and says vishwas rao I wanted to talk to you. She sits besides him and says you look good in this dress. Vishwas says guests are like God but we don’t talk while eating. He sits with shaku. Raghav is having hiccups. Bhao says I told you not to eat spices. Drink water now. Bhao says call doctor and ask him to treat Raghav. Naraini says give him some sugar it will stop. Darpan brings sugar for raghav his hiccups stop. Darpan says wow naraini aunty. She says yeah I get hiccups too when I eat spices. Darpan says you are raghva have same problem there must be some connection between you two. Plate slips from bhao’s hands. bhao says a lot of people eat sugar for hiccups there is no connection. Whats the point of connection in it. ganesh picks the knife from the floor. Darpan says ganesh give it back to uncle. What’s wrong with you? Give it to uncle. Ganesh screams. She shoves bhao. everyone is shocked. Darpan says ganesh what are you doing? Darpan says have you gone mad? Shaku says yes he is mad. We should punish him. darpan says please rondu uncle forgive ganesh. its his mistake, but he is ill. Bhao says don’t cry I forgive him. Ganesh leaves. Bhao says I think we should call a doctor and get him checked. Bhao says in heart ganesh is mad at me? but why?

Darpan goes to ganesh and says whats wrong with you? You said no to going from here. Now you shoved him. Uncle is so nice he loves us and kept us here. Ganesh shows him his picture. Darpan says what have you done? You torn his photo with knife. He is so nice. He has not done anything to us. Ganesh shows him prabha and Mahesh’s picture? Darpan says what is it now? Tell me why you hate him? Bhao comes in and says ganesh tell truth. why are you mad at me? darpan is like a kid and so are you. Why are you angry? ganesh goes out. darpan says he is saying something but I cant get it. bhao says doctor will tell us whats wrong with him. Bhao sees prabh and Mahesh’s photo along with his and the knife. He is shocked. He recalls killing them.

Scene 2
Dev locks his room. Kajri says don’t come close to me. Dev turns on the fan and petals sprinkle on her. Kajri smiles. She says is this all to surprise me? he says yeah I wanted to do this. But forgot it in the mess outside. He holds her hand and bows down on his knees. He says I love you kajri. he kisses her hand. Kajri blushes. deb says I doubted that you wont like it. kajri says I hate this dev, the one who married me forcefully, who raped me. The dev who doesn’t respect women. but now I think dev has started respecting women and that dev.. dev says say what is in your heart. Kajri says I have started loving this dev. dev falls down holding his heart. Kajri says whats wrong with you. he holds her in his arms.

Bhao says in heart why he hates me? I didn’t say anything to her. Shaku says why is this elephant so mad? Doctor says I have given her medicine if that doesn’t work we have to do some tests. Shaku says raghav go and sleep. Shaku says to darpan, I wanted to ask something. what will you do if someone hits your brother. darpan says I will hit him. Shaku says your brother hit my brother. wont I feel bad? Bhao forget it but I didn’t. I will punish your brother. Darpan says but he is ill. Shaku says you have two ways, punish him yourself or I will. Your punishment is necessary to make him better. If you don’t do I will choose my own way like ice cream.

Pinky and sanju stop raghav. pinky says you betrayer. Raghav says I am not a traitor. SAnju says you became friend of that darpan. You became friends because you both are orphans. you have told us that you are not from us. pinky says you are both bad that is why God took your God from you. Naraini overhears them and is shocked. meethi comes and says go and sleep sanju and pinky and why are you crying raghav? He says nothing. meethi says go and sleep.

Bhao recalls ganesh’s behavior an says there is something wrong. This elephant changed. I want to know wahts wrong and why is he doing this.

Precap-darpan says tell me what you want to? Ganesh slips Mahesh’s photo from cliff. bhao is watching them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am so disappointed with the way this soap is developing please bring back Mahesh so he could seek revenge against bhao and dev and that darpan could be reunited with her parents once ad for all and then and only then things would be back to normal

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