Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik and Nandini get off the car and Cabir talks to Nandini as if he is a taxi driver. He says that I have brought you to your desitnation fast and safetlt and one thing you should know that girls are always safe with Cabir. Nandini looks at Manik who is looking at her through the rear view mirror. To wake the two of them up Cabir says Fire. Manik screams where and Cabir points at them saying from here to there. Manik tells him to stop and Cabir says that he has no interest of seeing their live show and tells them to get out.
Nandini gets out of the car and walks away thanking Cabir for everything he did. Nandini is about to go inside when Manik honks the horn just so that she could turn around one more time. Manik comes out of the car and walks to Nandini and helps her unlock the door.

Nandini asks Manik of what he is doing and tells him to go away. Manik says that I was watching you for a time, you were trying to open this door and since you can I was trying to help you. He whispers in her hears that your hands are very steady, Nandini asks if his are and Manik says that they are not. He asks of what should be done and proposes to call Cabir. Nandini smiles and looks away while Manik opens the lock and Cabir yells from car if he has to wait for the whole night here. Nandini goes inside and locks the door and walks away. Manik also comes and sits in the car and leaves with Cabir while Nandini comes back to look one more time.
In the car Manik looks for his phone but can’t find it. Cabir calls on his phone but they don’t hear it, the phone is in the hands of Soha who is still at the house. Harshad is says that he has to control the damage and calls Navya. Navya answers and Harshad apologizes for what happened today and says that they way I did this is because I was scared. Navya says that it’s Okay as I also never thought that this would happen and was shock myself. Harshad asks if she has told anyone about this and Navya says that she hasn’t. Harhsad says that I once want to get your pregnancy checked once by the doctor if you don’t mind.

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Navya says that she has done the test while Harshad says that you can’t trust them as this is serious. He further says that I will arrange everything tomorrow and will get this settled. He tells her to calm down and ends the while Aliya comes to Harshad. She says that whatever you did was wrong, Harshad is about to say something when ALiya says that how could you crash our party and don’t make me regret getting you out of jail. Harshad tells her to relax as for the first time the Fab5 is not on his mind.
Soha is still at the house and has Manik’s phone. Manik calls on his phone and sees her there, she gives him a gift. After thanking her Manik says asks of what she is doing here, Soha says that Cabir told her about this place as he told her that Manik needed a dress. She says that I thought that I would bring it in person and as you didn’t come to the party I thought I should come and wish you. Manik wishes her a Happy New year and says that I knew that I wasn’t there though you made the arrangements. Manik says that this time I got stuck somewhere but next time there will be no goof ups. He asks her to smile and then hugs her.
Nandini is thinking about what happened today as she sets her hair. She then gets a text from Manik asking if she is awake. She replies saying that You woke me up and gets a reply immediately. She looks and smiles and continues to chat with him. Soha is the one who is texting Nandini and when she sees Manik coming Soha deletes the conversation and hides. Manik comes and says that I didn’t saw the phone outside than it must be in here. Nandini is thinking of why is Manik mad as she hasn’t said anything wrong.
Manik finds his phone on the table; he looks around and gets a call from Nandini talking what she just texted. Manik asks of what message and Nandini says that the one I sent you a moment ago. Manik says that he hasn’t read it and tells her that his phone wasn’t with him and was left at the house. Manik says that he has just came here and found it while Nandini says that you were messaging me for a while. Manik says that how could he be texting and then asks her to hold on. He checks his phone but doesn’t see any conversation in it.
He says that there is nothing in here and asks if she is still dreaming about hm. Nandini gets worried and sees the conversation once more. She immediately asks Manik to get out of the place as she thinks that someone is there. Manik agrees with her and asks why she is freaking out, Nandini says that someone was texting me from your phone and says that whoever it was is still there somewhere. Manik looks around and says to Nandini that I’ll leave.
Manik wonders of who it could be and says that it might be Harshad. Manik says that is he upto his stupid games again and leaves. Manik comes and sits in the car and gets a call from Nandini and says that I want to see you in the morning and if I stayed here then it would be a problem. He continues to talk when Nandini’s aunt come and she tells him that it’s 4 am. Manik says that it is time for you to wake up while Nandini says that it is time for you to sleep. Cabir says that it is also my time to sleep and wishes Manik a happy new year.
The next day at the college the Fab5 is walking and Cabir says that there was something weird about the party. Muktii says that I can’t believe that you had spent the New year eve with Neunika, Cabir mocks Manik as well. Cabir then says that we should go and practice otherwise Nandini would give us a lecture. Manik says that we are the Fab5 and don’t listen to anyone and proposes to go to the canteen. He then says that I have to get the right guitar and leaves. Muktii asks of what is wrong with him and Cabir says that now he has gone on the right path.
Nandini is walking and when Abhymanu comes and wishes her a happy new year. He asks her about last night and mocks her as well. Nandini doesn’t answers and he soon leaves saying that there is a twist in the story finally. Nandini gets a text and comes to the music where Manik is also present. He asks of her of what’s up and Nandini asks where everyone is. Manik says that this is the first thing you ask and stands next to her.

Precap: Manik is kissing Nandini when Soha comes in, Harshad takes Navya to the hospital and asks the doctor to not let her know of what is going on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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