Shastri Sisters 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu gettign away from Rajat. He goes out. Neil says you would have wished him all the best atleast as his boss is coming. She gets glad. They see his boss coming. Rajat takes him inside home. His boss is regretting and calls everything unfortunate, and apologizes to them. He says what I did was my duty, so don’t keep hard feelings. Rajat says we understand, you were doing your duty. His boss says I could not believe Rajat can do any mistake, but your bahu has cleared all doubts, how that girl has stolen the CD. Everyone is shocked. The boss says department wants Rajat to resume his duty. They get happy and thank Lord. Sareen hugs Rajat.

He asks about his bahu. Sareen looks at Rajat. The boss says we were delaying Rajat’s rejoining date, but she made us assure that Rajat’s joining will be in one day. Sareen says yes, she is great, she is magical. Minty says I will get sweets. Sareen says I had trust on my Lord and Rajat. The boss asks Rajat to call his wife. Rajat says Sir, actually she went to her dad’s house. Minty brings the sweets. Sareen makes Rajat have the sweets and thanks his boss. He says I m very happy, its great news, I will tell this to my bahu’s dad. He goes to Shastri ji. He asks Neil to come down. Neil asks what happened. Sareen makes Neil have sweets and says learn something from Rajat, he is back on duty. Neil hugs him. Devyaani says I will tell Anu. Sareen leaves. Devyaani tells this to Anu and says lets go, I know you are happy, forget self esteem for few mins, its your victory, come. Anu asks her to go and thanks Lord.

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Alka and Vrinda talk about Rohan. Alka says Rohan went early, maybe he has some work. Vrinda asks her to come for breakfast. Alka gets a message that he wants to tell something, your husband is not like he looks, you don’t know many things about him, I m your well wisher. She gets another message, that if she wants, he can tell her everything. She says who is this messaging nonsense about Rohan. She gets more messages. The man asks her to test her trust. Alka says I should inform Rohan about this message. She gets message to see what Rohan does behind her back. Alka says who is this, who is lying about Rohan, and why. Its Rohan, who is messaging her. He smiles.

Rajat wears his uniform. Anu says Rajat will be very happy today. Rajat touches the badge and feels proud. Sareen shows off infront of neighbors and smiles. Minty happily cries seeing Rajat. He says don’t know Anu knows this or not. Rajat comes out. Rajat sees Anu and she hides. Saajna………….plays………… Everyone dance happily on Rajat’s pride back. Sareen asks everyone to see how Rajat has resumed duty, and they should all apologize. He hugs Rajat. Everyone praise Rajat and apologize. They call it Anu’s magic and lady luck, that she has got Rajat’s pride back.

They praise Anu. Sareen says Minty, they are saying right. Sareen gives sweets to everyone. Neil asks Devyaani what does she feel, Anu will come. She says don’t know. Rajat says I will go office mum, and hugs Minty. She blesses him. He hugs Sareen. Anu cries and looks on. Neil sees her and smiles. He says Bhabhi… Rajat stops. Neil says this happened because of her. Rajat says maybe she wanted to clear my and her name, and does not want anything else now. Saajna…………….plays………………… He does not turn to see her, and leaves. Anu cries.

Rajat says Neil that he is getting transferred to Dehradun, I m leaving tomorrow morning. Neil and Devyaani ask Anu to stop Rajat. Anu says no, I won’t interfere. Sareen asks Rajat to go if he wants, but he can’t get back after this point.

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