Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi sees Radha talking with someone, goes to her and asks her to go and do what she came for here. Radha easily agrees and goes. Rashi thinks how come she easily agreed her today.

Kinjal sees fake inspector falling on floor unconsciously and asks Urmila why did she kille her.

Boot camp teacher gives kids a new task and says if they fail, they will have to do tougher task of bungie jumping. Radha thinks she should make Gauri lose this task, so that she get punished.

Urmila’s door bell rings. Kinjal asks her to go and check. Urmila opens the door and finds her neighbour who asks about sounds from her house. Urmila says it none of her business and shuts the door. Kinjal asks Urmila why did she hit fake inspector with vase. Urmila says he would have killed Dhaval else. Urmila’s husband comes home and sees a man on the floor.

Radha gets a call from Tripti who asks her to do her work carefully. Radha says ok. Coach asks Gauri to do the tastk first. Gauri does her task followed by other kids. Radha thinks she should do something before Gauri starts another task. Kokila scolds Mani/Radha for not being around kids and roaming instead in the camp, she asks Radha to give juice to kids. Radha asks Gauri to drink juice before starting her task. As soon as Gauri goes from there, she pours oil on the floor, so that Gauri can lose her task. Rashi sees her and asks what is she doing. Radha says she is just checking things as she has not seen them before. Rashi asks her to go from there as her kids may feel embarrassed with her mistakes. Gauri starts her task and does it effortlessly, Radha thinks why is she not falling. Gauri falls just then. Kokila asks Hetal why is Gauri falling, she was doing good till then. Gauri falls into water and fails her task. Coach announces that Gauri lost her task and will be punished with bungie jumping.

Urmila’s husband scolds Urmila for taking law in her hands. Madhu says Urmila was helping Dhaval. He says he will call police and inform them everything. Urmila says he wants to get rid of her, so he is informing police. Madhu says he wants you not to go to jail. Urmila says she has got an idea.

Coach orders another coach to take Gauri for a bungie jumping. Gopi says him such a tough task is not good for a small kid. He says he wants his student to be mentally and physically strong and says he has safety measure available, so not to worry. Coach helps Gauri wear bungie jump straps. Tripti comes there and says she will help Gauri and cuts the strap. Gopi gets uneasy and goes to check Gauri. Tripti runs from there seeing Gopi coming. Gauri gets tensed and says she does not want to do the task. Gopi requests coach to forgive Gauri. Coach says if she does not do the task, she will be out of the camp as they don’t need coward kids in their camp. Gopi encourages Gauri to do the task. Gauri agrees she will do it for Gopi and Ahem’s sake. Tripti thinks once Gauri is pushed, she will be killed.

Precap: Kokila sees Radha and Tripti talking and says Tripti that she knows her well.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hate what tripti doin to young child allow this man she just a lil girl do this to someone older children r like angels they dont even knw whats goin on behind them plz chanche the script plz

  2. Yes they have to change the script

  3. radha and triptis evilness is going on too much, pls stop it.

  4. how long this plot of killing will continue.. god put and end to it… from the time Radha entered, she is trying to kill/harm one or other in the family.. its time for a new twist in the story

  5. Change the script, please. Too much of Radha n Tripti trying to kill someone in the family and harming Gauri. Poor girl!

  6. Does the director ever read all these comments? They seem to be falling on deaf ears.

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