Pavitra Rishta 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankia and Pari shopping for Pari’s engagement. Naren calls Ankita and asks her opinion to select a soft toy. Ankita says she is not pregnant yet. Naren says he will buy it for their future kid. Pari selects a dress and asks Ankita’s opinion. Ankita likes the dress. Pari goes to trial the dress. Ankita gets nauseous. Lady next to her looks at Ankita and says she must be pregnant. Pari wears her dress and comes, Ankita likes it and asks her to buy it.

Manav asks Sachin about engagement preparations. Sachin says it is going well and not to worry. Manav says Arjun and Purvi have left a responsibility for him to get their daughter married, so he wants to be more careful towards his responsibility. Manav then gets a call from his friend who informs that he has reached Mumbai. Manav goes out to receive his friend.

Ankita is still asleep. Naren asks her to wake up. Ankita says she is getting vomiting and feeling weak. Naren says he saw in films, when women vomit, they get pregnant. Ankita says she must have got food poisoning as she ate roadside pani puri with Pari. Naren asks her to select his dress for Shekhar’s engagement tonight. ankita says she is feeling drowsy and wants to sleep. Naren asks her to sleep for some time and drapes blanket on her.

Archan says Pari that she is starting a new life and prays god that she should forget her past and get happiness in life. Pari says she will forget her past and will start a new life forgetting the past.

Neena wakes up and comes out of her room. She asks Pia if she has a matching item for her saree. Teju comes and jokes Pia should not give her item as Neena cannot buy a new one. Neena gets angry and goes back to her room.

Shashank’s mother scolds Mansi for giving her hot dal and says it looks like she wants to kill her. Prashanth hears their conversation and gets angry that her sister is scolded.

Pari calls Purvi and says it would have been nice if she would have come to her engagement. Ovi emotionally says Pari that she is the one who made her understand the feeling of motherhood first and tells her childhood story. She says Pari that she is her elder daughter and says it is every mother’s wish to get her ready on her engagement and marriage, since Purvi is not here, she has got a chance to get her ready and says it is Pari’s special day today. Pari says she was missing Purvi today, but with her she is not missing her.

Prashant remembers Shashank’s mother’s words and feels sad. He says Mansi how can she tolerate Shashank’s mother’s misbehaviour. Mansi says she is ill, so she is jittery. Prashanth says how can she tolerate that. Mansi says she came to my house, that is the big that, soon she will accept me. Prashanth says hope she accept you soon. Mansi asks Prashanth to get ready for Pari’s engagement. Sonu informs them that Soham had come to meet them and fed vada pav. Prashanth thinks it must be his new way of asking money..

Soham asks hotel owner to give him job and asks how much salary he will get. Owner asks his past experience. Soham says he worked 20 years ago. OWner says he will have to work for 18 hours, hence cannot give him job and pushes him from there.

Mansi says Soham has changed and says about OVi’s incident. Soham thinks even his kids think him as a thief. He sees an elderly man scolding a scooter guy for pushing him. Soham helps him and asks him job. Elderly man agrees to give him job and says he will give him 3000 rs salary. Soham asks him 3100 rs as he wants to drink alcohol with 100 rs. Owner says he will give 2900 rs then. Soham agrees for 3000 rs salary.

Precap: Archana sees dirt on Manav’s dress and says she likes dirt on his dress.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. I love Soham character’s !! A good role and he is a good actor
    I think that Ankita is pregnant

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