Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha shocked gto see Jyoti at her home. She asks Kalindi how can she hide such a big thing from me. She asks Jyoti why did she not tell her. She says everyone are worried at home, Abhay came home and blamed Anjali for all this. She says Shlok and Varad worry about you a lot. Jyoti says what about my parents. They will not worry about me. Astha says no, Anjali is much worried about you. Jyoti says no, I know her, she might have thought that I died better than running. Astha says you should have taken my help. She says Ajju and Kalindi supported you and did not feel to tell me once. She asks Kalindi why did she lie.

Jyoti says I took their promise, and I trust you more than me, I tried calling you but could not talk to you. She says my strength was broken, I failed and lost. Astha says now I m with you, don’t be scared, come with me home, we will tell Abhay’s truth to everyone, I will get justice for you. Jyoti says I don’t want justice, I won’t come. Astha asks tell me why you did this. Jyoti says I could not bear anything, I was pregnant and Abhay came to know it’s a daughter in my womb. She tells her everything what Abhay did knowing it and has sent her for abortion. Jyoti cries and tells how she met Sid on the road and he brought her to Kalindi.

Jyoti cries and says I don’t want to lose my daughter at any cost. She says I will give birth to her even if I have to fight with Abhay. Astha cries too and says I promise I will not let you go back to Abhay’s house and I won’t let anything happen to you and your daughter. She says I will take the step on right time.

Kalindi apologizes to Astha and says I was scared of the situation, it was about Jyoti and her daughter. If I told you, Jyoti would have gone back, I was scared to tell you the truth, that you can create problems for Jyoti in order to do some good. Astha says you should have trusted me once, I worry for her, if I knew this, I would have made her get her right place at home, what Abhay did, I will not leave him, I would have exposed him, don’t worry, whatever I do will do by thinking. Astha asks Jyoti not to think that they don’t worry about her. Jyoti says fine even I want to meet everyone, but I m scared as Abhay is there now. She says promise me you will not tell this to anyone, not even Shlok. Astha promises her holding her hand.

Astha promises her that she won’t let her go to Abhay’s place again and will make sure she gets her every right and love. Sojal talks to Abhay and asks him to rest. Anjali calls Sojal and she goes. Abhay talks to Bua and says they are finding Jyoti and I m worried. Astha comes and looks at Abhay. She taunts Abhay. Abhay starts acting and shows as if he is much worried about Jyoti. Astha says we are all finding her, I m stunned to see you happy, as you love her a lot, I thought you will also find her. Abhay says I m also trying, I did not come here to have food. Astha says I can see, you don’t worry about her, else you might have found her like mad, I feel you are happy that she went or is it something else.

She asks what did you do that she felt helpless and ran away, what happened so sudden. Abhay gets angry and says don’t forget I m son in law of this house. Astha sees Anjali coming and changes the topic. Anjali scolds Astha for talking to Abhay like this. Abhay says no, don’t stop her, tomorrow she will insult me and then beat me too. He says I love this family so I m here, only for my wife I m bearing this insult, I would have not come here if I knew this would happen. He blames Anjali for hiding Jyoti as he saw her with her. He says Jyoti told me she is going to meet them. Anjali is speechless and asks Abhay to forgive Astha.

She says come Astha. She takes Astha and leaves. Bua is happy that Abhay dealt with them well. Abhay says Astha is sharp minded. Bua says I doubt she has hidden Jyoti. Abhay says we have to keep an eye on her, she may play a game with us. Sid comes to Jyoti and cares for her. He gives her some tips. She smiles. He says I brought a book for you. Its about pregnancy, he says I read it but could not understand. She asks why did you bring this. He says read it. She thinks Sid is a nice guy and she wants to tell him the truth, she thinks the time has come. She says I need to talk.

He says I have a meeting, I will leave. Shlok and Varad are worried thinking about Jyoti. Astha comes to them and sees them worried. She asks did you find her. Varad says no, we are tensed, I wish she is safe. Astha thinks if I tell them, they will send her with Abhay. She thinks to do something seeing the brothers tensed. Astha leaves in hurry. Sojal tries to see but Anjali calls her. Astha calls Avdhoot and tells him her plan. She asks him to do this work.

Sojal comes late and does not hear Astha. Sid comes to office and meets Varad. Varad asks him to prepare a report. Sid says fine. Varad says sit here and work. Sid opens his laptop and smiles seeing his and Jyoti’s pic. Varad sees him smiling and goes to him. Sid shuts the laptop. Varad asks what happened, I understand, carry on. Varad gets a call and leaves. Sid thinks why is he thinking so much about Roshni, he likes her, does she like him. Avdhoot explains Jyoti what Astha said. He says we should do what she said. Kalindi says Jyoti can get into problem, I think we should think once again. He says I thought, this will be good for everyone. He says I trust my Astha. Jyoti gets tensed.


Jyoti calls Anjali and cries. Anjali says Jyoti, where are you, tell us, we will come and take you. Abhay takes the phone and says hello. Jyoti is tensed. Astha and Sojal looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

  1. Update fast plz nd thank u

  2. This will never beat the original of IPKKND

  3. Its not soo intresting like ipkknd 1
    And love u slog and varad

  4. I like this serial quite nice

  5. Must teach this Abhay what is the meaning of a woman and what women are able to do! I just hate him. How come this kind of mentality is still going on in India? This is the 21st century, really happening? Seriously?

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