Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Kids start playing in a boot camp. Kokila gets happy seeing kids playing. She asks Gauri to go and play with her kids. Gauri says she wants to go home. Jigar says Rashi that he wants to go office and tries to leave from there when Kokila asks him to drop Gauri home. He takes Gauri with him in car.

Urmila and Kinjal come to police station and see police beating a thief ruthlessly. They image Dhaval being beaten by police. Inspector asks them what are they doing here. Urmila gives inspector’s name batch who came to her house and asks she wants to meet this inspector. Inspector sees name plate and says there is no one with this name even in whole state. Urmila sees that person’s picture on criminal’s board and says inspector there that this is the inspector she was talking about. Kinjal says he is a big criminal, so his pic is attached there.

Jigar brings Gauri home. Gopi says she did good by bringing Gauri and says knows he wanted to spend time with Rashi, but with Kokila around there, he could not stay there. Jigar says it is okay and leaves for office. Gopi asks Gauri if she wants to have lemon juice. Radha says she will bring lemon juice for Gauri and goes to kitchen. She thinks this is the best time to get Gauri out of this house. She adds a tablet in lemon juice.

Teacher in boot camp ask children about their and their parent’s names. Vidya sees Kokila there and says her name is Kinjal Modi and her parent’s names are Parag and Kokila Modi. She starts crying. Hetal tries to console her. Vidya says she wants to meet her mom. Rashi says she will let her speak to her mom after the camp. Vidya agrees and join back other children.

Gauri falls from the stairs while coming down. Gopi sees that and asks her if she got hurt. Gauri says she is fine. Gopi says she knows she is missing Samar, Sahir and Vidya. Vidya says there were a lot of toys and swings at boot camp. Gopi thinks she should send Gauri back to boot camp. Radha brings lemon juice. Gopi asks Radha and Gauri to drink it and goes in.

Vidya sees a toys and plays with it. Radha asks her to drink lemon juice first. Gopi watches Gauri playing with toy, calls Ahem, and asks if they can send Gauri to boot camp. Ahem scolds her and says he knows she wants to talk to her that all and cuts the call. Radha forces to drink lemon juice. Gopi says Gauri if she does not like lemon juice, it is ok, they can have icecream. Gopi takes Gauri out. Radha gets angry that her plan did not work.

Dhaval sees Kinjal and Urmila coming from outside and asks where were they. Kinjal says they went to police station and checked about the police inspector who came home, but found that he is fake. Urmila says we should get him caught soon.

Gauri eats icecream and likes its flavour. Gopi says Ahem also likes same flavour. Gauri says we should take it for him then. Gopi it is okay, we will take it later. Ahem comes there asks why are they here and says he would have taken them all out with him as people want Gauri kidnapped. He says Gauri that he brought boot camp form for her. Gauri gets happy and hugs him. She asks if he wants to have icecream as Gopi told you like this flavour. Ahem also buys icecream. Gopi gets happy seeing that.

Vidya kids say it would have been nice if Gauri and Gopi would have been with them. They say we will bring them with us tomorrow.

Radha thiks if Gauri would have drank juice, Gauri would have gone unconscious and she would have dumped her at Tripti’s house. Meethi drinks Gauri’s lemon juice and gets unconscious. Ahem, Gopi, and Gauri come home. Ahem says we will fill Gauri’s form. Radha says what will Gauri do there. Ahem scolds her and says he did not ask her decision, Gauri will go to a boot camp.

Precap: Ahem is hesitant to fill the form. Radha says without knowing Gauri’s parent’s name, form cannot be filled.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Gauri was soooo swet

  2. Radah need to shup feel lyk killing her

  3. I don’t watch saathiya that much but when I do I always get so angry. They are dragging the storyline way too much and it’s making the show just stupid. They need to get a move on!!! Radha needs to get punished big time she’s just getting on my nerves

  4. why cant ahem shut radha up. he is always telling gopi to shut up when she says anything right, radha keeps on blabbering and hurting people.stupid and evil radha should be kicked out fast, dont drag toooooooooooooo much

    1. Show is been dragging too much day by day getting very wost

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