Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sojal and Astha telling that we were with Anjali and we did not see Jyoti. Shlok asks Abhay is there any doubt. Astha says we should call police. Abhay says it will ruin my respect. Anjali says no need to go to police, we will find her by our way then we will see what to do. Niranjan says we will inform you first Abhay if we know about her. Abhay says I will stay here till I get her and go home taking care. Anjali says fine, this is your house, you can stay here till we find Jyoti. Abhay says thank you and smiles. Sid comes and greets Ajju and Kalindi.

He gives them good news about his promotion and brings gifts for them. He asks where is Roshni. Kalindi says she is resting in Astha’s room. Anjali talks to Niranjan about Jyoti. He scolds Anjali and says its your mistake that she ran away, you have not given her good values, I could not talk to Abhay as I did not have any words. Anjali says whenever Jyoti said against Abhay, I explained her. Niranjan says woman’s place is in man’s feet, she is nothing without a man. Astha hears them talking. He says its bad to give birth to a daughter.

He says it would have been better if she died doing suicide instead of running, I would have cried for her. Astha is shocked hearing this. Anjali cries. Astha thinks Niranjan is such a creep, how can he think so about his own daughter, I hate such a man whose mentality is so cheap. Sid gifts Jyoti as he got promoted. She says I can’t take this, you did so many favors on me. Sid stops her keeping his hand on her mouth and music plays…………… He says sorry, Roshni I did not do any favor, you don’t know what you are for me. He says your friendship means a lot to me, I was never so much happy with anyone, and did not care for anyone to gift her, but I don’t know I wanted to gift you.

Jyoti says I have work in the kitchen, I will come and leaves. She gets tensed and thinks Sid why don’t you understand, its not good to feel this for me. Shlok tries finding about Jyoti and makes many calls. Astha comes to him and asks did you find anything about her. He says no, I have found her everywhere and even her phone is also switched off. She says if we connect to her, we can trace her location. He gets worried. She says don’t take tension, my heart says she is fine and we will get her soon, relax.

She hugs him. Abhay and his Bua have a good time in Niranjan’s house. Abhay says we will stay here and if Jyoti comes, we are here to welcome her, if she does not come, we will be treated well here. Abhay asks Sojal to come. He says you know everything, what do you think, did Anjali go there to meet Jyoti. Sojal asks why did Jyoti run away, tell me, did you do anything, or your Bua. She looks at their tensed faces and leaves. Abhay tells Bua that keep an eye on whats going in this house and mind, if we have to enjoy here, we have to find out.

Jyoti cries seeing Anjali’s pic. Sid comes and Jyoti says I will just come. He says what happened to her, is she annoyed with me. Ajju says nothing, mood swings. Sid sees Shlok and Astha’s wedding album. Kalindi shows him the pics and says the names. Jyoti comes and gets tensed as her pic is also in the album. She takes the album and says I will see it first. Kalindi says I m sorry, I forgot it Jyoti, Sid would have seen your pic. Jyoti says one day he will know it all, I can’t lie to him now. Kalindi says Sid has all right to know the truth, he will be hurt if he knows by someone else, talk to him. Jyoti says yes, I will tell him the truth on right time.

Astha wishes Bappa to take care of Jyoti. Astha sees Anjali crying in her room. She comes to her. Astha asks her not to hide pain, as her daughter is missing. Astha says I know you know, you are very soft hearted, I know you are crying for Jyoti, you should not be ashamed to say this. Anjali says Jyoit did a big sin running from her husband’s house, she insulted us and Abhay, we would have not felt sad if she died. Astha says you are lying, as your eyes are saying anything else, I know you are crying for Jyoti, you know the truth, why did you not bring her here, you are her mum, a daughter expresses herself infront of her mum, did you ask Jyoti what is she going through.

She says your children are going away from you because of this rudeness. She says everyone will understand if you change. Anjali says what I m saying is from my heart. Astha comes to Shlok and hugs him. She says there is still one thing left, we did not inform police, Jyoti is alone and pregnant, I think we should inform police. Shlok says you are right, we should not delay more. She says you go and talk to Niranjan, if he gives permission, we will go. Shlok says fine, I will talk to him and goes to Niranjan.

Shlok tells Niranjan to call commissioner and find Jyoti. Niranjan says I spoke to him and he said he will support us. Don’t worry, we will try out best to find her. Abhay hears this. Shlok says fine and leaves. Astha and Shlok see Anjali sitting in the hall.

Varad and Shlok try to find Jyoti. Shlok says this temple is near only to your and my house, Jyoti won’t come so far. Astha thinks and comes to her home. She is shocked to see Jyoti there.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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