Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha says Modi family that she will marry this time at any cost. She says last time she was eager even to marry Ahem, but could not, this time she will marry Jigar. Jigar says he will not marry her. She shows Meera and Vidya’s torture video and asks if he will marry her or not. He says he will marry her. Pari feels dejected and tries to walk out of house. Radha stops her and says she has to get her ready as bride as she did to her and today will be marriage. Pari says she will not do it. Madhuben requests Radha to return kids back. Radha says she will not. Pari says Gopi helped her a lot and even stood against her family, so she will do anything for her. Radha says she is impressed with he thoughts. She shows torture video again and says if Modi family won’t oblige, she will beat them again. She drags Pari to help her get ready. Kokila stops her and gives her a tight slap.

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Kokila strangulates Radha and asks how can she torture her granddaughters. Gopi requests to leave Radha as kids are still under her custody. Kokila says she is acting and asks her to help in her drama. Radha says she will not spare anyone. Gopi requests her to leave her kids now. She says she will, but does not want to see Kokila again till she marries Jigar. Kokila walks out from there.

Radha’s mad friends discuss if they should feed kids or not. One of them say Radha will give them lots of money and they will not have to go back to mental hospital.

Kokila checks Meera and Vidya’s torture video again and identifies the place as some railway warehouse. She informs this to Gopi. Gopi thanks her. Kokila says their relationship will not be same like before. She says we will go out by window to find Meera and Vidya’s kept place. Gopi calls Ahem and informs him about finding a clue and she and Kokila going out to find the place. Ahem says he will also come with them. She asks him to stay here and try to delay marriage until they get back. Ahem agrees. Jigar says we should have gone with them. Ahem says we have to stay here to avoid Radha’s suspicion. Jigar suggests to call police. He agrees and calls police.

Kokila and Gopi walk out of house and wait for auto, but don’t get any. Gopi then gets Activa and they both leave.

Inspector to Modi bhavan and asks Ahem where she has kept kidnapped kids. Radha says they are not kidnapped and she will let them speak on phone. Ahem says kids are at home and he got worried as did not see them for a long time. Tolu/Molu come and hug him. Ahem apologizes inspector for troubling him, inspector leaves. Radha scolds Ahem for calling police and asks if he not worried about his kids’ life. Ahem apologizes. Radha says she will spare him this time.

Kokila and Gopi reach railway station and check warehouse, but it is not the same warehouse. They ask receptionist if there is any other station nearby. He says goods train station is there nearby. They leave towards that station.

Precap: Gopi and Kokila reach goods train station and see a kidnapper lady there who says she is here to catch train. They realize that she is the kidnapper.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. MA..plzz update suhani si ek ladki. .plzz…

  2. Radha is so nice. She actually forgave Ahem, even though he called the POLICE. So nice of Radha.

  3. wellllll shuttttt up this nonsense forever plz instead of this better to show ek haseena thi plzzzzzz

  4. Stupid drama

  5. they might have to end this story when Raashi died. They r dragging this story pointlessly. they r ending shows like Ek Haseena thi. but they r not ending Saath nibhaana Saathiya. There is nothing much to drag the story… Pls end this and come up with a good show SP

  6. I think that the kidnaper in the precap is the one that kidnapped vidya and meera

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