Sadda Haq 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says go to your seat rajveer. snyu texts randhir class has started will clal you after class. Randhir gets dressed and leaves for TCC. Sanyu says after 4 days you have an exam. Its your surprise test you have to do this in some time. Priyali comes in. Sanyu says do your test priyali. Rajveer says who will handle desk? Sanyu syas priyali you can go and do this test on your desk.

Rajveer comes to priyali says you cant solve this paper. Let me help you. rajveer grasps her hand and says let me do this. He writes the equation. Randhir comes and takes the pen. rajveer syas who are you? randhir says where os sanyu? rajveer syas oh you the guard. Randhir hist him. V ikram comes and says who you are? how dare you to enter my institute. rajveer says he is special friend of sanyu. sanyu comes out. vikram says will you explain sanyukta what it is? Randhir says I will break your bones. Sanyu takes randhir out. Randhir says I wont leave him sanyu, I cant tolerate the way he talks to you. sanyu hugs him. Randhir says go and attend your class, I am waiting for you outside.

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Priyali comes and gives sanyu the paper. vikram comes and says what the hell you are doing? SAnyu says priyali was on her desk. Vikram says I am talking about that thug you brought here. This is my institute not a fight club. Keep your relation with third class people out of here. why you had to do this? Rajveer is a genius. sanyu says its my problem and he did that for me. insult me not him. Vikram says he deserves it. sanyu says you respect people like rajveer who harasses me and priyali. Vkram says off the field you have fight as well. this is absolutely right. sanyu says okay now competition is between right and wrong. You will know after three days who is third class rajveer or randhir.

Randhir is talking on call to parth. Rajveer comes with two thugs. Rajver syas hey mr guard. Randhis throttles him. sanyu says please lets go randhir. rajveer says in class sanyu is hitler and outside this body guard. Randhir hits the two thugs and then comes to rajveer. Rajveer is on ground. Randhir says stay in your limits, rajveer syas ii am meeting someone of competition for first time. Rajveer leaves sanyu says thanks I am always secure with you.

Sanyu says is it aching? We have to go to doctor. He says its a small cut. Sanyu says it wil ache tomorrow. Sanyu hugs him.

Sanyu is checking papers in her room. Randhir comes in and says dinner is ready? Sanyu says you made it. He says I ordered it though I should order you but you wnt enter the kitchen. sanyu hits him with a pillow. she syas I am coming after entering these marks. Rajveer gets 91 and priyali gets 21. randhir comes in and says why are you upset? SAnyu says in heart I have to do something.

SAnyu is in TCC. she calls randhir and says I am worried for priyali. she isn’t as weak as she scored. randhir says she must have been tensed. I saw her paper. Seems like she knew answers but couldn’t deliver properly. Sanu syas exactly. she is confused in her nervousness. Randhir says sticky notes left by snayu on the wall. randhir says talk to her casually. He says no go and do your breakfast. my gf has made me breakfast I have to eat it.

Rajveer is in the class. He makes fun of all the students with less marks. he says priyali has got 21. everyone laughs. Rajveer says what happened to you ? vikram comes in and syas quite. He says maintain silence. he says priyali are you good? He leaves. Rajveer laughs and says you must be scared. Sanyu comes in. Rajveer syas welcome the best teacher. He says picture is left. Your girl has lost. He picks papers with sanyu/ He take priyali’s paper. Sanyu says give it back to me. He says look she has got a 0 in first question. Rajveer syas what is this half number for? sanyu says give me the paper back. Rajveer says don’t close you will blame me later if I lose control. he says this will remind you what happens when you mess with rajveer.

Precap-Sanyu says to piyali I said remember your goal. Now go and give your exam then we will celebrate. Rajveer has got second rank. Priyali’s name isn’t in the list.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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