Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha asking Sachin did you see Shlok. Sachin tells her about silver coins. Astha asks him to tell the truth. He tells her that his Aayi is behind it. Astha looks on. Renuka scolds Jyoti for putting less sugar in her tea. She gets a call from Riya’s to be inlaws. Renuka says she will have Ria’s lavish wedding in the five star hotel. She promoses to give car and 10 tolas gold. She adds that her son earns well. She cuts the call. Jyoti asks why did you say that. They haven’t demanded anything. Renuka says my son can manage everything. We don’t need your family’s help.

Apsara sees herself in mirror. She imagines Shlok coming to her and saying you was right. Astha lies to me always. As I got you, I will believe you and won’t believe on Astha. Apsara says I love you. Just you and me. She hugs him and dances with joy. She collides with Shanta who scolds her and asks who is he? Apsara tells her that she was dreaming about her son.

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Varad talks on phone angrily and says he will only take all the decisions. Whoever is having problem with his decision can leave his office. He says he will make his own place and Shlok and Baba have no place in it. Sojal sees him tensed and worries. Astha comes to Shlok and apologizes. Shlok leaves. Kalindi asks Ajju to drink milk. Door bell rings. Ankush comes and apologizes for coming late. Ajju says my leg is paining. Ankush offers to massage her leg and asks her to take calcium tablets. Ajju says my hands are also paining. Ankush massages her leg and shoulder and thinks I knows that you are acting. He tells Kalindi that he got a job and have to wake up early tomorrow. Kalindi tells Ajju that Ankush have changed, but Ajju says he is still acting.

Astha asks Shlok to have food. Shlok refuses. Astha refuses and asks him not to punish himself for her mistake. Shlok says I don’t need your sorry. Sorry means that the mistake won’t be repeated, but you repeats the mistake. Astha says I was afraid that’s why lied to you. Shlok gets angry with her. Astha gets teary eyed.Kalindi tells Ajju that she needs to talk to her about Ankush. She says he joined work and has changed. She asks her to believe him. Ajju says he has not changed. Calls me old lady. He can’t change in a day. I will take his test and if he pass in my test then I will believe him. Kalindi prays for her kids’ happiness.

Astha tries to cheer Shlok. Shlok pretends to sleep without responding to her. Astha tries to sleep, but couldn’t sleep. She recalls their happy moments and cries silently. Shlok too thinks about their romantic moments. In the morning Apsara peeps in their room and sees them sleeping separately. She smiles and thinks she have to think of an idea to get close to Shlok.

Ankush sees Ajju coming and changes the Tv channel. He says this channels should be closed or banned. Ajju plays babaji’s pravachan. Ankush gets bored and tries to excuse himself. Ajju asks him to sit for a while and hear the parvachan. Ankush gets angry and bored. Ajju smiles seeing his expressions. Babaji’s speak Ajju’s heart out. Ankush gets irked and thinks old lady have trapped him early morning.

Astha makes tea and comes to Shlok. Shlok is still angry with her and don’t talk to her. Apsara thinks I will make tea for my Shlok. She comes with tea. Astha gets angry and takes tea from Apsara’s hand. She takes a sip and suggests her not to open tea cafe as the tea is of bad taste. Shlok refuses to talk to Astha and leaves. Astha thinks now I will show you my anger.

Varad asks his employee to remove Shlok’s name plate from his cabin and asks him to put Indrajeet Sarkar’s name plate instead. His employee asks who is he? Varad says very soon everyone will know about him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. who is this new guy

  2. this varad heyna??? very irritating . hope anjali gets 2 know about varad’s wrong move and should save NA from varad….. ( before he gets hold of NA )

  3. Indrajeet Sarkar will make new problems.
    I think he is the suave bizman who is mention in a spoiler .

  4. Day by day serial is getting more boring..why varad is like this..when the serial starts shlok is the villain then niranjan and now varad.. Actually who is the villain?

  5. I really dnt wt nonsense all these….story….ver its gng…..wat d hell us dis

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