Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kokila getting angry on Ahem. Ahem asks her to calm down. Rashi asks her to understand that she loves Hasmukh and can’t see him with anyone else. Kokila shouts stop it. I won’t bear it. She tells Hetal that these guests Ahem and Gopi are not leaving and this driver married my sister. She says, I won’t tolerate any outsider in my house anymore. Ahem apologizes and says we will go from here. Kokila asks him to go. She asks Rashi and Jigar to leave as well. Hetal asks, how can you ask them to go. Kokila shouts and asks them to leave. Kids comes home with Dhaval.

Vidya asks Ahem, where are you going mummy papa? Kokila listens and gets angry. Ahem says we are going out. Kokila shouts at Vidya. Tolu and Molu ask Rashi where are you going Mummy. Kokila gets angry and asks the kids to come to her. Hetal requests her to let Jigna stay in this house. She stops Jigar and tells him not to dream to come to Jigna. She asks Ahem, Gopi and Jigar to leave. Rashi says, I won’t go anywhere without Hasmukh. Kokila takes Rashi forcibly inside.

Meera cries and says I will also come with you Papa. Gopi asks her to take care of Vidya. Hetal says, I will talk to Kokila. Gopi says, we shall go. Parag says, please don’t go. Jigar cries. Hetal scolds Jigar for taking such a step. Ahem says, I can’t see anything bad happen to my mom. We shall go from here. He asks Gopi to come along with him. They leaves. Evil Radha smiles happily. Hetal cries.

Kokila scolds Rashi further and says I will send you back home. Your marriage is not valid to me. Rashi cries. Hetal comes and consoles her. She asks her, what have you done? Rashi says, I love Kaki ji too. What shall I do when Kakiji wanted Jigar to marry Radha. Baa and Hetal tell Rashi that she should have take their opinion. Rashi says sorry.

Meera tells the kids that we are doing this for Kokila Dadi’s betterment. Kokila hears and asks why you are calling me Dadi. Vidya nods in a no. Kokila thinks to talk to baa and Hetal. Kinjal comes to Pooja and asks her to help. Urmila overhears them. Kinjal and Pooja go to sit in the car. Urmila wonders why Kinjal needs Pooja’s help.

Kokila comes to Hetal and asks how can I be Dadi. Hetal asks, what happened? Kokila feels pain in her head. Kokila says, I was saying I don’t accept Jigna’s marriage. She says, marriage doesn’t happen without family members. Baa says, Hasmukh is Jigna’s husband now. Kokila scolds Rashi for marrying a driver Hasmukh. She goes out crying. Radha smiles and thinks to do something.

Ahem tells Gopi that we will stay in the hotel. Dhaval says, Phuphaji will feel bad. This is your house and your family. He asks them to come inside the house. Radha brings milk for Kokila. She sees her crying and asks what happened? Kokila says, everyone is against me including my sister Jigna. My dreams were shattered. Radha puts a knife and letter under the bed and asks her to worry about herself. She says, your enemies have grown. She tells Kokila that something is under the bedsheet.

Kokila reads the threatening letter kept with a knife. Radha smiles. Kokila gets shocked. Radha asks, who wants to kill you? Who wants to hurt you? Kokila says, I know him. Urmila comes. Gopi greets her. Madhu informs her that Gopi and Ahem will stay in their house. Urmila hesitantly says ok. Kinjal comes and hugs Ahem. Ahem cries. Ahem tells Kinjal that mom wanted them to go. Kinjal says, but she asked you to stay infront of her eyes so what happened. Ahem tells her that Mom’s heath is deteriorating day by day. Police comes and arrests Gopi and Ahem. They are shocked. Inspector tells them that Kokila has filed a complaint against them.

Rashi says, who might have kept the knife? Hetal says, Kokila might have kept it and forgot later. Jigar says, what about the letter. They get tensed.

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  1. Kokila is being so stubbborn nd stupid

  2. KOKILA………… i am tired…tired of criticising u day after day… i give up.!! I GIVE UP… TOTALLY !!

  3. Tired of seeing this Radhas evil plans and kokilas memory dramas. 🙁 End the story of radha and kick her out of d house…Its growing annoying day by day 😐

  4. Ahem is bharat for kokila not for the whole world

  5. What a ridiculous show this is…. The reason I sometimes look at the written updates of this show is not because I love this show, but I just want to see how ludicrous a show can get.
    The writer of this show should be banned on writing scripts.

    1. Should be banned!! the writer should be banned..for writing such insane and obnoxious script!!

  6. This show does not portray absolutely anything except D-Grade planning which does not happen now days.
    Come on… Who keeps strangers in the house? For them Bharat(Ahem) and Gopi are strangers.

  7. Once u read the update no need to watch the film and while reading you become so annoy with this serial

    hope star plus will do something for this serial otherwise no one will continue watching it

    too boring, annoying and no sense at all

  8. I stop watching this piece of crap that they call a’s getting on my last nerves..I’m tired of kokila and that nut case radha…get ride of them both or come up with a new story u can get ur viewers back..

  9. they should have ended this serial long time back.

    1. totally agree with you – i thought it was ending but when that is what i want to know its totally trash

  10. Oh praise the lord!!
    guys i am the who is constantly making every viewer understand..that watching serials like these…is bad fo ya health and wealth and for this country!!!
    i hope mt efforts do not go unobliged

  11. i hate this show get kokila back to her senses and radha should now get caught such a boring boring show

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