Saraswatichandra 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir introducing the girl to the family. Everyone bless her thinking she is Anushka. Kusum thinks what happened to her, she is behaving as if she does not know me. Kusum hugs her. The girl thinks it’s a lovely family. Kabir talks to Danny and asks about his meeting. Danny says I cancelled it. Kabir says you should have done it before. Everyone treat the girl well. She gives tea to Kabir. Danny tells Kusum that she iis very sweet. Badimaa says she has good values. The girl says I will take care of the house and you all. Badimaa asks why did you come here. Kusum says project.

The girl says no studies, I came here as my mum sent me, I m feeling happy here. She looks at Kabir and smiles. She says I will stay here after marriage. Everyone look puzzled. The girl says I did not know I will get such a handsome husband. Kabir coughs and asks Kusum what is Anushka saying. The girl says I m Manu. Kusum says it means you are not Anushka. The girl says it means you are not the one to whom I came to meet and cries. Everyone console her. Kusum says Kabir will drop you back. Kabir refuses. Kusum asks Danny to go. Danny says fine, but where is Anushka. Anushka comes and says I m here. She looks beautiful and smiles. Kabir looks at her. She is a modern girl.

Kusum goes and hugs her. Anushka says I m sorry for not informing you that I m not wearing yellow. She says you look the same, fair and fresh smile. Kusum says you changed, where is your fat specs. They have a laugh and Kusum introduces her. Anushka greets everyone and is very bubbly. Anushka meets Danny and jokes. Kusum introduces Kabir. Manu says what about me. Danny says I will drop you. She gives the address. Danny says come. Manu leaves.

Anushka says you all will enjoy if I live here. Kabir thinks she will be a headache. Saras checks some files and says it shows the food is of high quality, it means someone did it inside the school. He says is it the cook behind this, but why will he do this. He says maybe he was helpless or any greed that made him do this. He says who will do this, I have to find out so that this does not happen again with any kid. He leaves. Anushka tells everyone about her project.

Vidyachatur says we have factory of that work, Danny and Kabir will explain you everything, don’t worry. She says I will give a party after the results. Kabir thinks I know why they called you here and on what project. Anushka talks a lot. Saras talks to the watchman and asks who brings the grains a school. The watchman says the cook, Shankar. Only he and principal have the keys to the storeroom. Saras says it proves Shankar did all this, but Kumud trusts him, I will meet him once.

Kusum brings Anushka to her room. Anushka praises the Desai house. Kusum gets freshen up, I will keep food ready for you. Anushka says yes and opens the window. She enjoys the fresh air and says Ratnagiri I love you. She sees a cockroach and shouts. She slips and Kabir holds her. Music plays……………… They have an eyelock.

He leaves her and she falls. He says idiot, how dare you bump into me, why were you running. She says I have cockroach in my room. He says its old idea, try something new. She asks what do you mean. He leaves. She says Kabir, so much attitude, I will see him later, first that cockroach. Danny comes to Kusum. He says you are looking so beautiful reading book here, as if waiting for me. He tells about Manu who was crying all the way. He says I did this to impress Anushka, she is a beauty. Kusum says are you not ashamed to praise any one else before me. She gets annoyed.

Danny says foolish, you don’t know I m jokinh. He says can I see anyone other than you ever. He says fine, don’t talk to me, but give a small smile. She smiles. She says don’t joke again. Saras comes to meet Shankar. He says I m Kumud’s husband, Saraswatichandra, is Shankar at home. His wife says no, he went out and welcomes him. She says Shankar went to police station. She says I swear on my child, we did not do anything, but no one is trusting us. Saras says don’t worry, if he is innocent, nothing will happen. She says I will make tea. Saras says can I get cold water.

She says we don’t have fridge, fine I will bring it. She asks her son to be with Saras. Saras talks to the child and asks him to show his books. The boy leaves. Saras checks the house and sees something covered in kitchen. He is shocked to much grain bags. He thinks how did this come here. He opens it and checks it. He says its of good quality. He says it means Shankar exchanged school’s good quality food with bad one, how can he do this, even he has a son, did he not think about innocent school kids.

The boy shows his books. Saras says I have to leave, remember always your parents love you a lot. Saras leaves. The lady comes back and asks about Saras. The boy says he had some work and left. She says don’t know why he came. The boy asks when will dad come. She says he will come. Vidyachatur and Badimaa worry about Kumud. She says call her. Kusum says no, she is in meeting with education officer, she will call us, don’t worry, even Saras is seeing here everything.

Shukla talks to Kumud and principal and rejects their application considering the kids health.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasaan

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  1. Hey! I had seen this Anushka as saritha in punarvivah 2 Sara’s n kumud’s story is getting bored they always have problems please try something new before ever one quits the serial.

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