Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi says, Radha will be punished for her sins. Urmila wonders what would have happened if Radha stayed at her home. Gopi takes promise from Madhuben that she won’t tell anything to Radha. Radha comes. Rashi changes the topic and says Kokila gave permission to Bharat and his wife Gopi to stay at their home as they have saved her. Radha worries. Madhuben assures Gopi that she is with her. Gopi hugs her. Madhuben leaves.

Kids tells that their chote dadi came back and it is good. They say our school will reopen from next week. They hear a person saying my parrot shows the future. They go to meet him. Gopi wonders why they went hurriedly. Kids asks the person to ask the parrot about his future. Gopi comes and stops the person. She blames the man for using a bird for his earning. She asks him to free the bird else she will call the police. Rashi calls the watchman and asks him to caught him. She threatens him to call the police. That person gives the parrot to Rashi. Gopi says, we will call animal rights activists and will give it to them. Rashi says, we will, but before that we will take its help. Gopi asks, what you will do? Rashi asks her to wait patiently.

Urmila asks Radha, are you fine? she nods. Rashi and Gopi come inside with the kids. Rashi tells everyone that this is Panditji’s parrot. He asked us to take care of PopatLal for few days. Hetal says, but……..Rashi says, this is not ordinary parrot. It tells about the future too. She asks her to asks questions to the parrot. Hetal understands her plan and says I saw it in the temple. Urmila says, it is good. Vidya says, we shall ask it something. She asks, who is smallest in the house. Parrot replies, you…..Molu asks, what we has yesterday? Parrot says Vanilla icecream. It goes on to answer their questions. Gopi says, shall we ask it some difficult questions and asks why Kokila’s health deteriorated. Parrot replies it was done by Mani. Radha gets shocked.

Gopi asks, what. Radha did this. Radha says, I didn’t do it. Parrot says, she is lying. Parrot says, I saw it with my own eyes. Kokila asks Radha, why you are worrying as you are Mani. Radha recalls confessing in the temple. Radha panics. Gopi says, Parrot might have seen something in the temple. Radha says, it is lying. Rashi says, we will ask same question. She asks, what happened in the temple and how Kokila’s health worsened. Parrot tells something which is muted for us. Everyone pretend to be shocked. Radha gets stunned. Kokila asks, who is Radha? Rashi says, it is Mani’s other name. Parrot reminds Radha of the temple talk.

Urmila asks Rashi to asks about her. Rashi asks, Prem Latha loves whom? Parrot says, money. Rashi says, it is saying the truth. Parrot says, Radha is behind Kokila. Radha gets angry. Rashi asks, why you are getting angry. Radha goes citing some work. Rashi asks the kids to be careful infront of Radha. Radha tells them that she is using the Apps in her phone and the answers was saved in it.

Radha comes to her room and gets scared of the parrot. She calls Tripti, but her phone is switched off. Hetal calls Radha. Radha thinks they don’t even give me a chance to breath. Hetal asks her to clean the kitchen. She says, I don’t want Kokila to doubt you. Radha goes without her wish. She cleans the kitchen and thinks she has become a servant. She sees Meera there. Something falls down because of Meera. Radha shouts at her. She says, I have become a servant in this house. Meera starts crying. Kokila comes and hears her. She recalls little Meera and picks the broom. She goes near Radha and is about to throw it on Radha, but Gopi comes and stops her.

Radha turns and sees them. She says, I was just explaining to her. Gopi asks Kokila to come. She asks Meera, if she needs anything. Meera says, Khakra for parrot. Gopi says, Parrot doesn’t eat it. Gopi tells Kokila to calm down. Kokila says, I got angry seeing Radha misbehaving with Meera. Gopi says, yes, but we have to be careful.

Kokila tells everyone that Tripti and Radha are very clever. They have to do everything very cleverly. Ahem says, we have to do something to make Radha confess to her crime.

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  1. Stop it………bandh karo…….Aapandi……Nirthinga……Nillisalu……..hmmm this is all the languages I know writers please at least try to understand our problem and just STOP IT…………..what is this dramas pehle mosquito and now parrot and tomorrow you get a Rat and make friendship with Radha rat………..idiots…….this gopi has no other work make her a social reformer…….what men in the modi parivar has no dialogues…… Writerji..!!!atleast write dialogues to ahem as he was not at all responding as Radha me uske mom ka Jaan lene ke koshish kiya…….why always everyone blames this meera leaves other kids…….Gopi idiot…Radha is scolding her own daughter but she was not allowing kokila to beat her…..

    1. I liked ur comment Lokeshwari… Bilkul sahi likha tumne.. writers dnt have anything new to write.. and that stupid Gopi humesha chup rehti hai..

  2. ye kokila sahi kam kar rahi thi par wo overactng ki dukan gopi jise mahan jo ban na tha jo aa ke rukh liya.

  3. Why are you telling like this about devoleena??????

  4. i am just telng coz i thnk she ovreactd dis tym.

  5. ur yrt Lokeswari 😀

  6. S ur right lokeshwari evn I’m fed up of this dragging and here people keep watching and no reaction but only mani wil do al wrk of hers easily

  7. Radha is a khanzeer kutti such a STUPID CHARACTER I feel like kicking her ass until it turns blue

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