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Sadda Haq 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidushi is looking at Sanyu. Randhir opens his mouth to tell Vidushi to concentrate on the task and hence they are disqualified for 5 minutes. Randhir tells Sanyu to go and meet Sameer, they have 5 minutes. Sanyu runs out. Sameer threatens her for telling everything to her dad. Sanyu says she has been stuck with the competition these days and her team needs her. She accepts it’s her mistake and apologizes to him. He reminds her that he’s her husband and she’s asking him to work on her schedule. Sanyu says it’s not like that, she asks him for 15 minutes. He stops her as he sees bandaid on her ring finger. Sanyu says she got injury. He wants to see it, but she says she’s getting late. He stops her and removes the bandaid. He asks how that ring came in finger? it was lost. And why did she put bandaid on it? Is she ashamed of showing it to everyone? Or is it that someone else put ring in her finger? Sanyu remembers how Randhir put it in her finger.

All are waiting for Sanyu. They decide to continue the task without her, but Maya says they can’t. Vardhan goes outside.

Sameer is questioning Sanyu about the ring. He asks her how many boyfriends does she have? Is that why she comes to this college? Sanyu cannot hear it anymore and raises her voice at him. He asks how dare she and raises his hand at her, but she blocks it. She says, you might have seen your parents doing this, but neither I am your wife nor you’re my father. Vardhan smiles and leaves. Sanyu heads back for the task. She says sorry to the team. Randhir says it’s alright and asks them to work faster now. Sanyu is still thinking about Sameer. She hopes he doesn’t go to her house and create any drama. Both teams continue with the task and light comes together in both the bulbs. Maya says looks like it’s a tie. Vardhan says they will need to do tie breaker then. Maya says not quite as FITE’s bulb explores. Sanyu remembers she entered a 95.2 instead 92.5. Parth tells Sanyu she lectures all the time that personal life shouldn’t affect their work, what happened now. He leaves. Vardhan follows him. Vidushi also makes her hear. Randhir interferes and tells Vidushi they lost last time because of her stupid mistake, why she’s lecturing Sanyu now. She says whatever and leaves. Maya congratulates Sanyu for the engagement and leaves. LITS boys tell her they will beat her in the final round as well. Sanyu has been crying all the time. Randhir asks LITS boys to stop. He takes Sanyu’s hand and asks her to leave, but she goes by herself. Randhir follows.

Sanyu is frustrated. She throws stuff in her room. She says she doesn’t want anything, doesn’t want to do anything. Randhir comes there and stops her. He says how they will win task tomorrow then. She says she wants to quit everything. He asks her why she didn’t do it before then? why after winning 2 tasks? She says she wishes she would have quitted it. She could have hear whatever Vardhan had told her, but how she will be able to hear if someone says anything about her dad. Randhir sits to console her. She hugs him and cries. He hugs her back too. He tells her enough, stop crying. There is no point of crying. She is still hugging him and crying. Randhir gets back to his usual tone and asks her to stop crying. He asks her who she’s crying for? Her fiance or herself? He tells her he doesn’t want any mistake tomorrow. He makes her sit and he picks up her phone. He says to himself, that guy said so much to her, and this stupid is crying here. She only fights with me, but does nothing against others. He gives her phone and asks her to call that gadha and tell him to shut his nonsense, if she’s crying because of him. He leaves saying see you tomorrow at the task.

Sanyu is in canteen now. She recalls her actions to Sameer. She hopes he doesn’t tell anything to her family and for that if she has to say sorry to Sameer, then she will. She talks to Sameer on phone and surprisingly, he apologizes to her for all that he spoke and tells her that he won’t stop her from doing engineering. He will support her from now. Sanyu says to herself she didn’t know he would become a cat from lion just by raising her voice once. She won’t have any fear in next round and no one can stop her from winning. On the other hand, Sameer says he will never forget this day. Let them get married once, and after that he will keep reminding her what’s the result for holding Sameer Mittal’s hand.

Sanyu and Kastuki are discussing recent events. Vidushi comes in and lectures Sanyu. Kastuki speaks instead of Sanyu. Vidushi and Kastuki argue with each other. Vidushi asks Sanyu to quit captainship. Kastuki asks who will become captain then? her? and then give beauty tips to all? Vardhan must have seen something that is why he made Sanyu captain. Vidushi says she became captain only by luck. A lady comes in and tells Sanyu that Vardhan is calling her.

Randhir meets Sanyu in the lobby and reminds her what he told her that no matter what she won’t quit captainship. She asks him why he’s doing all this. He says because she can only surrender to him, only he can beat her, she can’t lose against LITS boys or Sameer. She says she doesn’t have strength to argue with him and goes to meet Vardhan.

Vardhan lectures Sanyu and she says she was scared when she returned for the task. He says if she’s scared, then she can tell him and he will arrange a different captain. He says she didn’t even want to be captain and he had to convince her. She says yes, but when she became captain, she decided to win the competition. Now they are just one step away and she requests for one more chance. Vardhan agrees, but says he wants to see proper team coordination which he couldn’t see in 4th round as even bigger players back out from the final round with fear of losing. He wants to see that Sanyu whom he saw earlier in the lobby (with Sameer). If they lose, then he will forget he had any student named Sanyu.

Maya comes to his students and sees they all are chilling. She says if they remain like this, then FITE will surely win the competition. LITS captain says, but they won 2 rounds. Maya says, they didn’t win, FITE lost 2 rounds. And they will surely save best for last. LITS captain tells her not to worry, it will be them who will win tomorrow. She says she doesn’t care what they do tomorrow, she just wants that trophy. She further tells the boys that if they lose and by mistake if they become engineers, then she will make sure, they don’t even get a job in garage. She leaves.

Kastuki asks Sanyu what Vardhan said. Sanyu tells her everything and says tomorrow is biggest day of her life. Kastuki gives her moral support and encouragement.

Next morning, all get ready for the final round. LITS team says it’s do or die today. Kastuki again tells Sanyu that they will do it. Sanyu looks at her mum’s photo and says she can’t lose today. She needs her support today.

Precap: Another task. Sanyu and LITS captain go up and stand on a wooden plank on an elevated tent. Other teammates will have to assemble trampolines right under it. After 10 minutes, the wooden plank will start moving and eventually the team member standing on the wooden plank will freefall to the ground. Both teams will have to save their teammate. Randhir is not confident about trampolines doing the job. He thinks they will have to do something else. LITS captain is scared and he doesn’t want to do this task. 10 minutes are done. Both team members get ready to save their teammate.

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