Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla goes to temple in the hospital. She says please save Raghav God. I know he did the wrong but don’t punish him like this. He is husband of Pakhi save him God.

There Vitthal is looking at the clock He says its late where are they. I don’t know where the party is.. I would have gone to pick them. He calls kamla. He says where are you? I am so worried. Kamla cries and tells him that Raghav has met an accident. He was in the party with Pakhi. Vitthal says is he okay now ? Vitthal says we have no relation with him his wife and mom are there for him. Kamla says let pakhi reach I will come home.

Pakhi reaches the hospital. She asks kamla where is Raghav is he okay ? kamla says they are doing the operation come with me. She takes her outside the OT. Kalpi is there already. Pakhi says kalpi how s Raghav will he be okay ? Kalpi says his condition is critical. She asks kamla how did this happen ? Kamla says we were looking for an auto a car came to us. He saved us and the car hit him. Raghav will be okay. Keep the faith. Pakhi and kalpi both are crying. Kalpi goes and hugs kamla. She says save my Raghav, ai. Kamla says nothing will happen to him. Don’t worry at all. Kamla then goes to pakhi and says why are you crying ? I brought you the parshad nothing will happen to your husband.Doctor comes out kalpi asks how is he ? Doctor says his condition is not well. there has been so much bleeding. We are looking for blood in the near by blood banks. Pakhi says we will manage the money. Doctor says its about blood not money. His blood is O negative if you can arrange, do something. Kamla says let me look for something. Kalpi says doctor please do check my blood group. Pakhi says please check mine too. Nurse says the condition is worsening if we can’t arrange the blood soon we won’t be able to save him. Doctor says go and check their blood.
The nurse takes Pakhi and Kalpi.

kamla comes and asks did you get O negative blood ? Kamla says no we couldn’t find it. Nurse goes to pakhi and kalpi and says your blood groups have not matched. Pakhi says prays kamla gets the blood. Kamla comes there. Pakhi asks could you arrange the blood ? Kamla says call Gauri pakhi She is the mom her blood group will match. Pakhi says she is out of the city and her phone is off. Kamla ask the nurse to check her blood group.
She says please save my Raghav God.

Kalpi goes to the temple and says if something happens to Raghav I will kill myself here in front of you God. Please save Raghav, God. She looks at the sindur in the plate. She recalls when Raghav put it her hairline. Kalpi says for the sake of this sindur you have to save him. There Kamla’s blood group is being changed. She is praying for Raghav as well.

Kalpi says please save my Raghav I can’t see him like this. Kalpi is in tears. She puts her hand on the burning flame. SHe says I won’t take this hand off the flame until Raghav’s condition is not stable. The doctors are doing the operation. kamla comes there and says what are you doing ? Your hand is burnt. Kalpi says let it burn I won’t remove until Raghav is not well. kamla says nothing will happen to him my blood group has matched. Kalpi looks at her. She goes running towards the OT. The doctor comes out. Pakhi asks how is her now ? Doctor say he is quite stable. Kalpi says ai God listened to you. Pakhi says kamla maa let me say thanks to the God. She goes to temple. Kalpi asks the doctor can I go in ? He says yes you can. Kamla wonders why doctor allowed her. Kalpi goes in the OT. The nurse comes and says to kamla congratulations is he your son in law ? Kamla says yes he is. He loves his wife so much that he was taking his wife’s name in this condition. Kamla says whose name ? She says Kalpi’s name. Kamla says kalpi is my daughter his wife is pakhi. She says but kalpi wrote in the form that she is his wife. Kamla looks at the form. Pakhi comes and asks what happened kamla hides the form and says nothing. The doctor says you donated blood you should go and take some rest. Pakhi says kamla maa go with the nurse I will send kalpi there.

kalpi says what has happened to you Raghav . I could not live without you. Just get well soon. I will make everything right. why you risked your life to save me. She holds his hand and cries. pakhi looks at her from the OT window. Pakhi comes in to.. Kalpi leaves Raghav’s hand. The nurse says one of you has to go out. At one time only one person is allowed. Kalpi stands up to leave. Raghav holds her hand tight. Both kalpi and pakhi are quite dazed. Kalpi takes his hand off and leaves. Pakhi sits there with Raghav. Kalpi goes out and looks from the mirror inside.
nurse gives juice to kamla and asks how are you now ? She say I am well can I go ? She is about to go. Kalpi comes and hugs her. She says than you ai you saved Raghav’s life. I have felt this much pain for the first time. I couldn’t live without him. The thought of losing him kills me. Kamla says I can sees your pain I am your ai. I know what you feel. You have to understand every relation has some boundaries and we have to obey them. You put your name as Raghav’s wife. Did you even think that how will I feel ? Kalpi says I was so worried for his condition that I could not say that I am his wife just in eyes of God not the world. What could I do ? I didn’t want to put my name there. It just came in my heart and I wrote it there. She hugs kamla Kamla says in heart and says I know your feelings but I can ‘t help you. Raghav is someone else’s and you have to understand.

Precap- Raghav is saying kalpi kalpi, while pakhi is sitting with him. Doctor says who is this kalpi ? Its better to call her here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. update fast pls.thnks 🙂

    1. also kalpi..
      she left raghav alone when he hold her hand

  2. Omfg update faster pls

  3. nothing to look forward to kalpi not there with him kamla will always find a way to keep raghav and kalpi away from eachother….especially when paki is around as for vithal he so stupid……so once again they have wasted precious time…..if it was going to be paki then they should have never created ragna……

  4. Poor kalpi. No one understands her feelings and her love for raghav. Now I feel like pakhi is behaving with kalpi as if she is the other women. God always do this with genuine persons. Kamala is he’ll bent to make pakhi as raghav wife, which she can never succeed.

  5. At least the writers should give Raghav and Kalpi some alone time without Kamla interrupting them. She’s everywhere!!! I HATE HER SO MUCH.

  6. true love nvr dies and this shows how much kalpi loves raghav and even tho raghav Is in critical condition he still remembers kalpi and no pahki……..it will be kalpi that will get him thru this ordeal and not pahki as shes his pain and relief……there love is eternal an no one will be able to break that bond not even stupid kamla…..there love is for ever and no matter how much pahki tries she wil nvr replace kalpi as kalpi name is all over raghavs heart and soul

  7. Lol! EMA’s trp increasd…latst is 1.3(2.6)….last weeks’ 2.5(1.24)

  8. I hope in tomorrow epiosdes kalpi will come to hospital to meet raghav.raghav and kalpi”s pure love have to succeed in the end.and also make some scenes that kalpi with be with raghav .and no paakhi scenes with raghav.its such boring to watch.

  9. i hope so too everyone is looking forward to seeing kalpi and raghav 2gether oooo

  10. Stupid dumbla
    Hope so too kalpi came to c raghav
    Hopefully dumbla and vithal joru ka gulam let her came

  11. Hello I would really like to know who prayers did God really answer if is it Kal or dabballa it cannot be dabballa prayer because she herself is a sinner just like the kapoors because she keeping murders in their home, Kal should move out and get and apartment then she can have her head straight on her shoulder right now she thinking for her family and not for her self I feel sorry for her, I never see pookie praying, only Kal and dabballa, she dabballa only. fooling her self not God. .

  12. So good to hear raghav callin Kalpi’s name even in his critical condition. Jst hope Kalpi wil cm and stay wit him untill he recovers. What an eternal love.

  13. Thanks you Rags for calling Kal, doctor you just make my Day I am so Happy Rags call for his Sweet Honey Kal I Love you both to this precap just me emotionial, I am so happy , pookie just GIVE KAL THE CHAIR TO SIT NEAR HER HUSBAND This is the best.

  14. I always say kamala needs a man

  15. Of course its Kalpi’s prayers,she is more faithful to God especially for her dearest one,Raghav. I just hope Pakhi has got her message,now that Raghav is calling for Kalpi as he is becoming conscious.From this she should know its high time for her to walk away from Raghav’s life.If Pakhi still doesn’t understand Raghav and Kalpi’s love for each other,then she is a fool.Only then will Kamala understand and accept Kalpi’s love for Raghav.As she witnessed how she prayed before God.It should be Ragna forever.

  16. God has answered Kalpis prayers and not kamlas.kalpi and raghavs marriage was done in front of god and he’s the one that will bring them together.family can seperate them but god will bring them together.they have his blessings and this will make their love stronger that no one will separate kalpi and raghav.pakhis love for raghav is more of a obsession than love because u can see the difference between her love and kalpis love.kalpi is willing to give her life for him .thats love of a real wife to be willing to sacrifice everything for her husband

  17. Hi ap chocopie Girija ji anshu
    Can’t access my twitter acc ,so plz don’t forget me , agar tomorrow tak me mera ji recent id hai woh open nahi kar pai to
    I w’ll open new acc

    1. we will wait till u can open ur account. i passed it to AP,urmi,Anshu.this wk TRP gone up from last week. i dont know here RAGHNA fans- still prepare to watch on ZEE TV -EMA at 7.Pm they are torturing themselves and their family too.i dont know whether i am right or wrong.they can go thru updates in FB or here.one thing i want to say all RAGHNA fans – choose between RAGHNA or ZEE TV 7 Pm. ball is in ur court.

  18. hello all TU friends, i cant beared that paakhi character anymore she is so slefish and mean lady, she knew that raghave loves kalpi and he is in this critical condition only because to save kalpi and he is unconsious but still he hold tighlty her hand which pakhi noticed but still stood there not moving out and kalpi moved on she is shamful lady even though she know he is saying kalpi kalpi then still she is sitting with him how cheep she is she is not love to raghave she is predecting like this becaseu she want to get what she like and cant accept her deciveshe is so mean how god will give her his blessing love is selfisness that kalpi do but no one understand this. that kamla big full lady she always think pakkhi never think for kalpi. she see and feels her pain but still she is praying and giving hope to pakhi that he is her husband and will be her only she is there not let kalpi in his life but kamla god always with right whatevery you will do in good shape but god can recognise who is bad and who is good and punish them . as of now raghave and kalpi both are in pain but soon they will be happy and you both will be punished by your work. and shameful specially that pakhi b*t*h

  19. I really dnt get ths writer,kamla have a big heart c can forgve netu n sahil but y nt raghav netu also make raghave lost his parent so how can kamla forgve her rubbish

  20. Kamla is a leech. I know the ema was made as her as the star but her fake crying and lectures are really tiring! She isn’t a great actress and her character really sucks. She should not be so proud of this role!!

  21. RAGHNA FANS- this wk TRP raise from 1.2 to 2.6.if u r watching ZEE TV -at 7 PM forget abt RAGHNA .when TRP going up – No hope for RAGHNA.now ball is in ur court. choose between ZEETV 7Pm EMA or RAGHNA. choice is urs

  22. Kamla needs to get the hint like seriously. your daughter begs you to pray for raghav but you doing it for paki, how selfish. not only that, kalpi shouldn’t even say thank you to her because it wasnt her prayers that made raghav better it was hers.

    hey everyone i wrote a story about raghav condition and other ragna stories check it out on this website below.


  23. TO EMA WRITERS PDK & TEAM this is good time for you to make a positive twist in show Let pakhi realize how much Kalpana & raghav Love & need each other & ther is no place for Pakhi in it.
    LOVE Guru Sammy Pl. Come back with your super speech & idea & tell Pakhi, Gouri & Kamla how important is for yor best friend Raghav to be HAPPY with Kalpana,
    Kalpana has raghav’s love , Sindhoor, and both God,s wishes, SHE is praying & devested by Raghav’s acci

  24. TO EMA WRITERS PDK & TEAM this is good time for you to make a positive twist in show Let pakhi realize how much Kalpana & raghav Love & need each other & ther is no place for Pakhi in it.
    LOVE Guru Sammy Pl. Come back with your super speech & idea & tell Pakhi, Gouri & Kamla how important is for yor best friend Raghav to be HAPPY with Kalpana,
    Kalpana has raghav’s love , Sindhoor, and both God,s wishes, SHE is praying & devested by Raghav’s acciedent Pakhi Knows very well from begining that Raghav never loved her…So she should gracefully let RAGHAV go to KALPANA. …. They both have to be TOGETHER for ever & EVER.
    Even Doctors are asking for KALPI as she is needed & important for Ragav’s recovery
    Gouri also want her CHINTOO (RAGHAV) to recover and be HAPPY
    ENOUGH drama of REVENGE which did not sucsessed Kapoors were taken care by stupid Kamla
    Kamla was encouraging criminals & loveless wedding Pakhi is maniuplating & tricking Raghav to have lunch& introducing him as HER HUSBAND….which is so cruel to do in front of Kalpana when she knew that RAGHAV & KALPANA LOVE EACH OTHER,…. SO ITS clear that PAKHI IS NOT INNOCENT,,…pl let her go from Raghav’s life,
    This show global wise coming to our home with wrong human values, & HURTING all of us old & young so
    Thanks for reading & trying to understading the value of true LOVE… MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS LOVE..LOVE…LOVE without any bounderies, colour , age & religion. LOVE WILL WIN

  25. I hope paaki will give up soon,as for kamla maa i think she is stupid why can’t she let kalpi be happy for once

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