Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Gopi’s friend telling that she is Gaur’s mother and she left Gauri in temple as her husband had left her and she was going to suicide, hence left her daughter in temple. Today, after 8 years, she is financially sound to take care of her daughter. Ahem asks why did she come as a thief at night. Radha’s friend says she was afraid and even heard that rich people keep children as their servants. Ahem says we have kept Gauri as our own daughter and asks her to show the proof that she is Gauri’s mother. Gopi asks Gauri if she remembers this lady. Gauri says she does not remember. Gopi says then only Panditji/priest can say the truth. Radha says we will ask Pandit. Kokila says this is the right decision. Ahem says we will

call Pandit tomorrow morning. Kokila says lady will sleep with Meethi and Radha and asks Jighar/Hasmukh to keep an eye on the lady. Gauri says she will not go with this lady. Gopi says we will not send you with her without finding the truth.

Tripthi gets a call from Radha and who says Paru was caught red-handed, but she handled the situation and told that she is Gauri’s mother Sheila. They have called Panditji tomorrow. If Paru’s story matches with Panditji, they will send Meera with her. Tripthi asks her to inform whatever happens there.

Radha goes and sleeps in the room. Paru asks Radha why did she trap her in this house. Meethi starts speaking in sleep. Radha and Paru get tense, but then realise Meethi is dreaming. Paru says I did not get money from you. Radha says once the job is done, we will give you money.

Kokila wakes up calling Meera’s name. She thinks why is she repeating Meera. I should be happy that Gauri is getting her real mother, but why am I tensed.

Ahem thinks how did Kokila remeber Meera suddenly. He looks at Meera’s pic and says everyone miss you even now.

Gopi consoles Vidya and makes her sleep. Hetal and Rach come there and asks her to come out of the room. Hetal says me and Rashi think with today’s incident, Kokila’s health should not deteriorate. Gopi says with the incident, Kokila at least remembered Meera. She knows Kokila must be sad remembering Meera as she was dear one to her. Rashi says we should think about the positivity of this incident, Kokila remembered something at least. Hetal says we saw a ray of hope today. With this incident, Kokila’s brain forced her to remember Meera. Rashi says we should sort out Radha and Paru’s issue. Gopi says Kokila called Meera’s name as if she saw Meera and she is between us.

Kinjal brings tea for Dhaval and asks why is he tensed. Dhaval says he is thinking of giving the money back to police. Kinjal says with this money, our financial status will improve. Urvashi says Gopi’s mother that Dhaval is mad to return money, stealing from a thief is not bad. Gopi’s mom says Dhaval is a cultured guy, he will not take stolen money. Urvashi says if he returns, she will trouble him. Dhaval says illegal money will bring sorrows to them. Kinjal gets angry and says we are living on Urvashi’s money and it comes from my parent’s house. Urvashi hears Kijnal and asks her to mind her tongue. Kinjal says she borrows money from her parents always. Gopi’s mom tries to intervene and asks Urvashi to come from there. Kinjal and Urvashi start fighting.

Panditji comes to Modi Bhavan and interrogates Paru who says Gauri’s name is Preeti and she left her in temple with torn dress as she was very poor. Panditji goes into flashback and says kid’s dress colour was… Radha asks Panditji to tell the colour. Kokila scolds her and says not to intervene in between. Paru says dress colour was red and white. Panditji says it Paru is right. If she can take Gauri and upbring her well, then she she is Gauri’s mother. Paru thanks Panditji and ties to take Radha from there. Radha holds Gopi’s hand and does not want to go, but Paru drags her. Gauri gets hurt. Gopi and Ahem get worried for Gauri. Paru does not react. Kokila sees her standing mum. Paru sees Kokila watching her and starts acting.

Radha looks at Gauri’s leg with a stitch marking and thinks Kokila will see it. She drops her dupatta and covers the stitch mark. She then signals Paru to taken her. Paru asks Gauri to come with her. Kokila asks Paru to show her proof. Ahem asks her to show the proof which can prove that she is Gauri’s mother. He says he has informed police and they are coming in 30 minutes, but she has to prove that she is Gauri’s mother. She says she does not want to prove now and drags Gauri with her. Gopi stops Paru and says until she proves properly that she is Gauri’s mother, she cannot take her from there and takes Gauri with her. Kokila asks Paru to tell if Gauri has any mole. Radha asks to tell if Gauri has mole on her extremities or back signalling to tell Gauri has mole on back. PAru says Gauri has a mole on back. RAdha says she will check Gauri. Kokila says Gopi and Jigna will check along with her. Radha gets tensed.

Precap: Rashi checks Gauri’s back and says there is no mole on Gauri’s back.

Update Credit to: MA

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