Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash and Poonam arranging everything in the wedding in mytho style. Sia does not lile the arrangements but she is happy seeing Raghav. Mittal is happy and like the arrangement. Akash and Poonam are sure that Sia too will like the arrangements and the theme soon. Akash asks Raghav to lift the Dhanush and give the test as Ram did to marry Sita. Mittal asks Raghav to take his permission first. He permits Raghav to do the ritual. Sia says whats wrong with you, I don’t like all this. Abhi tells Ramesh that he has jammed the dhanush and Raghav can no way lift it. They think Akash’s concept wedding will not go ahead and they will be kciked out.

Akash signs Raghav to go ahead and lift the dhanush. Sia looks at him. Akash asks him to lift as everyone are waiting. Ramesh and Abhi laughs. Sia and Raghav get dressed like kind and queen. Akash and Poonam smile. Raghav tries hard but is unable to lift it. Akash is shocked. Everyone looks on puzzled thinking whats going on. Poonam gets worried. Raghav looks at Akash. Sia gets angry seeing this. Raghav sees all the people talking about him and is upset. He takes it on his pride now and tries more harder. The people start laughing on him. Raghav’s ;parents are ashamed. Sia says see my husband is being insulted. Mittal is shocked. Raghav gets angry seeing the people. He asks Akash what the hell is this, people are laughing on me, I trusted you and you made fun of me in my wedding, you made this special day the worst for me. I should have not trusted you.

Akash says you can do it, trust me. He encourages him and asks him to use his will power and love. He says you have Ram in you, you should be strong and have good will to get Sia, its test of your love. He says trust me, its only a dhanush in bwteen you and Sia, lift it and marry her, you have to do this for your love, for Sia. Sia says see dad, he is being insulted. Mittal says let me cancel all this now. Raghav goes to lift the dhanush confidently. Abhi and Ramesh make fun of him and laugh. Raghav looks at Sia. Ram Ram…………….plays………….

Raghav lifts it and everyone are happy seeing it and laughs. Ramesh and Abhi are shocked. Everyone clap for Raghav. Jai shri Ram……………..plays…………….. Sia seems uninterested again. Raghav breaks the dhanush and everyone smile clapping. He looks at Sia. Flowers fall on Raghav. Abhi says how did this miracle happen. Ramesh says you don’t do any work good. Ramesh says lets go now, before anyone doubts on us. Poonam brings the garlands and asks where is Sia. Mittal says she was very upset, I thought she will like this, but she is very adamant. Poonam says don’t worry, I will talk to her. She smiles seeing Sia come in the indian dress. Everyone are happy.

Raghav smiles seeing her. Sia asks for the garlands. Poonam gives her. Akash says I love you to Poonam while seeing them. Poonam smiles. Music plays…………. He says I want to see you as bride again, I wish we could marry again. Sia and Raghav take pics. They think of their marriage and smile. They have an eyelock. Sia asks them to take their pics. Akash takes their pics. Akash says you look Ram and Sita. Raghav thanks Akash and says I feel so wonderful. Sia says thanks a lot, I will not forget this. Poonam says Sia is Sita’s second name. Everyone clap to see another ritual.

Mittal tells the pandit that he will all the rituals. The pandit says he can’t do, Sia’s brother has to do the rituals. Mittal says she has no brother. Sia feels sad. She says I have a brother. Everyone are shocked. Sia looks at Akash and calls him Bhaiya. She asks him to do the rituals. Akash and Poonam are very happy. Everyone smile. Akash agrees happily.

Poonam finds out the glue on the dhanush and Akash is shocked. She says someone did it to insult Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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