Saraswatichandra 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 26th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yash telling his mum that he is finding a gift for Danny and Saras. She says did they gift you in your marriage. Yash says my marriage did not happen well, and Saras did a lot for me. She scolds him and makes him understand to see where he stands in this family. He says you will have to beg to Saras and Danny if you be like this. He asks her not to worry and Saras and Danny regard him as brother. She speaks against them. Badimaa thinks of Ghuman and Menka’s words. She falls on the road lost in thoughts. The guy cares for her and says I will drop you. She says no, I will go, thanks. Yash gives the idea to Vidyachatur to give a photo frame to the brothers. Danny hears them talking. He says oh, so this is the surprise. Y/ash shows them some pics.


laughs and leaves. Kusum asks I will ask Kumud. Vidyachatur says no, we have to surprise her too. Danny keeps his and Saras’s pic in the diary and calls Kusum. Kusum goes to him. Danny asks Kusum to bring cold water. She asks him to have normal water. He says fine and drinks it. He asks her to check some contact in the diary. She gets Saras and Danny’s cool pic and says where was it till now. She smiles and takes it. He asks for the number. She says yes, and gives him the diary. Danny smiles seeing her leave. Kusum comes to them and shows the pic. Vidyachatur says great, we will use this. Danny says I m unable to come out of my problem, give me some time. Kusum gets a gitft on her room from Danny. She opens it and its a Maang tika. She gets a note that wear this and open the cupboard. She does so and gets another gift.

She opens it smiling wearing the Maang tika. The second gift has earrings and a note. He asks her to wear the eaarrings and come to the table. She smiles and wears the earrings. She gets another gift on the table. She opens it and its a necklace. She gets a note and wears the necklace. She gets more gifts and sees bangles, anklets and further notes. She comes at the window and he shows her the mirror asking who is this beautiful girl. She says you say. She says Mrs. Danny. She asks you were not ready to say I love you, then how then this gifts happen. He hugs her and asks will you marry me. She says I will not be happy with this. He says the real surprise is here, come closer. He kisses her and she smiles.

They have an eyelock. They look very cute together. Kabir locks his room and is leaving from Desai house. Danny asks where are you doing. Kabir says I have some work in city, for two three days. Danny says I need to talk about mum. He says Saras asked me not to talk to mum, I think you can understand my situation, mum did wrong with them, they are hiding their anger and making me feel guilty. Kabir thinks Danny is so sensitive and how can be Ghuman’s mum. Danny asks till whem should I wait to ask my mum. Kabir says wait for some time, you will know everything soon. He says Ghuman should not know anything, you are lucky to have a wife like Kusum, brother like Saras, and Desai family. Danny says its tough to understand you.

Vidyachatur talks to Guniyal and asks will the brothers like the gift. She says yes, but I feel Badimaa is worried. Yash comes and asks for Kumud and Saras. Guniyal says they went to her school. They see Kabir leaving. Kabir says I know I don;t have your answers, I can only thank you all for giving me so much love. Vidyachatur says you supported us in bad times, so its our duty to support you. Kabir says why did you not think why am I helping you. He says no, you make us trust you. Danny says yes, we don’t know why you did this, but we trust you that you will not harm us. Vidyachatur says Saras and Kumud are not at home. Kabir greets him and says I will leave now.

He says I got much love here. Vidyachatur asks will you come back. Kabir says yes. He leaves. Danny gets a call from Gupta and says I will come. He tells Vidyachatur that he is going to factory. Kalika is worried for arranging the money. She says I will leave this house and opens her bag. She is shocked to see money in it and smiles hugging it. Yash comes and asks are we going somewhere. The money thing was her imagination. She gets angry on Yash. She keeps the bag and says nothing can happen with us. Yash says I m working hard here thinking about our future, give me some time. She argues with him. She compares him with Danny and says I regret that I married you. Yash is shocked. He leaves.

Kalika thinks she did a mistake by getting angry on him. She says only Yash is my hope and I spoiled everything. Kumud calls Menka and she ignores the call. Menka says finally Dubai’s ticket, I waited for long for this day to get her everything. She smiles and says that day came Ghuman. She gets Kabir’s call. Kabir says Ghuman is coming with me to London for not returning ever.

Badimaa enquires about the baby in the hospital telling his mum died.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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