Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2013 Written Update

In the hospital room, Jigar says twins to Rashi in fear and asks how will they manage…Koki and Hetal smile. Nurse assures Jigar that his wife is strong and everything will be fine. She checks BP and announces its normal. She assures them that the delivery will go well and Koki expresses happiness. She stops the nurse and places some money on Rashi’s head to remove evil eye and then gives it to nurse. Urmi is watching this from the corridor. Nurse wishes Rashi and leaves.
Koki tells Jigar that she will get sweets but Jigar says he will go. Koki tells him to stay with Rashi and is about to leave. Hetal tells her that Chirag and Parag have been calling and Koki assures her that she will call them. Urmi is wandering the corridor wondering what to do. She sees glue in a ward boy’s hand and takes it and leaves hiding it in newspaper as Koki is walking by. She steps into a room, cuts the newspaper and sticks it on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, Rashi tells Jigar that she wants to go home. He tells her that Ahem will come with reports and then they can leave. Rashi asks for Urmi and Gopi replies she hasn’t seen her since a long time and Rashi is wondering where she is.
Urmi is happy with her kk and leaves the room. She sees a shawl in another room and takes it and covers herself with it and steps out in the corridor. She bumps into a nurse and apologizes. It’s the same nurse who was in Rashi’s room earlier. She holds the nurse as she is about to leave and keeps that paper in her hand. Nurse watches her and then Koki standing a little away and opens the chit. The chit asks for the gender of twins promising more money than before in return. The chit is prepared from letters cut from the newspaper. The nurse thinks it’s from Koki. Koki sees the nurse and smiles and nurse is convinced.
Cop scolds the nurse for trying to check baby’s gender before birth as the Modis watch. The nurse is in tears and tells him that Koki asked her to check and Koki is shocked.
Ahem enters Rashi’s room with reports. Gopi is about to get up but Ahem tells her to remain seated. He tells RaJi they can leave. Rashi asks him if he has seen Urmi but Ahem says no. Nurse talks to someone on the phone asking to check gender of unborn twins. Urmi overhears and is happy. Koki asks Gopi if she called at home to check on Meera. Gopi replies that Baa has said Meera is sleeping and Ahem smiles. Koki says they should leave and Urmi arrives. Rashi asks where she was and Urmi says she was here only. She asks if they were going home and she wanted to spend time with her. Koki says she wanted to talk to her. Nurse comes and says she wants to take another sonography test for Rashi. Modis are confused and Nurse looks at Koki and says doc has asked for it. Koki agrees. Nurse says she will take Rashi to sonography room and asks Koki to come with her. Nurse thinks she will talk about money before doing the test. Koki leaves with nurse and Urmi is worried that her kk will be revealed.
Cops arrive as Koki and nurse step out of the room and Modis come out too hearing the noise. Cop announces that nobody can leave till their investigation is complete. Dr Doshi comes and cop asks showing her a telephone number if it’s her hospital number. He tells her that they were keeping a watch on the hospital and somebody used this number to check gender of baby before birth. Dr is angry and disagrees. Cop asks if there is a nurse called Shanti and she points to the nurse standing with Koki. Cop asks her and nurse cries and apologizes. Cop says she should have thought about this before. Cop asks who told her to do this and threatens to arrest her. She points towards Koki and Koki is shocked so are the Modis. Urmi is hiding behind a window and watching in fear. Cop scolds the nurse for trying to check baby’s gender before birth as the Modis watch. The nurse is in tears and tells him that Koki asked her to check and Koki is shocked.
Cop blames Koki that she is trying to hide her crime and all proof is against her. Cop announces that he will arrest her. Gopi is in tears as Ahem and the Modis watch in shock.
Doc is shocked and Ahem comes forward and scolds the nurse. Koki tells the cop that the nurse is lying but nurse removes the chit and shows it to her. Koki reads it aloud and is shocked. Urmi is still watching in fear from afar. Koki asks when did she give it to her and nurse tells her about the lady hiding in a shawl. Nurse says that today Rashi was the only patient who was announced to have twins and she is her DIL pointing towards Koki. Koki asks how she can blame her when she didn’t even see the lady giving her the chit. Koki refuses to believe her and tells the cop that nurse is lying. Nurse adds that Koki had given her money before too and she even agreed to do a sonography again. Koki explains that nurse told her that doc had recommended a second sonography and that is why she agreed. Cop asks Koki if she gave money and Koki explains that she did it to remove evil eye from Rashi, even Rashi agrees with her. Gopi comes forward and says that Koki cannot do this, even she has a daughter. When she was pregnant Koki never tried to find out gender of baby before birth then why will she do it now. Ahem supports her saying that either nurse is mistaken or she is lying. Cop blames Koki that she is trying to hide her crime and all proof is against her. Cop removes handcuffs and announces that he will arrest her. Gopi is in tears as Ahem and the Modis watch in shock. Koki repeats that she did not do anything wrong. Ahem shouts that his mother is innocent and Jigar and Hetal start shouting too(finally they wake up ). Koki stops Hetal as a lady cop puts the handcuffs on her. Koki repeats that the nurse is lying. Ahem holds her hand as she is handcuffed and the nurse is arrested too. Gopi cries as the cops are leaving with Koki. Ahem follows holding K assuring her that he will get her out soon. He leaves with Jigar to call the lawyer as Gopi is crying.
A lady comes and asks Kinjal if she can borrow her pressure cooker. Kinjal gives it her. She asks Kinjal where her MIL is and Kinjal replies that she never tells her before going anywhere. The lady then asks if Urmi does anything at home. Kinjal replies that she does just to show off and to prove that she owns this house. The lady leaves and Dhawal is standing at the door. Dhawal enters and asks Kinjal why is she badmouthing Urmi in front of outsiders. He warns her not to do this, it’s ok if she does not like Urmi but there is no need to tell everyone about it. He leaves. Kinjal gets a call from Jigar that Koki is arrested and Kinjal is shocked and worried as Dhawal overhears in worry.
A frantic Ahem is in the police station with Koki in jail. He tells the commissioner on the phone that his mother is innocent and requests him to do something. Chirag and Parag come and Parag scolds the cop for arresting Koki. Cop says he cannot do anything as he has proof. Ahem looks on worried. Parag comes to Koki and tells her not to worry. He asks Ahem if he spoke to the commissioner. Ahem says yes but adds that he refused to help. Koki is worried.

Precap Nikkei and SB come to police station and hand over a cloth bag saying it’s a gift from them. They hand over a small grindstone and some wheat and taunt her that she can grind wheat in jail. (chakki peesna). (As expected Ahem is nowhere around as Koki is getting humiliated )

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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