Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th March 2013 Written Update

Taani is ready in Punjabi suit to enjoy holi.She is waiting thinking if we tell traditional then rhey take so much of time.Rey comes up and they speak.She says she will dress in all traditional attires.Rey says he will note her in each attire.Rey catches her and tickes her when she asks him to leave he takes his hand off and she gets up to cheer her up they dance on Madhubala.
After dance Rey wishes Taani happy holi.Taani says why are not all boys like you.To which

Girls speak about boys throwing of colour.They speak that boys are sensless and so on.Sharon says not all boys are so..Neha says no boys are same..They have zero.Aashi says girls will play with herbal colours but boys are not so.
The gang comes and thee boys dance.They make a plan.Aashi who was monitoring feels they guys are not here.Sharon says its trouble..Boys jump in and girls run to save themselves from them .Swayam applies the colur in her cheeks and wishes happy holi..
They dance to Chalao na Naino se baan re…
And girls Vs boys take place..Rey and Taani are dressed in Gujarathi style style..
The girls come and boys show as if they are scared.
The girls dance on mari yeah mangetar song…
After the performance they search for boys..
A voice comes saying that Don’t have wrong intentions.To view boys performance plz come to Basket ball court..
Boys Dance on Rang Barse bhege chunarwali.

The boys say East or west Girls are the best..Girls say north or south boys are stupid..The convo gets heated up..
Rey and Taani are dressed up in Bengali style.Here also they talk who is better.Taani gives an idea that they will Dance together to prove who is better than the other.Rey says this is better.

They dance on to Aang se aang lagana.

The enjoy..Nilesh reminds them that there was fight.Vicky says its holi so lets forget and they apply the colours to each other.
Rey says where there is love there are fights too.

Rey and Taani admire how cute due Sharon and Swayam.Taani says whose brother is he.Rey says we boys are like this only we show our love.Taani says girls take their time.Rey says in your time the time flies out.Taani warns him that he will not participate in Bhang.Rey tries to convience her saying the tradition but she does not agree.They are celebrating Holi in Basket Ball court where Sharon warns the boys that Bhang is not allowed.Swayam is forced the responsibility of monitoring it.
Rey sees Bhang ka ladoo and takes it and distributes it among the boys.Taani searches Rey and comes in.She is applied colour all over her.
They whole group again dances on Jay Jay Shiv Shankar.

The Whole gang wishes HAPPY HOLI TO US!!!

P.S: Kindly watch to enjoy the Dances

Update Credit to: asmaju

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