Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th March 2013 Written Update

Starts with marriage of Megs and Ajay. Aaru brings Megs down the steps and both RaMa are looking at her. Thanks to Bharathi, Rahul started noticing Aaru . Ankhonki Gustakiya song in the background and RaMa and Aaru are playing with looks. Do not ask me who is looking at whom. I am completely confused with the editing.

Madhu gets a call and while speaking in the phone, he tumbles upon a girl who shouts badly at him and he nervously says sorry but she says, he is a chepo and looking for a chance. He feels really bad. Rahul comes to his rescue and fight back with that girl but she moves off from there. Our Aaru goes and hits the girl from back and that girl’s phone falls down and breaks. When Aaru says sorry, she accepts with a cool voice. Aaru scolds her for misbehaving with her special guest. both RaMa are watching this and they both interpret this in their own way.

Rahul is happy that she is not that bad and maa is good in identifying people.
Madhav is happy that Aaru could not withstand an insult done to him.

Varmala for Megs and Ajay. Aaru demands that Aay has to say a Shayari and then only he can put the mala. Madhav comes to his rescue but Aaru and Co think Rahul has come to Ajay’s rescue by forwarding a good shayari from his mobile to Ajay’s mobile.

Ajay understands that the girls along with Aaru are on back of his shoes. Rahul assures him that he will take care of them.

Rahul goes to Aaradhaya and hands over the shoes and says, he has misbehaved with her and showed anger but this is his way of saying sorry. Aaru is very happy that her Ehasas has finally forgiven her .

Mantap getting ready for Phere. Bharathi is thinking that she has to talk to Aaru’s parents. Aaru’s mom comes there and Bharathi says she wants to talk to her but the pandit interrupts for some important task. Bharathi agrees to talk after the marriage rituals.

Phere are over and typical scene for any girl. Megs, mom, dad and Aaru talking and crying buckets.
Aaru’s mom and Bharati again. Bharathi congratulates and suggests its better to talk when both the parents are together so Aaru’s mom takes her to Lalit. Even Brij and Rahul come there.

Madhav wants to handover the CD before Bharathi talks about the rista so he calls Aaru aside and is nervously trying to talk to her.

Bharathi says, she has to say an important word and if they did not like it, they can excuse her for which Lalit assures her to say without any second thought.

Precap: Aru is also there next to her mom and Aru’s mom says, Bharathi ji is asking your hand for her son. Bharahi adds its for Rahul..

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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