Madhubala 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kaka says he cant do it.. n asks Madhu to do it..! Madhu is taken aback..! She stammers…n asks how can she do it.. n she does not know how to do..! Kaka says.. there is no time to argue..! Kaka gives Madhu the knife and asks her to help them..! Madhu with shaking hands takes the knife..! She asks Aryan to go behind the wall and pray..aka repeat the chant..! Aryan asks Madhu about Sultan and Madhu reassures.. nothing will happen to him..! Madhu looks at the knife and Kaka asks her to hurry up as time is running out..! Madhu heats up the knife in the bonfire as Aryan is shown praying..! Madhu sits on the cot next to Sultan and she can overhear Aryans words.. Sultan jana nahi. .n that Sultan always tells the truth.. he wont go..! Kaka and Madhu ask Aryan to keep praying.. while Madhu asks him to say what he did during the day.. n he starts to say.. how he worked out.. studied.. etc..! Madhus hand is shaking.. as she starts to approach Sultans wound..suddenly there is a thundering n Madhu backtracks..! Kaka tells Madhu she can do it.. n go ahead…!

Aryan repeats the ‘Hauslo se veer ho prayer..n says Sultan ke sahare.. yunhi balveer hun’ and Madhu gets confidence.! She cuts open Sultans wound n he jerks and Kaka will go ahead nevertheless..! Madhu digs deep in the wound and Sultan grimaces..! He holds her arm as she removes the bullet..! Kaka says a silent prayer and Sultan opens his eyes and sees Madhu..! He passes out..! He is bleeding profusely..! Kaka covers the wound with a piece of cloth..! He calls out to Aryan to come out n see that his dad is alright! Aryan comes wiping his tears..sees Sultan and hugs Madhu..! Madhu looks at her hands covered with Sultans blood..!

Next day morning Paddo wakes up and realises Madhu is not in the bed..! She wonders if Madhu has gone out..? She notices a note kept by the bedside and its a note from Madhu..! It reads that she wont lie n she apologises for everything but she is going to Sultan ..with Aryan..! Paddo fumes n tries Madhus number but her cell is switched off..! Paddo rues that Madhu doesnt know what madness she is doing..!

A guy comes n gives Bhujang payment..! Another guy comes n offers Bhujang cash as well..! Bhujang throws Ganga jal on the bundle of notes..! His men come running and Bhujang asks about the incident of pickpocketing gone wrong..! They are quiet [Same people who had tried to rob Sultans purse etc]

Sultan wakes up and finds Aryan and Kaka..! He sits up and Aryan brings his shirt to him.! Sultan puts on his shirt and grimaces in pain..! He looks around as if searching for Madhu..! He asks Kaka about her..! He takes the gun and says..she ran off.. n says ..that bringing Madhu is a mistake. .n what if she informs everyone? Madhu says..she rather returned from outside n got some supplies..! She gives the bag to Kaka..! Sultan asks who permitted her to go out? What if she got tailed? Madhu tells Kaka that she brought meds.. bandages n painkillers..! Sultan asks..her to answer him n asks who let her out? Madhu says.coz it was important n that if he . Aryan or Kaka went out would be more dangerous..! She says..that Aryan is a 5 year old kid.. even if he thinks he is of Sultans age.. he is a kid..with a tummy n can be hungry..! Sultan asks her not to teach him about his son..! Madhu says..she will till he understands that Aryan is a kid..and that he has to let Aryan live.! She says how Aryan was wide awake whole night.. crying for him.. but could not hug his father out of fear coz a dad lived like Sultan. .n the kid is not a kid. but a soldier..! She says she will teach Sultan how to raise a human child n that if she needs she will go out..! She takes his gun n points to her head n says..if he thinks she will run off..he can shoot..! She says..its a simple job for him..n why not ask Aryan to kill her.. so that his innocence is lost forever..! Madhu says.. Go ahead.. Shoot me..!

Part 2

Sultan notices his hand grip marks left on her hand and recollects about the previous night..! He releases the grip on the gun and Madhu lowers the gun..! Bhujang asks him men to explain the details n the man they tried to pickpocket on ..cleaned up their pockets? He laufs ..! His men explain that the man was like a lifeless body.. n bleeding. .n din have any arms but attacked them inturn n took his money .. their phone n musical lighter..!

Part 3

He asks them where they found that man? The say near Versova..! He asks them to describe the man. his eye color n they do.. ! He gets up n says.. SULTAN! He fumes..!

Precap — Madhu brings milk for Aryan..! Sultan comes n says.. the smell of tea is good..! Kaka says..Madhu has made..! Madhu offers milk to Aryan! Aryan is about to drink n Sultan throws the glass of milk n Madhu asks what did he do n why? Does he think she wants to poison Aryan? Sultan looks on..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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