Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Radha that her delivery is in 1 month and she will be room bound till she delivers. Radha asks if they will let their enemy stay in their house and tells what all they did to them. Kokila says she cannot provoke them and will not let her go out of this room till she delivers. She asks Gopi to tie her to the bed. Radha shouts. Pari asks Kokila to tape her mouth as she should also know how it feels when someone’s mouth is taped. Gopi says she herself confessed that she does not need her child, so after delivery she will give child to Pari. Radha says it is her child and will not harm it. Kokila says they will not come under her talks and asks her family to remove everything with which she would harm herself. They remove vase, chair, ceiling fan, and even clothes and bedcover and say she cannot harm herself now. Kokila then asks to free Radha from rope and asks carpenter to fix the window with steel mesh. Ahem says he has even removed door lock, so that she cannot lock the door and harmself. They all walk out and Pari says they did tech her a good lesson and walks towards her room. Kokila stops her and says when she has accepted her as Jigar’s wife, she can sleep in Jigar’s room. Pari gets both happy and shy. Radha hears their conversation and thinks of ruining Jigar and Pari’s suhagraat.

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Radha stops Jigar and Pari and asks them to give 1000 rs nek/reward before entering room for suhagraat. Gopi and Kokila scold her and ask her to get out of their way. Radha says Rashi will be happy seeing Jigar performing suhaagraat with her sautan. Jigar gets nervous hearing that. Kokila says her words won’t affect them and asks Jigar and Pari to get into their room. Radha thinks she spoilt their suhagraat.

Pari gets ready in her night gown and asks Jigar to sleep now. Jigar who sadly looks at Rashi’s pic says Pari that he has some office work, so he will sleep in children’s room and she can sleep here. She says he can sleep here. Jigar looks at Rashi’s pic and says he is going to kid’s room, leaving Pari crying.

Kokila comes to Jigar and Pari’s room in the morning with prasad, does not find Jigar and asks Pari about him. She says he went to children’s room yesterday night to make them sleep and slept with them while trying to make them sleep. Kokila then goes to children’s room and sees Jigar sleeping there.

Urmila sees beauty parlour discount advertisement and gets excited. She sees Dhaval walking out and asks where is he going. He says his friend had a son and is distributing food in temple, so he is going to help him. She asks if he will not take her blessing before going. He takes her blessings. She steals his wallet, steals his credit card and returns wallet to him.

Gopi asks electrician to close down all the electrical points in Radha’s room except 1 tublelight. Radha asks how will she charge her mobile. Gopi says if she lets her use mobile,s he will take someone’s help to hatch a plan against them. Kokila switches on Radha’s live CCTV camera footage in her room. She sees live wire burning behind Gopi and she walking towards it, she runs to save her. Ahem also comes in search of Gopi, sees burning wire behind her and rescue her on time. He scolds electrician for his mistake. Radha says because of Ahem, she lost a golden chance of killing Gopi. Ahem angrily tries to slap Radha, but Gopi stops him. He takes her out and asks what is she doing since morning. Gopi says she went to close out Radha’s room’s electrical points so that she cannot harm herself. Ahem says he is tired hearing Radha and Pari and wants her to realize that she has her own life. Gopi says she is with her always. He says he has already lost 8 years without her and does not want to compromise now on her family life, so he does not want her to be behind Radha and Pari and ignore him. Kokila hears their conversation and gets worried seeing their developing differences.

Precap: Kokila tells Hetal that she is worried about Ahem and Gopi seeing their developing differences/distance.

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