Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani applying ointment to Soumya’s finger, and asking her to come to her if she feels alone, but not do this mistake again. She opens the door and bumps into Rags. Rags gets hurt and scolds her. Rags says you are jealous of me and my hair. Ramesh shows the kite and says I have dried it. Suhani smiles and thanks her. Rags says its torn, its should be in dustbin. Suhani says Yuvraaj gave me this kite and I will preserve it well all my life. Soumya says but it was lost. Suhani says no, the thread was cut, the kite is still fine. She leaves. Yuvraaj asks Sharad is that flat good. Sharad says yes, its 3 room flat and nice one, she has to stay alone, good society.

Pratima comes and asks who will stay and where. Sharad says I saw a flat for Soumya, its far but good one. She asks house for Soumya? Yuvraaj says yes, I think she should leave now, it will be good for everyone. She smiles and says you took good decision, did she agree to go. Sharad says she will agree. Yuvraaj says I will talk to her. Sharad throws the keys by mistake and Dadi catches it. She asks Yuvraaj about this, she did not expect this from him, when did he grow up that he takes decisions without her permission, does he not respect her anymore. Yuvraaj says no, I was finding a mid way, Soumya can’t live here all her life, we have to think something for her. Sharad says yes Dadi. Dadi says I don’t like strangers to interfere in our house matters.

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Yuvraaj says I saw the flat, it will be good for Soumya. Pratima says yes, we are her family and we have right to think about her. Dadi says maybe you all are saying right. She agrees and says Soumya is very alone, and she is getting depression, Lord should give her power to stay alone, I m scared, if she takes any wrong step. She says no, we can’t take the risk, if anything happens, it will come on us, and Yuvraaj will become the reason for it. She says anyways you all decided what to do.

Suhani comes to the room. Yuvraaj asks why is she acting like her. She asks what. He says its my work to make Sadu face, why are you looking like that. She smiles and says I m worried for Soumya, she is playing bad games and lying, she was not like this. Yuvraaj says she cares for Soumya and she is coming between us. She asks what will she do now. Suhani says I have to handle her. He thinks she does not know the situation is not like she thinks. Dadi talks to Rags and Menka about Yuvraaj trying to send Soumya. Rags says if Dadi did not come there, Yuvraaj would have asked Soumya to leave. Dadi says yes, I have to do something to show we won’t out step back.

Pratima tells Sharad that Dadi is right, we can’t leave Soumya alone, she should be with someone for whom she cares for, and who values her. Sharad says it means Dadi. Pratima says I will say, and calls someone. Its morning, Dadi talks to Rags and Menka. Menka jokes on Rags saying she has dandruff problem. Rags stares her angrily. Dadi asks Soumya will she come along. Soumya says yes. The door bell rings. Suhani smiles and Pratima stops Ramesh. Suhani asks Soumya to see who came. Rags says she is our guest, how can she ask her to work.

Suhani says no, she is part of this house, don’t call her guest. Dadi says she said right, go Soumya, see who is it. Soumya smiles happily and goes. She opens the door and is shocked seeing her mum. She says Maa. Her mum hugs her and cries. Everyone come there and see. Her mum apologizes to her, and says she did a big mistake. Menka says Soumya’s mum here. Her mum says I m a mum and cursed my daughter to get ruined, forgive me, its all because of me, you are bearing all this problems. Soumya hugs her and says no, please don’t say this, I was foolish to marry Krishna.

Her mum talks to Dadi and says I kicked out my own daughter and you have made her your daughter and kept her here, thanks. Dadi says she is lovely, she won our heart in few days. Her mum says Suhani you have proved you are really Soumya’s best friend, forgive me if possible. Suhani holds her hand and says no, Soumya is like my sister. Her mum says I wish everyone gets a friend like you. Suhani smiles. Soumya’s mum says now its enough, lets go home Soumya, I can’t be away from you. Everyone is shocked. Menka says we have to say bye to Soumya now, not Suhani. Suhani says you did good aunty that you have forgiven Soumya, she will feel good staying with you, right Yuvraaj?

Yuvraaj says yes Suhani. Soumya cries. Yuvraaj says she will be very glad there. Her mum asks her to get her belongings. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to stop Soumya, if she stays here, I will give a big prize. Menka says I will stop her and take big prize. Suhani thinks she will help Soumya in packing and asks aunty to sit. Soumya’s mum says wait, I have to talk to you. Soumya cries in the room. She sees Yuvraaj’s pic in her phone, and tears fall on it. Rags and Menka try stopping Soumya. Her mum thanks Suhani for keeping Soumya with her when she was not accepting her.

Suhani says Soumya is like my family, but my family is my strength and they supported me, they did everything to give her happiness and make her forget pain. Soumya’s mum thanks everyone. Rags and Menka try fill Soumya’s ears and taunt her for losing so soon, and maybe her fate is not good as Suhani.

Soumya comes with her bag and looks at Yuvraaj with tears in her ears.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. yes I wish that dadi leaves the show she is so annoying and can never be trusted another thing is that I wish sumaya leaves the house and suhani is the innocent one who is tolerating everything and I wish they let suhani know the truth about soumya and yuvrag

  2. sumaya will not leave easliy bt i hope she wont harm suhani @ this show sharad is the best active and iintelegence person that shamefull dadi i beg of yu owners move her away the show

  3. “sigh” Soumya will not leave “cries”

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