Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with inspector informing Ahem that there were 2 ladies during the time of accident. He asks Gauri if she saw their faces. Gauri says she does not remember their faces. He says he will investigate further and goes from there. Radha gets tensed hearing inspector’s words. Rashi sees her getting tensed.

Kokila calls Urvashi and addresses as her friend Premlatha. She says Premlatha/Urvashi that she has gained weight and asks her to come for yoga with her daily. Urvashi goes and looks herself in mirror and says even now she is looking slim like her young days. She hears sound from Dhaval’s room and goes to check. Dhaval removes and takes out money. Urvashi catches him red-handed with money and asks how did he get so much money. She calls Kinjal.

Gopi asks Gauri if she remembers those 2 ladies’ faces. Gauri says she does not. Radha hears their conversation and thinks she should distract them before Gauri remembers her face. She starts pressing the temple bell saying she has made a wish that she will press the bell until Kokila gets back her memory. Gopi and Gauri get distracted and go from there.

Kinjal asks Dhaval how did he get so much money. Urvashi starts acting and takes money from Dhaval’s hands. Kinjal snatches form her saying she will keep that money. Gopi’s mother comes snatches money from them and tries to go. They all 3 start fighting. Dhaval snatches money from and says he will keep the money and will hand over to police tomorrow.

Jigar comes to Rashi’s room and says he is having back pain. Rashi applies balm on her back. Kokila comes and knocks the door. Rashi asks Jigar to run from there via window. Jigar hides behind curtains. Kokila asks why did she take time to open the door. Jigna/Rashi says she was changing clothes. Kokila says she has not changed the dress then? Rashi says she was about to change, but she came. Kokila says she came to tell something important for her and says she has reached her marriage age and has to get married. Rashi says how will accept her in this dress and asks her if she can wear her sarees back. She signals Jigar to go from there. Kokila sees her signalling. Kokila says if she does not like this dress, then to wear her dresses/sarees, but to maintain distance between the servants.

Urvashi comes and checks Daval and Kinjal and finds them asleep. She tries to open their door from her hair pin. Prateek comes and asks Urvashi what is she doing her. She says nothing and asks why is he awake. He says he wants to go toilet and to help him. She takes him to bathroom.

Radha calls Tripthi and tells about her plan to come tonight. Kokila sees window open and scolds Radha for keeping it open and asks her to be careful and close it before sleeping everyday.

Gopi is with kids. Kids ask her to tell a story. Gopi tells them a story. Radha tries to open main door via fake keys, but could not. Gauri sleeps while listening to the story. Gopi asks other kids to let Gauri sleep there and asks them to go and sleep. Radha hears Gopi coming out of the room and hides. Gopi takes Vidya to her room and makes her sleep. She goes back to her room.

Rashi calls Jigar and asks if he is not getting sleep. She says her AC is not working. Jigar says he is having back pain due to sleeping on floor and asks her not to taunt. Radha calls Tripthi and asks her to come there. Jigar says he cannot stay without her now, after 12 years of their marriage, he cant stay away from here. He then asks her to go and sleep and says good night.

Gopi comes to her room and sees Ahem sleeping on the bed. She thinks since they met again, this is the time she can see properly when he asleep.

Precap; Radha helps her friend kidnap Vidya and Gauri and they both try to go out of the house. Kokila sees them and calls Meera.

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  1. Just get rid of Radha and end happily but could u show them grown up too

  2. Radha just gl u fb

  3. Its looks like koki gettin her memory bck nw its cumin to right track

  4. shw is dragging too much. atleast one segment they could show completely no they have been dragging too much with unnecessary things. Poor jigar what crime did he do to get punished like this. Ahem like his name itself is superego. The kids are cute but they have less scenes.

  5. The person who giving written update is doing a good job but has forgotten the name of Rashis mother, it is Urmila not Urvashi. When stories keep on dragging we cant blame them they will forget names.

  6. Werz today’s episode

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