Sadda Haq 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 24th April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta is very worried thinking what could have happened at her home. She’s afraid that something may have happened to his dad. She starts packing. Kastuki informs her that there’s a bus drivers strike. Sanyukta calls her mum, but she’s not picking up. Sanyukta feels something is definitely wrong, and she decides to leave now. Kastuki tells her it’s not safe to leave this late. Sanyukta says her family problem is more important than her safety. She leaves.

Parth sees her leaving and asks her where she’s going. She says she’s going home, and she doesn’t have time to explain. He tells her to go tomorrow, but she doesn’t listen saying it’s not her first time. Randhir hears their conversation.

Sanyukta is walking on the road and sees a shadow, someone following her. She gets afraid. Other hand, Kastuki is worried. Vidushi comes and asks if Sanyukta went to club to celebrate as she finished her task. Kastuki tells someone is sick at her home. Vidushi says, so she left without anyone’s permission? Kastuki lies that she took permission from Vardhan.

Sanyukta is waiting for the bus. It finally arrives. She was getting in and loses her balance and almost falls down, but Parth comes and catches her on last moment. She’s surprised to see him. He says he knew she would not listen to anyone, so he came following her. She says she reached till bus stop and asks him to go back to the college, but Parth says he will also go along with her. He has seen roads more than her, and it’s not safe. She tries sending him back, but he covers her mouth and says she talks too much. He gets in the bus.

Randhir doesn’t see Parth and asks Jiggy. Jiggy says he saw him in the evening last. Randhir says in his mind, they both are going out of control now. He traces Sanyukta’s phone and finds out that they are on highway. He says, I was right. She took him with her at her home this late, and he also went. That loser has no other work beside Sanyukta.

In bus, few men try to misbehave with Sanyukta. Parth gets mad. Sanyukta tells him to leave. He warns the men, but they push him. Parth gets angry and beats them up. He asks them to leave if they don’t want to lose their lives. They leave. Randhir is getting curious. In bus, Sanyukta thanks Parth. They are sitting together now. Sanyukta falls asleep on his shoulder. And him on her head. Randhir cannot just believe. He says they can go to hell, I will handle the Dream Team project.

Delhi’s stop arrives. Both Sanyukta and Parth are sleeping, and they miss the stop. Randhir wonders where they are going now. They have gone ahead of Delhi. Why they didn’t get down. He will says he will trace them down. He leaves on his bike as well. The conductor asks everyone to leave as this is last stop. Both finally wake up. Sanyukta gets mad. The conductor informs them that Delhi already passed. Parth calms Sanyukta down saying they will find a way. They get down. Parth asks some people around. They say there is a bus stop, they will find a bus there. They show them a direction from jungle as that’s quicker. Parth says it’s not safe to go from jungle this late. Sanyukta says she can’t miss the bus at any cost. They proceed.

Sanyukta is scared. Parth asks her to hold her hand. She says she’s not scared, it’s just she is not used to go from jungle. He holds her from a side and asks if she’s scared now. She says no and they proceed.

Sanyukta asks Parth if he thinks there would be animals in jungle. He says, you only wanted to come here. She says, she is not afraid, she is just asking like that. She’s tensed. He asks her what happened. She says she is worried about her dad. She decides to call her home, but there is no network and her battery has almost died.

Randhir finds the bus and gets worried not seeing them around. He says, she only found Parth to go with. He will save himself somehow, but what about her. She comes to him for help every time and in this serious matter, she found Parth? He says, I just hope, she’s safe.

Precap: Sanyukta is lying on the ground. Parth is searching for her. He spots her and runs towards her. He sees a snake passing from there. He asks her where snake bit her, but she is not in condition to speak anything.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. I hate dis Parth…….

  2. Another fall by Sanyuktha this week… Another catch for Parth 😛

  3. i hate sarth scenes
    sry no offence meant
    bt i just cant see dem 2gethr
    and if d stry is gonna proceed dis way
    i ll stop watchng

  4. i wnt sandhir tgther

  5. sarth is fr friendship and sandhir fr luv so guyzz don’t hate sarth

  6. I to want rhandir n sanyukta close

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