Nadaan Parindey 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 24th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sameer doing Ranveer’s and his family’s works. Sameer calls her Golu. Ranveer asks him to call RV. Bebe is happy seeing Sameer work. RV’s parents call Sameer a diamond. Bebe gets more happy. They praise Sameer a lot. Sameer and Bebe smile. Sameer says see how they value me and you think I m useless. RV comes to Bebe and he says he is the one. Bebe is happy seeing him as he looks handsome and thinks of Meher’s words. She blesses him. RV says Sameer was bringing my breakfast, where is he. Bebe says he will bring soon. Sameer brings the food. Bebe thinks if you were responsible then Meher would have married you and stayed with me. Sameer asks Bebe to permit him to go to Meher. Bebe scolds him. He says its necessary for me to go. Bebe agrees. Sameer smiles.

Meher gets ready for the engagement. Minty asks her to smile. Meher says Bebe should have been here. Nimmi comes and gives them the set from RV’s side. She asks her to take care of Meher as they can’t trust her. Meher thinks of Bebe’s earrings and asks Minty to make her wear those. Minty says mum will see. Meher says let her see. Balli asks them to come down as RV came. Nimmi comes and sees the earrings. She scolds Meher. She says wear what I have given you. Minty asks her to leave. Nimmi says bring her when I call her. Nimmi asks her not to insult RV. She leaves. Meher thinks of Bebe. She gets upset and removes it.

Mangal welcomes RV and his family. Sameer comes there dancing with the band. Sameer tells everyone that RV is Golu. Balli makes fun of him. Sameer laughs. RV gets annoyed. They praise Sameer. They say we have booked him for 7 days and he will dance in the baraat. Sameer dances happily. Minty brings Meher there. Meher sees Sameer dancing. Minty says what is he doing here. Meher says maybe Bebe has sent him. She wishes Bebe was here. Meher says I will go to washroom and come. Minty says come soon. Meher runs. Minty comes to her room and is shocked to see her running. She calls her to stop. Minty gets tensed and says what did she do.

Bebe hears the band sound and is happy. She feels restless as she is missing Meher. She thinks she had many dreams but she can’t. She dances alone in her room. Meher comes to her and sees her dancing. Bebe is shocked to see Meher. Bebe cries and asks Meher to leave. Meher says will you not hug me once. Bebe says no, go home. Bebe closes all the window and says we are not related. Meher says I will die, will you not care. Bebe says yes. Bebe hurts Meher by her words. Meher says how much lie will you say, I know you are annoyed with yourself, but don’t do this. Bebe says no one is here. Meher cries.

Bebe says who am I for you. She asks her to go to her parents, I don’t have anything to give you, just go. Meher says am I so bad, open the door once. Meher says fine I will leave with all the memories, I don’t have anything else, pray that I die missing you. Meher leaves. Bebe runs to stop her. Meher runs. Bebe cries. Gopi brings a man with him and tells Mangal that he is video camera expert. He says he will work for less amount. Mangal agrees. Nimmi says I don’t trust him. Mangal hires him. Gopi smiles and shows the man Sameer. They look at Sameer.

Nimmi asks Minty to open the door. She asks where is Meher. The man sees Sameer.

Update Credit to:Amena_Hasan

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