Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode Begins with Madhu tying Rakhi – or the Band that is a symbol of love, respect, affection between two persons, male and female not necessarily Brother and Sister ; Excluding Husband, Wife Or Similar Relationship – to Jitu. Jiyu turns emotional and thanks the lord almighty, Lord Sri Krishna. Jitu gives the gifts and Urmilaa watching all these taking place, not very happy. Jayanthilal says why all these gifts and the trouble. Jitu says he missed his sister for so many years ; hence the joy and the gifts.

Urmilaa brings the tray of things used for the rakhi ritual and ties the rakhi to Jayanthilal, when sweet is fed, her false tooth comes off, she realizes she was taken for a ride, as the tooth was not of gold. And Jayanthilal gives Rupees hundred


shifts to Modi home : Kokilaa enquires of Dawal and Kinjal responds that Dawal is out shopping.

Playful Meera ties Rakhi on the twins, receives gifts from Jigar on twins behalf. wide eyed Urmilaa is watching this.

Urmilaa is into her dramatics and says she stopped this ritual after she lost her brother many years ago, much to the amusement of Jitu. Jayanthilal and Madhu, a few hours back she had done the same with Jayanthilal. Urmilaa wants to tie rakhi to Baa’s sons, despite Madhu’s asking that how many brothers she wants, that very morning made Jayantinthilal her rakhi brother. Baa gives her the go ahead. but since Urmilaa had expressed her desire now and not earlier, presents have not been arranged, Kinjal finds it funny.

Kokila says not to worry, she has a special present for Urmilaa, who is overjoyed. Urmilaa I asked tie rakhi.

Kokilaa gets a huge wrapped thing and when unwrapped it turns out to be tulsi, a plant, very sacred , medicaly and traditionally. Tulsi is considered the wife of Lord, with noble nature and of great womanhood. Urmilaa accepts the gift with forced smile.

Kinjal turn, gift arrives, brought in by someone, she opens it before tying the rakhi. it is gold necklace, not diamond as asked by her, an angry Kinjal says she wants diamond set, not gold. throws away the rakhi.

Kokila explains that she dissuaded Kinjal.s brothers from gifting diamond as diamond has no value if and when it needed to be sold. Gold has more resale value. Kinjal further says she does want diamond to satisfy herself and her show off feelings. Not to sell and find their uses when needed. Kokila admonishes Kinjal, Ahem intervenes to say he will get diamond set, but Kokila says no, Upset Kinjal says whatever she says or does is wrong but whatever her mom, Kokila says is right.

Kinjal accuses her mom being unfair, Kokila counters and says she has been fair with all the three cousins, they had been treated equally and taught proper values. Kinjal again says more to support her views and allegations that her mom has been unfair and treating her with different yardsticks, And walks off by saying where there is no respect for her – Kinjal – and Dhawal in Modi home as a daughter, she feels it is not worth living. All Family Members Are Shocked

In between Baa tries to calm things, but to no avail.

Gopi stopped when she follows Kinjal, by Kokila. Kokila says Kinjal will return when she is calm. Hetal’s asking Ahem and Jigar to get Kinjal too is overruled by Kokila.

Hetal, Gopi and Ahem say that Kinjal ought to be calmed and brought back, but Kokila is firm.

Outside Kinjal is pelted with stones, by Savita’s grandchildren. Angrily, Kinjal enters Savita’s home, looking for Savita. she reaches the terrace and the children run away after locking her on the terrace.

Kokila explains her stand to her family.

Savita locks her house and goes out, not knowing that Kinjal being locked out on the terrace. Kinjal calls out for help, but Savita does not hear Kinjal’s cry for help. Kinjal realizes that her Cell Phone is not with her but at home. Hetal asks Gopi to call Kinjal, but Cell is near by. Raashi calls her brother Dhawal, but he does not receive the call, as he is upset and in tensed mood at not finding his money.

Ahem, Jigar, Gopi and Raashi are sent to Shah home.

Shah Home : Both Raashi and Gopi question Dhawal as to why he was not at Modi home. Dhawal stammers something.

When Ahem notices that Dhawal being worried, Ahem asks Dhawal’s worry, Dhawal sadly tells his story and also there should not be a brother like him when that brother cannot fulfill his sisters wishes. since Dhawal is broke, no money.

Gopi calms Dhawal ; says that what more could a sister want when she has a brother like him. He is the best present. Raashi endorses Gopi and says Gopi is absolutely right.

Dhawal presents anklets, with a promise that he would present designer Saree next time. Raashi says there is no need for that as this present is the very best.

When Gopi asks for Kinjal, Dhawal says that Kinjal has gone to Modi home.

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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