Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Akshay sending Sms to Bhoomi. Avni says please let me go. Akshay says we need to be close to know each other. He make her lie on the bed and throws her dupatta on the floor. Meanwhile his laptop is capturing everything. Bhoomi calls Kishan and asks him to reach soon at the hotel. Bhoomi comes there and finds Avni lying on the bed. Avni says Akshay.. and gets unconscious. Bhoomi sees Akshay escaping with Ankit. Bhoomi is shocked. Kishan comes there and is shocked to see Avni’s condition. Bhoomi accidently hits on the window and her holy bangles breaks. Bhoomi is shocked and remembers Maha rishi words. Kishan and Bhoomi brings Avni home. Everyone is shocked and is in tears. Ansubaa asks them to calm down and take Avni to her room. Mayank asks what happened to Avni. Lily asks Avni to open her eyes.

Kishan says he will answer him but asks him to calm down. He tells him everything. Mayank says we all are suffering. Mayank blames Bhoomi again and tells Ansubaa that Bhoomi is responsible for Avni’s condition. Mayank asks Bhoomi to stay away from his daughter. Karsan asks him to talk after thinking and Bhoomi isn’t responsible for her. Mayank again blames Bhoomi. Lily asks him to think about his daughter and calm down. Lily says Avni is here because of Bhoomi. Mayank blames Bhoomi. Kishan asks him to stop and says Avni is responsible for her condition. Bharti looks evilly. Bhoomi tries to stop him.

Kishan says he can’t stay quiet and says you asked me to keep quiet yesterday. Kishan says Bhoomi always tries to stop Avni and tells everything in flashback. Kishan says this is truth. Mayank says he will accept his words. Ansubaa asks him to stop and says she is sad about Avni but you can’t blame on Bhoomi without any reason. Bhoomi says she didn’t say anything because she wants to say this. Mayank says you would have inform us and we would n’t have saw this day. Kishan says someone helped Akshay in this and he is one of our family member. Parul says it can’t be true. Hasmukh asks who is that. Kishan asks about Ankit. Just then Ankit comes from outside. Kishan holds his hand and looks angrily.

Kishan asks him why you did it? Ankit remains mum. Kishan asks him to reply. Kishan slaps him hard and demands an answer. Ramila comes and asks Kishan to stop. Everyone is shocked. Bharti smirks evilly. she looks more evil today. Ramila asks what did Ankit do? Kishan says we can’t even think what he has done. I just slapped him but you will throw him out. Karsan asks what he had done? Kishan says Ankit is the one responsible for Avni’s condition and that’s too on the Raksha bandhan day. He says Bhoomi saw Ankit going with Ankit on the bike. Mayank asks Ankit? Ramila asks him to leave him. Mayank is about to hit Ankit. Ankit says he have not done anything.

Ramila asks him to say the truth. Mayank says don’t you have feelings, she is your sister. Ankit says I don’t want to say anything. And says he had done the right thing. Mayank says he is shameless. Ankit shows him CD and says this is for you to watch. He plays the CD on the laptop. Everyone closes the eyes in pain. Mayank asks him to close the laptop. Then they sees Ankit fighting with Akshay and saving Avni. Ramila says she is proud of Ankit and tells Kishan that Ankit saved Avni today. She tells Mayank that Ankit saved Avni. Bhoomi says she saw Ankit going with Akshay on the bike. Ankit asks her to stop. He says how can you think like that. Why you are taking revenge on me. Kishan says why will Bhoomi do this. Ankit says only Bhoomi can reply and says Bhabhi didn’t want him to get marry to Bharti. Everyone is shocked at her revelation.

Ramila tells Ansubaa that you have to take the decision and says she wants her share in the haveli and property. She says I want the partition. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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