Maharana Pratap 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 23rd August 2013 Written Update

**Its rani dheer bai and bhatiyani both.
Rana udai Singh calls her rani sheer bai**

The episode starts with basar khan talking ill about ahmed khan and then gurudev tells chundavat to check the letter in ahmed’s hand. Then he goes to check it and when he reads it its written that why is he taking so much time to kill pratap. Gurudev , chundavat and pratap get shocked on hearing this news. Then chundavat says that it means its ahmed only who wanted to kill pratap. Then they show the fb where ahmed reads the letter and then basar asks ahmed to give the letter to him. Then he says basar that he won’t let him succeed in his intentions and he will go to rajmahal and tell rana udai everything and he will get punished and he will die. Then ahmed is going but basar khan comes

and catches him and cuts his neck. Then he puts those leeches around his neck to show it a suicide. Now at present chundavat tells rana udai and he gets very furious. Then chundavat blames himself for pratap’s unsafety. Then rana udai says that he shouldn’t blame himself and he is capable of doing his job very well. Then rana udai tells chundavat to bury ahmed according to his rituals. Then pratap says to jayvanta that now the danger has gone so they should not leave mewad and go. Then jayvanta says that they are not leaving mewad and she has changed her decision. Pratap gets very happy. Everyone in gurukul is talking about ahmed kaka and then gurudev comes and asks that what is happening here and then pratap says that they were talking about ahmed kaka and the sweet memories with him and then gurudev asks which and then pratap goes on to say a fb of him and his mamusa where they were hunting and he ran to catch a dangerous animal and he lost his way in the jungle with that dangerous animal and ahmed kaka saved him from that animal without even thinking about his life. Then gurudev says that they all come to learn in gurukul and not to discuss the sweet memories. And he had given them to practice how to use the talwar but they didn’t so they get a punishment for it. They will have to go to the jungle in the night to find a tree where there will be khanjar kept for whosoever finds that tree. Then they all are going but suddenly pratap says that he forgot something at ahmed kaka’s place. Then he goes to get it there. Chundavat is making people do ahmed death ceremony and shamskhan comes there and says to basar that he couldn’t kill ahmed and it has been two months.

When the death ceremony is taking place, chundavat spots a knife mark on ahmed’s neck. Then he thinks that if ahmed was killed by leeches then how could a mark of the knife be there on ahmed’s neck. Then he get’s sure that ahmed was killed by another person with a knife. Back at ahmed’s house , shamskhsn is telling Ibrahim khan that it has been sixty days and he has still not be able to even give scratch to pratap. Then basar tells him that pratap would be dead today. Then during their arguments, pratap knocks at the house door and sees whether there is anyone and calls for guruvar(basar khan) inside. Then when shamskhan listens to the call, he goes at the door to open it and kill pratap. Basar stops him and tells him to hide and tells him that pratap will be killed at night and that work is his and he will not let anybody else to interfere in that work. Then basar opens the door and pratap comes in and asks him that could he find his kalam fallen there somewhere. Basar allows him and pratap starts finding his kalam, while he is finding, shamskhan comes out from his hidden place to kill pratap but basar pushes him again in that place and shams’s khanjar falls down. Then pratap doubts of someone being there and he tells basar that he heard the sound of a khanjar. Then basar tells him that he has misunderstood the sound and he tells pratap to go to the gurukul as gurudev must be waiting. Then pratap tells him the reason for him to reach the gurukul early and he tells him that gurudev gave them a punishment of finding a shining tree in the jungle at night. He also tells him that the tree shines only at poornima night. Then he goes from there at gurukul. Then basar tells shams that today night pratap will be killed in the jungle.

Back at the gurukul, Gurudev is explaining the punishment task to everyone. He tells them that frist they will enter the jungle. There would be some circumstances when they will pass the first padav(level). He tells the students that the first level will get over when they will reach a yellow flag joint to a tree. There will be the clue for the second level. He tells them that as they will reach higher levels, the circumstances will increase. Then he tells the students that they will pass the second level when they will reach a huge stone near a tree. He tells them that they will have to find the clue there on their own. Then he tells them that they will pass the third level when they will reach a pond in which they have to find the clue. Then he tells them that they will find the shining tree ahead the pond and where they will find the special khanjar which will be the reward for the winner. He then tells everyone the rules that if anyone wants to come out of the game, then they have to blow a whistle which will be tied to their necks. Then he appoints the groups. He forms a group of man singh, pratap, shakti singh, chakrapani and pratap’s other friends. Then he tells them to start the task. Then pratap tells everyone that they would be together in the jungle and they will face the difficulties together. Back at the palace, chundavat tells a soldier to demonstrate that if a person would suicide by cutting the neck with the knife then how would he do it? The soldier demonstrates it and then chundavat shows rana udai singh that if another person would kill someone on the neck with a knife then a slant mark would come. Then rana udai singh and chundavat are sure that ahmed was killed by someone. Then they are sure that the person who wants to kill pratap is roaming freely in mewad. Then a messenger comes with a letter from guru raghvendra. In the letter it is written that guru has arranged for a jungle task for the students at night in which pratap is there. It is also written that the person who wants to kill pratap will surely come at night to kill him. It is also written that gurudev asks for forgiveness to ranaji because he arranged the task without asking ranaji because pratap’s life had to be in danger. On hearing this , chundavat and ranaji get angry because ranaji’s son, pratap’s life will be in danger in terms of catching the killer.They soon depart for the jungle to take pratap and punish gurudev. Back at the gurukul, gurudev is getting ready and is wearing armor and shield for the night to catch the killer. Then gurudev’s student asks him that why did he arrange this task. Then gurudev says that when pratap told him that ahmed had saved his life by putting his own life in risk, he was sure that pratap’s killer is still roaming In mewad and to find the killer he arranged the task for the students. Then he tells the student that pratao and his friends should not know that this task is being done to find pratap’s killer.

At the jungle:

Pratap and other friends come near the flag of the first level. Suddenly pratap’s friend starts getting itches and pratap gives him some leaf which puts away the itching. Then that friend of pratap blows the whistle and he gets out of the task. Then pratap and the others go at the flag where shakti is standing with the clue. Pratap tells shakti to read the clue but he comes rude towards pratap and tells him to read it on his own and shakti goes ahead alone. Then pratap reads the clue that they have to pass the river before passing some creeper trees. Then they go ahead and the creeper trees are there which they have to pass. Then shakti is not able to go and man singh goes with his knife and cuts the creepers. Suddenly he gets caught in the creepers and shouts but pratap saves him. Then man singh comes out and in fear of anything else happening, he also blows the whistle . Pratap says that why did he do this as he was there to save him. Then everyone go ahead for the next level. Then suddenly everyone hear a tiger’s sound and chakrapani and his friend get scared and they blame other one for making the sound. The other friend says that he did not make that sound and again the sound of a tiger comes and they again get scared. Then pratap calms them down and tells them that they do not need to get scared as he knows how to handle a tiger. Then chakrapani and his friend in fear blow the whistle and they go out of the task. Now only pratap , shakti and one friend are left. Now outside the jungle chundavat and ranaji are talking and finding for pratap. Pratap and the two reach the second level. They find the stone but they cannot find the clue. Then pratap puts water on the stone and he gets the clue written on it. He reads it and they head for the pond. After reaching the pond, shakti finds a bottle in the pond , he removes it and gets a clue inside it and he reads that the shining tree is ahead the pond. Then their other friend blows the whistle and says that he gets scared to pass through water and that’s why he blew the whistle to get out of the task. Now only shakti and pratap are left. Now basar is following them from behind. Then gurudev comes there to find the killer , he calls for his student. Basar throws a small spear from his hand but gurudev get’s saved. Then he goes behind to find the killer. Back there, pratap and shakti are going fast to reach the shining tree. While running, shakti falls down and shouts for help. Pratap goes and takes a creeper like rope and pulls shakti out. Basar is a little far from them looking at them when gurudev comes and pulls him back and kicks him. Then pratap tells shakti that lets go towards the shining tree but shakti blows the whistle too and says that even he is going out of the task. Now only pratap is left in the task.

Now there , gurudev kicks basar but basar pulls a rope and traps gurudev in his jaal. Gurudev is hanging on the tree with one leg up tied to the rope. Basar now puts some pointed trees on the ground under gurudev so that he does not escape and basar goes to kill pratap. Back there, ranaji and chundavat see two of their soldiers that why did they come back without finding pratap. Then they answer that gururdev sent them back. Now pratap is not able to find the other small pond ahead and then basar comes there. Pratap says to him that it was good that he came here and he asks basar that where is the shining tree. Then basar tells him that he will now not find the tree because he is going to kill him. Then pratap is shocked to learn that basar wanted to kill him. Then he hits that why did he kill ahmed and pratap removes his dagger to hit basar but basar turns the dagger towards pratap to kill him but pratap stops basar’s hand and he uses the rules of kushti and he throws basar down and runs from there towards the shining tree. Back there shakti sees gurudev hung on the tree and he removes them from there and gurudev jumps on the pointed trees and gets hurt but he runs to save pratap. Now pratap reaches the shining tree and he finds the dagger there under the tree. He removes it and takes the dagger out. Basar comes running there and hits pratap, pratap hits basar with the dagge on the hand , basar also hits on the hand with a dagger . Then pratap again hits him on the hand and pulls him and folds his hand behind. Then gurudev comes there and he hits basasr in the stomach with a bow and arrow . Basar is finally dead. Then pratap goes at gurudev and takes his aashirvad and then ranaji and chundavat come there running and find both gurudev and pratap injured. They call rajvedji and then ranaji tells gurudev that after reading the letter he was going to punish gurudev but now he thanks him for saving pratap’s life by putting his own life in danger.

All this is witnessed by shamskhan from behind a bush. He gets angry and says that he will surely kill pratap.


Update Credit to: Vishwal

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