Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhaval sees an woman beating a man for eve teasing her. Another man from behind tries to hit that woman with a rod, but Dhaval saves her. Woman thinks Dhaval is trying to hit her and slaps her. People around say that Dhaval was helping her. People come and arrest the culprit. Dhaval drops his ID card by mistake and goes. Woman picks his ID card.

Kokila asks Gopi why does her sister Jigna/Rashi inform her everything than informing her. Gopi does not say anything and goes from there.

Dhaval comes home. Kinjal sees finger prints on Dhaval’s face and asks him what happened. Dhaval tells him about the incident happened. Kinjal gets angry on the girl and says she will hit the girl when she sees her.

Ahem says Jigar that he is sad about Jigar being suffering because of Kokila. Jigar says he can do anything for Kokila. Ahem says he wants to patch up with Gopi. Jigar gets happy and says he should go ahead with it.

Kinjal asks Dhaval to have breakfast and go. Dhaval says he has important work and goes from there. Urmila says Dhaval should sell her shop. Lady comes there with Dhaval’s ID and asks if it is Dhaval’s house. Kinjal asks if she was the girl who slapped her husband. Lady says it was mistake and apologises, but Kinjal starts fighting with her. Lady says Dhaval looks like a cultured man, but Kinjal is typical chawl dweller. Kinjal says she is Modi family’s daughter. Lady gives her visiting card and asks her to meet her whenever she is in trouble. Kinjal says she does not need her card and asks her leave from there. She throws visiting card on floor.

Gopi says Rashi that Kokila’s health is not changing even after changing the medicines. Rashi says she will check the medicines. Radha hears their conversation and gets worried as they will come know that tablets have been changed with calcium tablets.

Radha says Gopi that Vidya was searching her. Gopi says she just came from children’s room. Radha says she heard Vidya writhing with headache. Gopi says she will go and check. Rashi comes there and says she just now saw children sleeping and asks Gopi to go and give medicine to Kokila. Rashi then asks Radha what is she doing here. Radha says she was going to dry clothes. Radha goes out with clothes and thinks she has to stop Gopi. She then sees Kokila there. Gopi comes to Kokila’s room and does not see Kokila there. Radha thinks she should send Kokila to her room and make her scold Gopi. She asks Kokila to bring her dirty clothes. Kokila goes to her room and sees Gopi opening her cupboard. She scolds Gopi and asks who gave her permission to open her cupboard. Gopi starts crying. Kokila says she does not care her tears and asks her not to enter her room without her permission as she is not her family member. Radha sees that and gets happy. Kokila says she is a guest and should behave like a guest, not like a family member. She says Jigna told you helped me when I was ill, so I will allow you to stay here and asks her to go from there now. Gopi goes.

Kinjal sweeps floor. Urmila asks her to clean her house properly. Kinjal says she is not her servant. Urmila taunts that her husband comes home slapped by a lady and wife starts arguing with her, she says she is feeling sleepy and goes to her room. Kinjal sees lady’s visiting car and tries to tear it, but stops seeing her address.

Gopi says Hetal and Rashi that Kokila is behaving abnormally nowadays. Rashi says Kokila will get well soon and not to worry. Hetal also backs her. Gopi takes juice, gives it to Vidya and Meera and asks them to finish breakfast soon. Ahem comes and sits next to Gopi for breakfast. Gopi gets up and goes from there. Kokila comes for breakfast and does not find Parag there. She asks baa about Parag. Parag comes just then and asks where was he. She sees his hand injured and asks how did he get it. Parag says he fell while walking. Kokila asks him to pay attention while walking and says he is always engrasped in his poems. She goes to bring medicine for him and forgets why she came to her room.

Rashi says it continues like this, it will be difficult for them to handle Kokila. Baa gets worried and says she wants her old Kokila. Hetal asks her to control herself and says she will get back her Kokila soon.

Precap: Ahem says Gopi that he is her culprit and asks her to forgive him.

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  1. Really yar kokila I hate u just stop it…..I think when this serial was too interesting yah but its gud that ahem is saying sorry to gopi.
    Good to hear it…I like rashi too much…old gopi was too nice & cute then why nrw gopi????I said why,why,why…if there is again old goli and a new twist in the story then it will be perfect..bring positive change

  2. Mita why r u watching it???yes we don’t have any right to ask u but u r in your limits u fool….don’t watch it…I m praying that may God show u right path and hive u health….really worried about you…..don’t watchit…I m just caring about u dear becaz…

    1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh….. tok to my hand!!!!!

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