Sadda Haq 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyukta warns Randhir to stay away from her personal matters.

Later, she calls Sameer. He says he’s going to her house and they will talk there. She sends him his photo in a beauty parlor. He says he never went there, what joke is this. She says just like him, she too never went to the college. Her friends were joking. He’s convinced with her and decides not to go to her home. She says he can go to her home, and show his trust on Sanyukta. He says he won’t go and photo is already deleted from his email.

Randhir says in his mind, Sanyukta thinks she won because of her smartness, but she doesn’t know, it’s him who is letting her win.

Sanyukta shows female Randhir’s photo to Parth and says next time if he bothers her, she will print that photo on magazine cover page. They both laugh on Randhir and Sameer. Parth becomes serious and asks Sanyukta to think about her future, whether she will lie to Sameer all her life. Sanyukta gets thoughtful. Parth is called by Vardhan.

Vardhan talks to him about rules and regulations. Parth says, winning Dream Team competition is more important than rules and regulations. Vardhan says, good, and asks him to leave. Vardhan gets a call and he shouts that he’s a professor, he can’t go to that room and break the rules despite knowing a secret is there. Parth hears it and understands that Vardhan wants him to go to the room.

Parth is in the room and Vardhan is watching him in a camera. He is desperate to see what Parth found. Parth finds a note and reads it, I told everyone that I solved one of the questions and asked for police protection, but no one believed me and laughed at me. Parth wonders whether Vardhan wants that solution, but why? Someone enters. Vardhan says, no one else should be there. It’s Dean.

Dean enters and questions Parth what he’s doing. Vardhan is worried. He says if it was someone else, then he would manage, but Dean. Parth tells Dean, he was putting a notice on the notice board, and saw this door open. Dean asks him to get out and never dare to come to this room again. Vardhan is frustrated. Dean thinks of checking CCTV footage.

Sanyukta is thinking about Parth’s words. Kastuki asks her what she’s thinking about. Parth watches them from a distance. Sanyukta asks Kastuki whether she hid anything from Jiggy. Kastuki remembers about her kiss with YoYo, she gets speechless. Sanyukta says she shouldn’t have asked her personal question. Kastuki says, it’s okay, she’s her best friend. She asks her what’s the matter. Sanyukta asks if she’s doing right by hiding the truth from Sameer. Kastuki is not sure about it either. Parth sends a message to Sanyukta and asks her to come to the lab urgently.

She comes there. He asks her for some help, and then challenges her to do that with closed eyes. She is worried, but he asks her to trust him. He puts a blindfold. She manages to do it. She opens her eyes and is surprised. She asks him why he made her do that. Parth says to make her explain that trust is required in any relationship. She trusted him and did the task with blindfold because she trusts him that he won’t let her get hurt. And he trusted her that she’s very good at engineering. He says by telling the truth now, her and her family may have to suffer, but not as much as they would have to when truth comes out later. Who knows, he might understand her right now.

Before leaving, Parth asks her if she knows about some type of questions. She says, those questions are the ones that never get solved. If they do, then it changes history of engineering. She asks him why he’s asking about that. He says he just read it somewhere so was curious. He leaves. He thinks he also knows when you solve that type of question, history changes. But Vardhan? whether he solved such a question.

Sanyukta is thinking about Parth’s words. She makes her decision. She’s going somewhere and bumps into Randhir. She gets mad asking if he can’t see. He asks her if she can’t see. Parth says, if Randhir tries to do anything this time, then he won’t stop himself. Sanyukta is leaving, but then stops. She goes back to him and says, he will be happy knowing that she is calling Sameer to the college and telling him the truth. This is not because she got scared from him. She did this for herself and her family. Parth is pleased and smiles hearing that.

Precap: Sanyukta tells the truth to Sameer. He tells her that her and her family will have to pay for this. She requests him, but he pushes her and she falls. Sameer is leaving, Parth comes and blocks his way.

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