Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mata Singh asking his goons to bring the EBM voting machine. Akash and Poonam are shocked. Mata Singh says see Poonam whats happening. She says yes, I m seeing, why are you afraid, first you kidnapped me, then booth capturing and now taking voting machine. He says you are making me do this, I wanted to make it peaceful, but you made me helpless. He says I have to win. She says you won’t be saved now, you will be punished. He laughs and says who will punish me, I m the law here. Everyone looks at him. Mata Singh asks his goons to bring machine fast. He says voting will happen in my favor else will not happen.

The police comes and hears all this. The commissioner says you are under arrest. Mata Singh smiles. He asks what did I do. He says you did booth capturing, and now taking EBM machine. Mata Singh says do you have any proof. The public says yes, we all are proof, whom you and your goons have stopped from voting. They say we are not afraid of you. Everyone protest against him. Poonam smiles. Mata Singh is shocked. They say we will tell the truth and get him punished.

The commissioner says do you want more witness. Mata Singh says do you have warrant to arrest me. The commissioner says when you are caught red handed and there are witnesses present, we don’t need a warrant. He thanks Akash fro informing them on time. He praises Akash and Poonam for bringing a good change in Sitapur. Mata Singh looks at Poonam and Akash with anger. He gets arrested and leaves. The Garg family gets happy.

They come home and see the news to see the results. They declare that Poonam has won the elections in Sitapur. Everyone smile. Kanno says everyone are calling me and congratulating me. Kanno says media will come here, so I have to look good. Mata Singh’s sees the news and get angry. They scold a pandit and aim a gun at him to make Mata Singh win. Mata Singh also hears the news in jail.

He gets angry and says Poonam, what you did, you have a pay a big amount for that, if I don’t make you cry blood tears, then my name is not Mata Singh. Everyone in the city discuss about Poonam’s win. The city is happy that Poonam won by high number of votes. Everyone celebrate and are very happy. They cheer for her. Akash says congrats Poonam. Poonam takes everyone’s blessings. Everyone bless her. The public comes to meet Poonam at her home. They bring band and play it. They dance. Poonam goes to meet them. Dadi does her aarti.

Prabhunath asks her to take care of the city and start being dutiful. Shashikant asks her to serve the public well and make the society better. Poonam smiles. Akash asks her to work well and says all the best. The people cheer for Poonam. They brings flower garlands for her and make her wear. Everyone has high hope from here. Poonam says its not my victory, but all of us. She gives a good speech. She says she will always keep their trust. Mangla comes and is shocked to see all this. The people leave.

Everyone look at Mangla. She comes to Poonam. She says everyone have made you win, and made you a politician, let me also see this. Everyone smile. Mangla hugs Poonam and says you deserve this, you have proved that we should not bend infront of wrong. She says I was against you, so I did not support you, please forgive me. Poonam says no, I want you to bless me. Poonam says we all missed you. Akash gets a call and is happy. He asks Poonam to talk. Poonam talks and says thanks. She says from tomorrow, I will get govt services, I will be given a car and gun man. Everyone smile.

Poonam says I did not take govt services. She says I thought I will do my work in Sitapur. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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