Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera walks from home reminiscing Chanda’s word that she has become Dharam’s wife, but until Meera is here, Dharam will not give her wife’s right, so Meera should leave this house. She looks at house once and walks towards door. Vidya stops her and asks where is she. Meera nervously says temple. Vidya asks which time, why so suddenly. Meera hugs her and cries. Vidya asks why is she crying, if she is fine. Meera nods yes. Priyal asks Meera to play hide and seek with her. Meera says of course they will play after she returns from temple, this time she will hide somewhere that nobody can find her Vidya asks what is she telling. Meera says she remembered Dharam’s words and says she will leave now. Priyal says she should says she will go and come back. Gaura stops her and asks to serve prasad worth 500 rs for their house’s upcoming happiness. Meera reminisces her love for Dharam but walks out. Gaura and Chanda smirk. Gaura laughs that today is very special, she sent chatanki’s maaji/kokila into jail and kicked out theeki churi/Meera out of house. She reminisces how Meera frightened her before with fire.

Jaggi enters comatosed Urvashi’s hospital room and says she has to come into her senses to inform who attacked her. He looks at her emotionally.

Shravan with Dharam enters home and tells Vidya that papa has come. Vidya says she will serve tea and snacks. Dharam says it is okay and asks where is Meera. Gaura murmurs Meera’s Mohan came and says Meera went to temple. Dharam asks if everything is fine at Modi bhavan. Meera says Kokila is in jail in accusation of harming Urvashi and Urvashi is in coma. Dharam says he does not think Kokila can do anything, asks Gaura what she thinks. Gaura says yes, Kokila is a woman of principles, she cannot do anything wrong. Dharam asks Vidya to prepare coffee for him while he goes and freshen up.

Gopi enters police station and insists Inspector Dinesh to let her meet her maaji. Dinesh says she cannot Kokila. Gopi says he does not know who she is, she will meet maaji at any cost. Dinesh calls consable and orders to send Gopi out. Gopi picks Dinesh’s gun and threans to kill herslf if he does not let her in.

Dharam enters room and sees rose and a letter on bed. He thinks Meera is very romantic today. He reads letter that Meera is going away from home and will return when she feels so, she loves him and children a lot though. He calls Vidya and Shravan. Gaura asks what h happened. Shravan with Vidya also comes and asks what happened. Dharam says Meera has left a house leaving this letter. Vidya says that is why she was crying. Dharam says Shravan let us go to temple and search.

Gopi threatens to kill herself if she is not let to meet Kokila. Constable try to hold her, but she pushes them. Dinesh snatches gun and orders constables to put Gopi in jail.

Vidya calls Modi bhavan and Meera’s friends and everyone say she did not come there. Dharam with Shravan returns and says Meera is not in temple. Chanda suggests to file complaint, who knows why she eloped. Dharam shouts to shut up. Chanda laughs that is so eager for Meera. Dharam shouts again to shut up. Vidya says Meera has written letter herself, so she has gone with her wish.

Chanda wears Meera’s clothes and gets happy, thinks she is beautiful like Meera with dusky color. Meera calls her and she tells not to worry, she is taking care of her babies well and will come and meet her soon. She then yells that she has to wear old clothes again to meet Meera. Dharam hears all her conversation standing near door.

Urmila informs Jaggi what Gopi did to meet Kokila. Jaggi scolds why she did this foolishness. Urmila says that was the only way to know why Kokila accepted crime wrongly. Jaggi says there are many other ways to find out, it is very tough to be in jail. Urmila says he is talking as if he went to jail many times. He says he had been in jail for 2 days.

Constables take Gopi near Kokila’s jail cell. Gopi gets happy that her plan is successful. Another constables stops and puts her in different cell and says she knows what her plan is, though her intention is good, her way was wrong, now she will be in same place but in different cell and will never meet her maaji. Gopi cries not to do that.

Precap: Dharam follows Chanda thinking of finding Meera. Chanda enters into an old house. Dharam opens door and looks at something.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lol. No more “Sunshine group”. I remember someone saying that sunshine group will never end. It did. Best day yesterday. Just shows how stupid you people are to create “family” with people you don’t even know. Now I wouldn’t have to read Isaaq dumb love story and Siddhartha, the so called “group reader”, should pack his bags and leave this forum.

    1. Isaaq

      MY DUMB LOVE STORY?!?? You said yourself you are a divorcee- you have nobody and you will always be alone. You’re always going after people online.

      My lover isn’t like you. You insulted him. You’re lucky I don’t know you in real life otherwise I wouldn’t control my anger. I curse you. I wish you always suffer. It isn’t a dumb love story you heartless dog. It is my life. But why am I explaining to you??? Evil scum. I hope something bad happens to you for insulting him. You disgusting pervert

    2. Isaaq

      44 year old dirty old man. I bet you’re ugly in real life. From now on, I’m a silent reader. I’ve had enough of disgusting old men like you. I wish I knew you in real life so you can see what I’m capable of when people insult my lover

    3. Isaaq

      I laugh at you. I have 4 big enemies in my life and they’re like you. They’re so insecure because they don’t have love and happiness in their lives so they want to ruin mine. But I always win against them and they always lose. You’re just like them- insecure and evil. Goodbye john?

    4. Boss(Siddarth)

      Mr.Pshyco John if u hav atlest 1% self respect u wud hv stooped commenting here u hv become grand father still u don’t hv any maturity just commenting like a fool ?. I think urs children’s and your wife left you and you are living alone so u become mad and talking nonsense. I think one day ur children &grandchildrens wl teach u a good lesson and end ur madness . Babuchad john

  2. Isaaq

    Guys I’m a silent reader from now on. I’m leaving this group because I can’t stand that psychopath john

  3. Chithu

    Seriously Sid u too quit the group. Only if u say so I will quit else I will b thr. Shakaib, Issaq I know u guys will be thr n not let the group down

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I’m still here. I’m just not going to comment anymore. I’ve had enough of john. Besides this weirdo has been reading about the stuff I’ve told you all and it’s best I keep everything private

      1. Yes, I have been reading all of your stuff, and they absolutely SUCK.

      2. Chithu

        Issaq he is jealous nothing more. If we comment anything sad and our sufferings he will be happy. Ignore those persons. I wish we had some sort of Pvt chats in tu were others could not read our comments

  4. What is this I want to see dharam and meera together someone get rid of Chanda she was great dead

  5. Isaaq

    John whatever I’ve told people on here comes from my heart and you’re saying it’s sucks? Shame on you. You wouldn’t understand things about love or compassion because you don’t have a heart at all. You’re going to be lonely forever. I bet your wife left you because you were ugly and heartless. She made the right choice. I feel sorry for your children and grandchild as well. They have you as their father/grandfather.

    I mean I wonder how your children would feel when they see you chatting up Leila and other girls on here. John i am warning you. I will break your confidence so much you won’t have the courage to speak back to me ever again. Dirty grandfather.

    You know the problem with people like you? You people don’t have any morals or principles at all. You are an animal. A disgusting old man.

    I love the man who I want to be with. I share my story with everyone else to inspire everyone that love is the most powerful thing that it is special to us all. I want to spread a message that true love will always win and lovers will always unite. But of course, a dirty old animal like you wouldn’t understand these things.

    I mean who’s going to marry you at 44 years old???? You know God punishes evil people and you being alone like that is a punishment from God. I’m glad you are alone as you are suffering

    1. Isaaq

      Do you know the difference between me and you? Whilst people like you only care about desires and pleasure…

      People like me care about trust, compassion and love. Whilst you wouldn’t care about other people, I love my man so much that I’d sacrifice my life to save him to keep him safe.

      That’s the difference between me and you. For love, I would sacrifice everything to protect my man but people like you only know immorality.

  6. Riana

    Its so sad that Sunshine group ended…I too quit the group?? we were together more than 6-8 month n 8 know we enjoyed a lot…but i dont understand whats the issue that this sweet group like this!!!…From today onwards i will be a silent readers…

  7. Hello evry1..wts gng on guys..vr like a family v shld nt quit d grp..Sid dnt think dat nobody is cmntng here frm our grp except few..bcoz of dere wrk tensns n bsy schedules Dey r busy dat doesn’t mean dat vr nt in dis family..wenevr I cmnt here I fl am chtng vit my cousins..v vl discuss everything abt serial n also about per’snl if any1has problem Dey shld nt react to our cmnts..evnthough serial is boring evry1 cme here n cmnt bcoz Dey dnt wnt to miss dis grp..
    We r nt gng to meet in future ya dats rite dat doesn’t mean dat v shld nt talk to each other..v shld like sweet family..
    John u dnt like serial n evry day u vil talk negative abt it n v vl ignore u bt u shld nt pass ny persnl cmnts to others ur elder to me vl respect u bt dnt bhve like children..

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends plz cool down .
    Our Sunshine group started on 1st September 2016 with 5 members myself Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven now our group hav 33 members. It completed 4and half months.
    Any how we are ending the group bcoz of boring storyline or mny members loosed intrest in commenting.
    But as u all considered me as a group leader I am requesting all sunshine members That we wil continue our group for next 3more days til 26th Jan as we are all good friends for last 4and half months and it wl not be gud if we end the group in 1 day so we will continue our group for nxt 3 days and end on 26th Janaury episode as many of our best friends are absent Akshay,Nandini,Nisha,Shakaib,Saba di,PriyankaSP,Arvind,Rani,AverageGirl,Rose . In nxt 3 days let them come and comment and we will do Happy ending of this group. Plz Sunshine friends last one request.

    1. Riana

      Okay Sid i am with u…i will quit this group after 26 jan…

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq u are my good friend u regularly commented and replied to some of my doubts and u supported me against negative commentators Thanks for joining our group and being my good friend. So we shall comment for next 3 more days and end the group k.

  10. Sid v shld nt end our grp v vl cntinue it..y shld v end it..i vl cmnt wen vl get free tme bcoz bsy vit my son n my relative is in hospital so am NT cmntng..I lov to talk here dnt end dis plz..
    Chithu tke cre dear n tke cre of ur daughter…hope u bth recvr sn..

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Priyanka lets see wt happens in nxt 3 days . And we wil tke decesion .

    2. Chithu

      Yes Priyanka I am with I don’t think we should quit the group. Some members may not comment regularly but that doesn’t mean we r not interested. My daughter has caught viral conjunctivitis. Just now came from hospital. But still I make it a point to comment and wait for replies. Its like having some true friends out thr. Episodes r bore but we still read n comment. Sid lets continue for a while n c.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    CHITHU&Priyanka even i was very sad seeing ysdy’s comments ☹. But as one of silent reader ysdy told about his observations frm few days regarding our group i too feel the same As 50%of our group people has stooped commenting. I agree Nandini is not well but Akshay promised that he wl return after 27thdec but now its almost a month he never returned i don’t think he wl come here again . Even,Nisha,Sheeba,Pratheek, has stooped commenting with no reason .
    I agree all are busy but atlest they can do 2 comments per days wch takes hardly 5mins . Even i am busy with my MBA studies and Issaq,Shakaib,Raina,Chithu,Priyanka,
    Raven,Soumya,Saba,Rose are also busy in their studies and work but they all comment at least once in a day . But other sunshiners are not at all commenting . If we are group we shud be in touch if others wont b commenting then wts the use of making group.

  12. Doli saja ke rakna chehra chup ke rakna Lena tuje avoga Leila Avoga Tera sajna John

  13. Leila my Leila i love you a lot bcoz we both are against the Sunshine group and you are also a middle aged .
    So i want u to be my wife . Mehndi laga le rakna doli saja ke rakna Lena tuje avoga gori tera ashiq John??.

  14. Hi my love Leila actually i am servant in Modi house and they are paying handsome salary to me . And kokila ji wl come with me to your house to ask your hand for marriage. So behave well in front of kokila ji and after marriage we are going to America to take baa chirag&Hetal’s blessings as they gave me a job and paying good salary and we wl do our honeymoon there wt say my Leila.??

  15. And Leila i am going to wear modern dress black banyan and and 3/4th and i am going show my muscles to you . Dress well my darling

  16. There wl b no sunshine group here after so Me and Leila wl be king and queen in this page .

  17. such a boring and fake episode.In d previous epi they showed Gaura planting bombs in Modi mansion.Is bomb sold in shops like toffees nd can they planted so easily in someone’s house

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Issaq don’t stop commenting just bcoz of that mental John he feels that we are all scared of him so we stooped commenting even if our group ends we can continue making comments .

    1. Isaaq

      It isn’t just john. There other things bothering me as well which is why I’m not not a good mood.

  19. Isaaq

    They’re just copying stuff from movies. It’s just so boring these days. 1000th episode was better.

    SNS has lost its charm and meaning sadly. I’m afraid Ekta Kapoor dramas will always be better than Rashmi Sharmas dramas.

    Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Bade Ache Lagte Hain have been the best drama serials so far…

  20. I agree with u sid bhai chithu and k.p because why should we suffer because of john and we dont like him please lets carry on with sunshine group just because we wont see anybody in real life doesent mean we cant make a group plus guyz this john has gone mental he said leila kokila ji will come and take me to ur house and after our marriage we will go to america to hetal chirag etc and have our honey moon then be king and queen of this page i feel like giving him a tight slap so he learns a lesson. HOPE U RECOVER SOON JOHN!!! (LOL NOT REALLY AS IF I WOULD SAY THAT). Guyz i think the mental assylum staff are thinking of keeping john in the mental assylum for a bit longer because of his mental behaviour GOOD LOOK JOHN LOOOOL!!!!


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