Manan lovestory of werewolves (part -4)

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Abhi and mukti talk for somtime then fab3 came with abhay and navya sit ther for sometime and then left from there
Meanwhile in manik car
Manik-nandini why is ur lyf in danger wht happened????
Pia-yaa tell us only u and abhi knows reason behind these attacks now its high tym tell us…
Nandini(now wht to say god help me……)-guys bhaiyu loves me alot so by harming me they want to brek bhaiyu
Manik-but nandini mukti is my sister but no one attacked on her i know there is some other reason but if u dont want to tell me then its okk i will not force u
Pia-yess manik is ryt nandini
Nandini-okk guys i agree there is some other reason but i dont want to put ur lyf in danger
Manik-nandini we r frnds na so u can tell us
Nandini-frnds???when we became frnds
Manik-wht u mean u dont wana to be frnds with us
Nandini-its not lyk that but i dont want that my trust gets broken
Manik-i promise nandini fab5 will never break ur trust
Nandini-okk but if u nd ur frnds break mine nd my frnds trust then i promise that i will break ur bones
Manik-really u can do that omg i am afraid(got an angry glare from nandu nandus eyes became red due to anger and manik got scared)?????m sryyyy we will never break ur trust i was just joking
Nandini-last tymm okkk
Manik-hmmm promise
Nandini-okk frnds???
Manik(getting happy nd excited)-frnds(shaking hands)
Manik (in his thoughts how can any werewolf’s eyes can become red no its not possible something is fishy i have to know the reality of nandini)they reach nandini’s place it was really big nd beautiful manik was amazed
Nandini-shut ur mouth dont keep it open okkkk

Manik gets embarrased they started preparing for party manik was lost in nandini thoughts (how beautiful she is her soft soft lips i wana kiss them huhhhhh manik control urself what the hell r u thinking she is not ur mate otherwise u can get the feeling but no i have fallen for her at first sight but i cant tell her because she is not my mate)
After some tym everything is ready and it was 10pm
Nandini-manik pia now we should get ready they can come any time pia u go to ur room i will show maniks room
Manik-but i dont have any clothes
Nandini then wt will i wear?
Nandu-manik we have many extra wardrobe’s so u can select any okk
Manik-okk nandini
Nandu-dont call me that
Manik-why ur name is nandini
Pia-dont ever call her nandini she doesnt like it when her frnds call her that
Nandu-call me nanZ okkk???
Manik-okk nanz
Nandu-good boy now lets go get ready
They left for their rooms

In nandu room,
Nandu (in thought omg manik is so handsome hot these words are less i was controlling form kissing him am in love with him i want to select him as my mate but….wait i canttrust him so easily he can misuse my powers so first i should make sure about him that he has good intentions than i will tell him everything nd if he will have feelings about me than only we will mark each other…..o god its 10:45 i should get ready because they will be here at 11:15….lets run nandu))
At 11:10 she was ready she got down to garden where they are going to party manik and others except mukbhi and navya were waiting for her she was looking hot,pretty,cute,s*xy and what not all were amazed to see that…..??

Precap-party enjoyed nd new entry at SPACE…..

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  1. Really nice part

  2. Hiiiiiii I read all ur 4 chapters today….. It’s realllllly good…. So nandu felt d feelings… Nycccc….. Waiting nd tc dear..

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