Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 18

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episode 18:
Hey guys I’m back with the next episode I told you this might be the last episode but some of my readers/friends requested me to continue so I am reconsidering it . And will tell you once I have decided….(so this is definitely not the last episode)
So let’s start with the episode:
Episode starts with everyone glaring at roumya for an explanation..
Rudy: hehe? Bhaiya you are so sweet but why are you looking at your baby brother as if you are gonna eat me?
Shiom:shut up rudra
Rudy: why are you shouting?
Ishana: Rudy we are waiting can you two now start talking?
Rudy & soumya:wo…. Actually….. It’s…
Ani:arey, why are you thinking so much just tell us we are your elders and will understand (then lowers her tone and continues) and don’t be scared of your khadoos Bhaiyas we will take care remember you have 2 bhabhis
Ishu:(still whispering) exactly. And winks
Om to shiv: so are we supposed to pretend that we didn’t hear them
Shi glares at anika then move ahead towards Rudy : now speak
Shi: Rudy I need the true answer and fast
Ani: shivaye they will tell na relax
Shi: sh.. I am talking to him
Rudy:wo actually Bhaiya…(he narrates the whole incident how they got drunk and married)
Om: what??When?And why didn’t you tell us?
Rudy: few days before shivaye Bhaiya’s wedding remember when we got home in fancy dress type clothes
They remember and fb is shown

Shi: but why didn’t you tell us ?(he asks Rudy, angrily)
Seeing this soumya speaks: actually Bhaiya we weren’t sure about anything I mean you remember na we were so immature and kept fighting and besides we married in inebriated state so we we got back our senses we agreed that it was a mistake and will always be a secret.
Ani: (cutting him and keeping a hand on his shoulder) shivaye understand they did what any of would have done if we were there(she wispered) don’t you remember how we deleted that video
Shivaye’s face instantly softens and a wave of understanding passes through it.
Om: don’t worry guys what’s done is done now let’s go home and we promise we will keep your secret if you want now let’s go home and prepare afterall it’s my sweet sister’s wedding(Giving side hug to Soumya)
Rudy:and brother?
Om: what brother?(om teases)
Shi: hey om no one teases my baby brother in front of me.(Rudy runs to shivaye and mocks om ??)
They all burst into laughter

They all have returned to farmhouse and tell everything to the family. Everyone is shocked at first but are too happy…
Dadi: finally… I knew it my grandson’s will make everything alright and specially my billu she holds his face lovingly and kisses on his forehead he smiles and hugs her
Rudy:all the love only to Bhaiya? I knew it no one loved me here
Dadi:awww come here both of you (they all share a group hug)
The family laughs and celebrates .
Shi: wait…Wait we have one more reason to celebrate
Everyone look at him
Pinki:now what’s
Shi:mom our Rudy has finally decided to settle down…He is marrying soumya.
Jahnvi:I don’t believe this really??
They all get happy and hug Rudy and soumya
While Sahil’s face drops and Rudy notices it.
But family continues to celebrate….

At night:
Scene changes to Sahil’s room
Sahil is sitting with a sad face and Rudy enters
Rudy:hi (Sahil turns and sitthis goes on for a while)
Rudy gets an idea and he starts roaming here and there looking under the bed and all
Sahil notices : what are you doing?
Rudy:I am looking for my chotu have you seen him
Sahil:how many times will I have to tell you I am not chotu
Rudy:ha you are not chotu my chotu is very sweet and always smiles and talks so much and always cheats in all games and loves this chocolate(takes a big chocolate out of his pocket) OK so if I cannot find him I will have it.
Sahil:no I am here(he hastily takes the chocolate) and I never cheat in game
Rudy smiles:now tell me why is chotu sad
Sahil:now that SSO is back and you and om are friends again you will have obro moments with them and forget me and Ani Didi will also be busy with SSO and even if you have time it will be taken by your wife and you are marrying soumya.
Rudy keeps counting his problems on his fingers:omg! You are so small in size but have sooo many problems.he smiles. See we will have obro moments and all but how can me or anika bhabi forget you see you are no only part of our family but part of our hearts and whatever happens heart always is with a person so how can you be such big idiot to think so ?
And besides think! I am getting married! If you get angry who will dance at my wedding and who will give me tips about girls you know Na both my big brothers are so naive when it comes to girls..
Sahil: ha wo to h
Rudy: then?(they laugh and hog and share the chocolate)..And about Soumya??
Sahil: you are so sweet and I love you so much OK I will give up soumya for you go Rudy go live your life.
They laugh

Pracap:priveer moments
And guys those who are reading this for the first time or missed any of the episodes here is the link of my earlier episodes
Hope you liked today’s episode just let me know…☺️☺️

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    Sooo….sweetttt….loved it

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      Thank you dear

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  4. Amazing episode…

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    Totally amazing loved it ??????????????

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    Awesome post the next one soon….

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    A big sorry for commenting soo late…..but….leave it coz my excuses will never end….

    And I am sooo happy that you are not ending this ff here……..and u r continuing…..

    Amazing epi……i really loved sahil and rudra convo…..and especially the last line……
    Keep going dear…

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks for the appreciation and it’s totally OK to be late☺️☺️
      And I am continuing as you requested

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