Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Proves Anant Innocent And Sagar Guilty

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna enters court and informs judge that she has proof of Anant’s innocence and she will prove Anant innocent. Everyone look at her. Bapuji asks her where was she and how did she get injured. Judge asks him to sit and asks Gehna who is she. Prosecutor laughs and taunts that defense lawyer left the case and now wife will fight the case. Judge orders to maintain silence. Gehna says law says even if 100 culprits escape, 1 innocent shouldn’t be punished; law needs proof whether a lawyer brings it or 10th pass, she has proof with her. Kanak and Hema are shocked to hear that.. Judge asks her to come into the witness box and speak. Gehna gets into witness box and after taking oath on Geeta says her husband is innocent and didn’t steal confidential file. Prosecutor asks who stole the file then. Gehna says Sagar. Hema shouts to not wrongly allege her brother. Judge orders her to maintain silence. Gehna says she has proof. Prosecutor asks to show her proof. Gehna says Anant gave her file to keep, she had kept it in cupboard and locked it, Sagar made duplicate key of cupboard key and stole the file. Hema asks how did Sagar get duplicate keys when key was with Gehna. Judge orders her not to interfere or he will take stringent action against her. HE asks Gehna when key was with her, then how did someone make duplicate key. Gehna says by taking its imprints on a raw soil and reminisces the incident. She show original key and says it would have Sagar’s finger prints for sure, Sagar was missing during family get-together. Hema asks why would her brother steal the file and why didn’t police find it in her brother’s room. Judge says he is ordering her third time and if she repeats, he will get her arrested in contempt of court charges. Gehna says Sagar had buried file under ground. Kanak opens her eyes wide in tension. Prosecutor asks how does she know about it, if she is with Sagar. Gehna says she met Sagar by lying and keeping him busy in her talks made him reveal file’s location; file was buried under ground and she found it there. Kanak angrily yells at Hema.

Gehna continues that she took out the file from the ground but then Sagar reached there, snatched the file, and tried to burn it. Prosecutor says her story resembles a film story and without proof she cannot allege anyone. Gehna shows Sagar’s confession video where he describes his crime in detail. Kanak and Hema get more tensed while Baa and team rejoice. Gehna sends video to judge and says Sagar thought he can trap Anant, but truth cannot be hidden and finds its way out. She says she has one more proof, her neighbor house has camera fixed and it recorded all the incident happened. Police brings Sagar. Hema cries seeing him being taken to witness box. Inspector says his team found him inebriated where Gehna told, he is limping as he jumped from window after stealing file. Prosecutor says she presented many proofs, but file is still missing and national security is at risk, so how can court free Anant. Gehna asks who told file is lost, its safe and even country is safe. She takes out file from her bag and shows it to judge. Family rejoices seeing that while Kanak and Hema frown more in tension. Judge checks file and says its the same one.

Gehna reminisces Sagar burning file and saying hope of her Anant’s innocence is also burning with this file. She breaks rope and hits alcohol bottle on Sagar’s head. Sagar falls down unconscious. She sets off fire from file with bare hands and runs with it to court with great difficulty. Out of flashback, judge says Gehna proved all her words and it proves that Sagar tried to trap Anant with a foolproof plan. He orders to bring Sagar in witness box. Sagar enters witness box angrily looking at Gehna. Judge asks him if someone helped him in his crime.
Kanak makes same shocking expression for everything and hopes Sagar doesn’t take her name. Sagar thinks he shouldn’t take Kanak and Hema’s name to let them stay at Desai House to take revenge from Gehna, anways he cannot escape punishment. Judge pronounces Anant innocent with all the proofs Gehna gave and orders to take Sagar into custody and investigate. Family rejoices hearing Anant freed. Bapuji emotionally says Gehna’s father saved his life and today Gehna saved Anant’s life. Judge tells Gehna that by saving the file, she not only saved her husband but also saved national security, this court is proud of her. Everyone clap for Gehna while Kanak continue to make same expression. Gehna reminisces Kanak’s words that she is a servant and should be same, Radhika asking if she can be equal to Anant, Anant yelling that she is illiterate and marrying her is his life’s biggest mistake, judge saying court is proud of her. She opens her eyes and sees everyone still clapping for her. Judge adjourns the court for the day.

Anant emotionally hugs each family member and cries. Gehna angrily looks at Sagar while he’s taken away. Anant gives him 2 tight slaps, making Kanak giving same shocking expression even for that. Anant says when he returned home, he doubted he will do something but didn’t know he would stoop so low. Police drags him away. Inspector tells that Anant will have to visit police station for a few formalities and then he can go home. Bapuji says he will accompany him. Anant asks him to go home as he will go with Gehna. Everyone thank Gehna and walks away. Hema thinks police will torture her brother a lot. Kanak thinks what if Sagar takes her name unable to bear torture. After sometime, Anant returns home. Baa performs his and Gehna’s aarti in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham movie style and music. Gehna reminisces Baa shouting at her and ordering to get out of her house. Baa says with Kanhaji’s blessings, her Kanha returned home; she would have died if something had happened to him. Hema tells Kanak that they are celebrating while her brother is in jail. Kanak says her brother went to jail due to his foolishness. Baa asks Anant and Gehna to enter home. Gehna stops remembering promising Baa that she will not enter home until she proves Anant innocent. Baa asks Anant to take Kanhaji’s blessings with Gehna, even she will apologize Gehna. She sees Gehna missing and asks where did she go. Anant says she left home.

Precap: Gehna meets with a car accident. Anant and Paresh find her lying unconscious on road.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Well maine yeh show regularly kabhi follow nhi kiya but jab se promo aaya tha court ka tab se follow kr rehi hun…
    I liked the way gehna used her presence of mind..
    Mostly i liked that she left house,πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ kam se kam ab to apni self respect kri gehna ne…and lastly i doubt πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” ki jo ladki anant ko mili h vo gehna nhi h

  2. Am glad gehna left the house, is time she earns her self respect, anant and the rest needs to knw her value and stop considering her as an outsider

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