Pandya Store 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam and Dhara’s romantic union

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The Episode starts with Gautam and Dhara having a romantic moment. He says just you have a right on me, will you say anything, say something. Dhara gets shy. She says I don’t want to say anything. He asks are you sure. She says few things are not to say, but feel, I will change clothes and come. He stops her and gets close. He says few things are imp to say, say it now else…. They kiss. Ishq ye hai re….plays…. They get close.

Its morning, the kids are on the way to home. Krish goes to the toy shop and says I like it. Shiva says take a real one. Shiva smiles seeing Prafulla coming. They hide. Shiva barks and scares her. He catches her. She says I will beat you. Krish says I won’t let you beat him. Shiva says you have stolen my mum’s bangles, I will take it from him. Raavi asks Prafulla to return the bangles to them. Prafulla pulls her ears. Dev asks Prafulla to leave her, it hurts her. Prafulla asks them to get away. Dev cares for Raavi. Shiva says you should have got slaps. Raavi says I don’t feel bad for stupid people’s words. Shiva says I m not stupid. Dhara comes from a bath. She sees Gautam sleeping and smiles. She recalls their romantic night. He wakes up and smiles seeing her. Main tera ban jaunga….plays… He goes to hug her.

He hugs her. She says leave me, Hardik can come anytime with the kids. He says he is my brother-in-law now, ask him to keep the kids with him for few days. They hear some sound. He says who has come at this time. He goes out and asks Suman did she go somewhere. Suman says I was outside all night. Kanta says I took her with me, I was afraid with whatever happened. He asks what happened. Suman says nothing. Kanta says a thief had come home yesterday, he fainted Suman and was looting the locker, Umesh came on time and caught the thief, he took him to the police station. Gautam and Dhara worry. Gautam asks did anything happen to you.

Suman says I told her not to tell you, I m fine. Kanta says Suman isn’t fine, don’t put responsibility on her shoulders, she needs rest, give this responsibility to someone else. He says you are right, I didn’t think that mum is weak, she shouldn’t take care of this responsibility, Dhara will handle everything. He asks Suman to give the keys. Suman unwillingly gives the keys. She cries. Gautam gives keys to Dhara and says you will take responsibility from now, Suman will just take rest. Dhara thanks Suman and smiles.

Prafulla comes home and complains about the kids to Jagat. She says tell Suman what Shiva did with me, how dare he do this. Raavi says Prafulla is lying, they didn’t trouble her, they were asking for Suman’s bangles, Shiva wasn’t wrong, when she raised hand to slap Shiva, Dev and Krish came to save him. Prafulla scolds her and calls her an orphan. Jagat asks her to stop spitting poison for the girl. He says you won’t have anyone to call yours. Prafulla cries and hugs Raavi. She apologizes to Raavi. She says I will keep you well, I won’t let their shadow fall on you.
Gautam talks to a lady customer. She says I have seen Dhara going some time back. He says maybe she went for some imp work. He thinks where did Dhara go, when she said she is going home. Anita and Prafulla buy vegetables. Anita argues. Prafulla says think of ahead now. Anita sees Dhara leaving from the gynac clinic. She gets shocked and drops the tomatoes. Prafulla asks why did you drop it. Anita says you provoked me that day, else I would have been leaving from gynac clinic today instead Dhara.

Prafulla says this girl is so clever, marriage happened just a month ago, she is visiting doctors, they will hide the matter for 3 months now, but I have cast my bad sight on Pandya family, I can’t let them stay happy, I will tell everyone. Anita asks what. Prafulla says just see.

The kinners come home and ask Suman about Dhara’s good news. Gautam comes home. He asks where did you go Dhara. She says I went to doctor to take these medicines for myself, I don’t want a child now.

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  1. Awww I love the kids so much. They’re sooo cute. Best part of Pandya Store serial.
    But Shiva is too annoying and rude and I dislike this thing in him. The makers give the most focus on Shiva’s character which is boring.
    Dev and Krish are my favorite. Krish is cute but Dev is the best, he’s cute, smart, intelligent, mature, and responsible too. And I loved the scene today where Dev saved Raavi from Prafulla. They look so cute and are such good friends.
    And Shiva is like a “Beech ka ‘furious’ Bandar” Hahahah.

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