Durga 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga tells the truth to Lakhan

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Scene 1
Damini comes to Dev’s room and sees a sardar (it’s Durga in a disguise). She asks who is he? Lakhan says he is my friend Raju, Damini says when did you start making friends? Lakhan says from now on, he can’t speak as he is dumb, he will stay here. Damini tells Lakhan that I will keep an eye on you. She leaves from there.

Damini asks Geeto to stop drinking as you are imagining Durga here. Geeto says where is Chogmaya? you have no powers so you need me, when I get married to Dev only then you will get powers. Damini says you want to marry Dev so that you become the most powerful evil of this world. Amresh comes there and asks Geeto to get ready for sangeet. Damini says Dev will marry Geeto on Navratri only, what I thought will happen for sure. Lakhan hears all that.

Lakhan comes to Durga and says I won’t let Damini succeed in her plan. Durga says everything can be handled here but Dev is alone there, I have to go. Lakhan says then I will go back with you, I won’t let you go back alone so you can enjoy yourself with Dev. He tells her that he will go back with you. Durga says you have to stay here for 2 more days. Lakhan says so that I get stuck with these devils and you marry Dev there? You think that you can steal from the mandir and live a happy life with Dev while I am stuck here? Durga says it’s not like that. You and Dev are same, he is your reincarnation. Lakhan laughs and asks if she is drunk? Durga says can’t you believe that you are past the life of Dev? You will pay for your sins when you become Dev in the next life. She asks

Durga asks him to read what the date is today. He says its 1950s. Durga shows him the newspaper and says it’s 2021 now. She shows him a card and says have you seen a money card like this? She shows him electronics and says this is all modern. Lakhan says this is all magic. Durga says can’t you see that you are in the future? That this is all weird? Lakhan says I don’t care what you say, I will do the robbery. He says I have seen a lot of items in this house so I will steal from here first then go back and steal from the mandir, you will help me in all this.

In the past, Dev is looking for Durga. Panna says it’s good that she is gone. She asks if they will steal from the mandir? Dev says yes. Panna says there will be no mistake this time. We will rob the mandir.

Scene 2
All family members are in the lounge for sangeet. Damini thinks that Geeto was right, I need Chogmaya and Geeto’s powers to succeed in my plan so I have to control myself.

Durga tells Lakhan that if you steal then it will affect your future. Lakhan says I don’t trust you, if you try to stop me then I will tell Damini that you are Durga and that I am not Dev. Durga says but you and Dev are the same. Tara comes there and asks who is she? Durga says Damini made everyone forget who I am. Lakhan says we will take advantage of it. Tara says what is happening? Durga says I want everyone to remember me.

Dev thinks I have to meet Prohit baba to ask about Durga. He comes into the market to look around for baba.

Durga tells everything to Tara but Tara says I can’t trust you, I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I don’t remember you but I feel like I can associate with you. She tells Lakhan that you might not be my brother but I get the brotherly feeling with you, I feel the love from you.
PRECAP – Lakhan tells Durga that she has to help steal jewelry first and then she can help Dev. Durga goes to the safe and starts stealing from there. Lakhan comes there.
Zorawar catches Dev thinking it’s Lakhan and says I will kill you like I killed your sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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