Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2013 Written Update

Episode Kick Starts With the so called carpenter couple seizing of the Modi Mansion and as to how to clean up the place, that is to loot. They do look and act like shady characters who are up to no good.

The couple and a child enter the house and they are confronted by Hetal and Kokila. Kokila is suspicious of the lady, and the man says that the woman is his wife out to help him. Since they both are working, child goes with them.

Reluctantly Kokila gives her consent and calls out to Gopi to show the couple to begin the work. Raashi too wants few changes in her room, despite Kokila’s half hearted excuses that the work could be done later, when the twins grow up, Raashi has her way.

Gopi takes the couple to the room, to start work. The two, man and wife

eye the home in a way that they were wanting to loot and get more out of this work in the wrong way.

The couple start work, exchanging knowing looks.

Meera and the other child play with each other.

Urmilaa wants food from leftovers, Kinjal does not want to take up the work. Urmilaa is moaning in pain. Dhawal intervenes and asks Kinjal to do the food. Kinjal says that till the kitchen work is not redone, she would not step in to the kitchen, but she would do so only out of her love and only for Dhawal.

Over at the Modi home in the kitchen, the woman comes in to disturb Gopi for water. Gopi is having a handful of dough, which she is kneading is unable to get away, in the end the woman herself goes to get the water. Unnoticed by Gopi and Meethi, the woman unscrews the mixie jar cap, which is full of ingredients ready to be mixed.

Meethi later unknowingly switches on the mixie and whatever was in the jar gets sprayed all over. Kokila appears on the scene. Asks Meethi to clean up, and woman also helps to clean up. in the end the wall gets discoloured.

Then the shady character, weaves a story to get her brother to paint the kitchen, again Kokila caught in two minds, agrees.

Over with Kinjal and Urmilaa arguments take place usual over trivial issue.

In between power goes, Urmilaa wants to spend time with Raashi and the twins, so that she could have the comfort of the Air-conditioned room. Raashi somehow gets Urmilaa out of that thought of coming over to visit Raashi.

Modi home, somewhere, the couple are sitting and talking of looting the home. Meera with a cellular phone manages to record the same.

Later while sleeping, Ahem also joins Gopi and Meera to sleep in the hall. He was supposed to sleep elsewhere, because he is allergic to saw duct. Meanwhile twins are sleeping, both Ahem and Gopi are happy. When Meera comes in between, Gopi wants to take a picture, she sees the couple’s video, but cellular goes dead, lack of battery charge.

Next day, the painting couple arrives. They too are hired. They are asked to do in short period of time but the man says a long story and says he would try.

Urmilaa opens the door to ladies of the building, and Urmilaa is able to drive them off without allowing them to inspect.

Also later in the dark, Dhawal and Kinjal, with candle light, say that power has gone because of short-circuit and seepage. But Urmilaa offers some excuse, Kinjal and Dhawal decides to go out into the park, invite Urmilaa, but Urmilaa fearing that in her absence the woman folk may come and inspect her kitchen, so she asks Dhawal and Kinjal to go without her joining.

Elsewhere at Modi home ; Hetal finds water leaking, tries her bet to stop, calls out to Kokila, she too is not able to stop the flow. Asks Hetal to call up the plumber. Meantime Kokila gets hold of a broken thing and wonders that how is that everything is coming of all at the same time, all the things going bad and needed to be repaired. She smells something fishy.

And Episode Ends on Kokila’s thoughtful face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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